#DyingToBeLoved – Review

Dying to Be Loved – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Emily has survived a drowning, depression, and a suicide attempt.  So, when her mother, Jill, hears Emily has a boyfriend, she is thrilled.  That is, until she meets Gary.  Gary is condescending, rude, egotistical, and quick to rage.  Jill knows he is the wrong guy for Emily. However, her fiance’, Conor, convinces Jill to give the relationship time and Emily will walk away.  Soon, Emily stops taking her medication and argues with her mother.  Then, in a fit of road rage, Gary shots and kills a man.  Emily is offered probation, but Gary will go to jail.  Emily is horrified at the thought of living without Gary, so they stand on a bridge with chains wrapped around concrete blocks and jump.  Or at least it looks like they jumped.  Jill believes the couple faked their death and will do anything to prove it.

Although it is a great concept, this movie has too many eye roll moments (i.e. showing the code to your house, ignoring mother’s intuition, and not speaking up about abuse). At least in this movie 1 person believes Jill and is willing to help her.  The actors do a great job of carrying a mediocre script.  However, this is still a good movie to point out the signs of an abusive partner/relationship.   So watch with your teen or pre-teen.

I give this 3 out of 5 stars

How did I actually interact with another human being – Emily

Whatever makes the most money – Gary

He’s … um … handsome – Jill

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