#TheWrongChild – Review

The Wrong Child – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

The Wrong Child

Renee is living a charmed life with a successful husband, Charles, and an intelligent daughter Amy. Her marriage is rocked when Andrew comes to her door. Andrew claims to be the love child of Charles and his mother before Charles and Renee met. Renee and Amy are quick to accept Andrew and Renee tells Charles to accept him, but Charles needs more. Charles gets a DNA test to confirm that Andrew is his son. Once the results are in and Renee turns up the pressure, Charles tells Andrew they will spend more time together. In a Lifetime twist, Charles and Renee’s life continues to fall apart with vandalism, lost contracts, and dead friends. What does Andrew really want and will he get it?

This movie puts a lot of time into character development. You get a clear sense of each person, their life, and their motivations before Andrew comes into the scene. Robbie Davidson, who plays Andrew, gives creepy a new name. It’s easy to see he loves playing bad. Vivica A. Fox delivers with the real class we have come accustom to in her performances. This movie differs because the biological parent isn’t the defender of the new child; and the future step parent is the person with open arms and no judgement. However, with all the movies’ good points, the score was flat. Also, the end is very abrupt and leaves more questions than answers. Its a good movie to kill time but done rearrange your plans.

I give this 3 out of 5 stars

Eddie I have had enough – Janine

She’s so lucky I love her – Renee

You haven’t warn a dress like that in a while – Charles

Sorry, my parents are psychos – Amy

I guess we have a lot in common – Andrew
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