The Unauthorized Full House Story – Review

The Unauthorized Full House Story – Lifetime – 2 hours
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From conception to fame to death, Lifetime tells the story of the Full House TV show and its actors.   You see why each adult actor chose to work on this project and how they went about casting the child actors.  Bob and Dave have been on the comedy circuit for years and by fate get cast for the show. Bob and Dave form a bond with John that plays wonderfully on screen for the millions of television viewers.   Candace grows up in front of the screen and has her first kiss in front of a live studio audience while trying to be a normal kid.  The Olsen twins become millionaires at 7 years old and become the most recognized people on TV.  And Jodie … well … Jodie fades into the background of this movie like the TV show and life.   Once the show is cancel, the bond between the cast remains.

If you have see E! True Hollywood Story: Full House, then you have seen this movie.  It offers no real insight into the show or its characters.   Although the acting is decent, this movie steers clear of any real drama … just like Full House.  This story is wrapped up in 2 hours with a huge, song, and awwwwww.  This Full House movie is just a log on the Fuller House fire.

I give it 1 out of 5 stars.

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