A Woman Scorned: #DoctorFoster – Review

A Woman Scorned: Doctor Foster – Lifetime – 6 hours 6 minutes (divided over 3 days, 2 hour and 2 minutes each day)

A Woman Scorned: Doctor Foster

Part 1

Doctor Gemma Foster is a successful doctor, wife, and mother.  She is living a fairy tale until she finds a long blonde hair on her husband, Simon’s, scarf.  She quickly becomes consumed with fear and doubt that leads on the path of investigation and discovery.  Friends try to convince her that she is blowing this out of proportion.  They tell her to relax and trust her husband.  But she won’t.  Soon, she starts checking his phone, following him, and having patients spy on him in exchange for pills.  It’s only a matter of time before she finds out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

This story of betrayal packs a real punch.  You will ask yourself, how far will she go? Is she crazy? Is he cheating? How far would I go for the truth?  Love and revenge are a crazy things but the truth can be hard to swallow.  We see the love and some truth in part 1, waiting for part 2’s revenge will be tough.  Waiting for Part 3 will be excruciating. Grab some wine, friends, and discuss.  Lifetime picked a good movie to premiere this weekend.

Part 2

At the start, Gemma gives Simon a way out with the truth, but he continues to lie.  So, she starts to slowly unravel the depth of his deceit with the help of friends, family, and patients.  She learns more about her husband’s affair while she seeks a divorce and keeps a public face.   When Gemma meets with a divorce consultant, she reveals she knows nothing about the household finances … huge mistake!!! Gemma is slowly getting revenge in every way possible, but at what cost?

This 3 part series is only getting better.  It’s so shocking to see Gemma hold her composure, Simon make excuses, and each person’s allies/enemies.  Be careful.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Lifetime needs to have more movies like this.  Part 3 better live up to the first 2.  The wait is almost to much to bear. Pray you have the same composure as Gemma.

Part 3

Now, all the rumors and questions are confirmed when Gemma sees the Simon and his girlfriend kissing behind his office. Gemma decides to get away from everyone and go back to her hometown. She contemplates leaving everything behind, because the pain is too great. But after a near suicide attempt, she gets a new found strength and heads home. Gemma is prepared to turn everyone’s world upside down and expose everything. Hell ain’t got nothing on Gemma.  Sit back, enjoy, and prepare to have your mouth opened the whole time.

Its easy to cringe while watching the first 45 minutes of “woe-is-me” behavior, but soon Gemma kicks back into the “snapped” woman we have come to know and love. Gemma provides the most nail-biting, comical, and breathe-taking dinner party you have ever seen. This finale is the best part of the series. You will not be disappointed.

I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars

I rescued him once – Gemma

What happened made me realize she was the one – Simon

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  1. Absolutely love this mini movie series, would watch more if it had been regular series. Bertie Carvel is awesome actress, played the part so realistically. A Woman Scorned: Dr Foster was well played and a great story. So upset when it ended, was not ready for it to be over! Please make a series!!!!!


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