#JackOfTheRedHearts – Review

Jack of the Red Hearts – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Jack of the Red Hearts

Jacqueline and Bethany Ferguson (also know as Jack and Coke respectively) lost their mother and are wards of the state. In order to get by, the 2 girls have become con artists. While running a scam, Coke is taken away by their probation officer. Jack is forced to figure out away to get money and a place fast, so she can get her sister back. Jack decides to run one more scam on desperate parents, Mark and Kay Adams. Mark and Kay have an 11 year old autistic daughter name Glory and needs a companion to help Glory while Kay starts her new job. Jack doesn’t take the job seriously and Glory eats dirt, gets treated like a dog, and stands on the roof. It’s not long before Jack realizes how serious her job … not just the con … is to this family. Her tough, no non-sense, attitude helps with Glory but soon Jack’s lies will unravel.

This movie, labeled as a tear jerker, will make autistic novice a lot more compassionate to those dealing with this everyday. This movie will prompt viewers to go to Autism Speaks for a better understanding of the parents, children, and companions. Use this movie as a teaching tool for awareness, hope, and tolerance. This movie does have an independent movie feeling at the end and leaves you with questions about everyone’s future.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars

You know what they say, you can never be too prepared – Jack

You know you are not suppose to use that word – Robert

I don’t want to feel like we are co-workers in a mental hospital. I want to feel like we are married again – Mark Adams

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