Disney’s Descendants – Review

Disney’s Descendants – Disney Channel – 1 hour 52 minutes

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Disney’s Descendants is a sequel to the book, The Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Although it’s not required to read the book to watch this movie, reading the book will help you understand the kids connection to each other and their villainous parents.

The movie starts exactly where the book ended.  Ben, the son of Belle and Beast, gets a great idea.  As punishment for their crime, the villains have been imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost for life.  Ben believes the villains’ children, also imprisoned on the island, should not have to suffer for their parents crimes.  So, he wants to release a few children on the island to come to Auradon and give the children a chance.  If it works, more children will be released.  The four children will be:

  1. Mal – Daughter of Maleficent, loves spells and drawing
  2. Evie – Daughter of the Evil Queen, loves make-up, fashion, and her magic mirror
  3. Carlos – Son of Cruella DeVille, loves science, intelligent, and afraid of dogs
  4. Jay – Son of Jafar, loves to steal, a flirt, and a great athlete

As they leave the island, Maleficent demands that Mal steal the Fairy God Mother’s wand and use it to remove the dome from the island.  Then, evil can reign over Auradon.  The Evil Queen tells Evie to stay pretty and find a nice prince with a mother-in-law wing in his castle.  Cruella tells Carlos to steal a dog so she can make more furs.  Jafar tells Jay to steal everything.  Mal learns that stealing the wand will not be easy; and they will need to actually attend school in order to get closer to her prize.  Throughout the movie, the 4 wonder if their evil upbringing is the only way of life.  Nature vs. Nurture.

Although this is a decent continuation of the book, the movie was thrown off by singing and dance numbers.  This might be typical for Disney in cartoons, but a little weird with real characters.  The song & dance numbers a shot in a different view than the movie.  So they look more like music videos and take away from the movie itself.  Honestly, only the 1st song and dance, Rotten to the Core, should have been in the movie.

I give this movie 2.5 out of 5 stars

P.S. Expect a second movie soon

There is no team in I – Jay

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