Tut – Review

Tut – Spike TV – 6 hours (divided over 3 days, 2 hours each day)

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Please Note: This review will not discuss the controversy around the casting.  This is a review of the movie.

Tut (short for Tutankhamen or Tutankhamun) is the story of the boy that was thrust into being a pharaoh and marring his sister after his father is poisoned.  And in true form, heavy is the head that wears the crown.  Tut has to deal with gaining the respect of his advisers, handling the pain of his people, finding love while keeping his bloodline pure, and watching his back for everyone who wants the crown.  In order to gain respect of his advisers, who still see him as a boy, Tut must battle in wars and display is knowledge of battle strategies.  During his battles, his sister is solely focus on remaining Queen at any and all cost to her, Tut’s, or the people’s happiness.  And with this on his plate, Tut’s people are faced with plague, famine, and an unreachable tax by the church.  Tut’s reign is not easy but he battles every step of the way to prove he is a worthy Pharaoh.

This movie is a historical drama.  While it gives you some facts on Tut’s reign, it is dramatized with love stories and finding ways to make Tut an ordinary guy (who just happens to be Pharaoh).  This drama makes the story of Tut interesting.  You forget you are learning historical facts because you are so engulfed in the drama.  This is what you wished history documentaries were like in school.  There are definite WTF and WTH moments in this movie.  Although, its on the Spike TV network, this is a film that men and women will enjoy.  Several bloody battles for men and a dramatic love story for women.  Tut was a great achievement for Spike TV

I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars.

There is no guilt, no innocence, only what serves the pharaoh’s purpose. – Pharaoh Tut

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