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Bodyguard Seduction – Review

Bodyguard Seduction – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Charly finishes another mind-numbing interview and gets a call from her partner, Lark. Godfrey, their in-house designer, has been complaining to the board about Charly. Charly tells Lark if they don’t like her, then they can fire her. But Lark knows this is an empty threat because Charly is the face of the company and owns 51%. Charly walks into her office and finds Godfrey searching her computer for files, alterations, and emails. Charly fires Godfrey and her assistant, Mindy, for helping Godfrey get onto her computer. Charly pulls herself together for the next meeting with the board. They want to go forward with production, but Lark disagrees. Charly agrees with the board and refuses to listen privately to Lark’s opinions. Charly gets a creepy doll, death threats, and harassing phone calls. Lark knows that Charly’s death would tank their stocks, so she and the board insist Charly get a bodyguard. Charly disagrees.

Ex-marine Jonathan and Vargas are bodyguards for actors on a TV show. Jonathan hears a woman screaming for help in an actor’s dressing room and barges inside. Jonathan hits the actor, and the woman escapes. The actor runs to the producer, and the producer fires Jonathan. Jonathan gets a call from Lark to protect Charly, and he accepts the job. 

Charly leaves her home for work and finds a man kneeling by her car. She briskly walks inside her home, locks the door, grabs her mace, and calls 9-1-1. She believes a man is planting a bomb under her car and asks the dispatcher to send the police. Jonathan appears behind her and tells Charly to lock her doors. In fear, she sprays him with mace. Jonathan explains why he is there, and Charly calls off the police. She finds him attractive but lays down the ground rules. She will drive herself, and he can’t follow her everywhere. On the surface, Jonathan complies, but he won’t let someone hurt a woman on his watch. Charly thinks a bodyguard is unnecessary, but she is wrong. Someone is out to kill her and will not stop until they do.

Is it wrong to like the killer? The murderer does their due diligence on police investigations, background checks, and trials in the public eye. But with all that homework, small things trip up the killer. It’s easy to dislike Charly. She is rude, condescending, a right-fighter, and power-hungry. She constantly flip-flops between not trusting Jonathan and sleeping with him. After every commercial break, she rants about Jonathan asking too many questions and answers them before getting into bed with him. She presents herself as a strong woman but has the decision-making of a 3-year-old on caffeine. Don’t be surprised if you side with the murderer in this film.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

We all make mistakes – Charly

We did not discuss it – Lark

You have to lock your front door – Jonathan

Well, I didn’t do it – Godfrey

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Dying for a Family – Review

Dying for a Family – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hannah and Darcie have a few drinks before meeting with their foster parents, Keith and Jillian, to celebrate Hannah’s birthday. Keith couldn’t join the celebration because he had to work. But Jillian has some good news. She and Keith decided to adopt Hannah and Darcie. Darcie is happy, but Hannah isn’t sure how to feel. They come home, and Hannah doesn’t want to stay. She tells Jillian she wants to hang out with Caleb instead. Caleb wears an ankle monitor after the police caught him joy riding. Jillian forbids Hannah to see Caleb, and Hannah grabs the car keys. Jillian attempts to pull the keys out of Hannah’s hand, and Hannah gets cut. Jillian apologizes, but Hannah runs to her room. Darcie checks on her sister and sees Hannah escaping. Hannah explains that she is going to sneak out and see Caleb. She wants Darcie to cover for her, and Darcie agrees. Darcie wakes up and can’t find Hannah. She tells Jillian that Hannah went to school ahead of her. Then, Darcie texts Hannah but doesn’t get a response, so she confronts Caleb. Caleb says he never saw Hannah last night and walks away with his girlfriend, Tiffany. Panic and fear set in because Darcie thinks Hannah is missing, but she doesn’t want to tell anyone. If Social Services find out, they could remove Darcie and Hannah before Jillian and Keith can adopt them. Darcie must find Hannah without losing her family.

Darcie is the adult in this movie as the police are useless, and Jillian has a mental breakdown. Darcie picks up the pieces, lists the suspects, and collects the evidence. She is a one-teen police force. When Darcie notices Hannah is gone, you beg her to tell someone. Then every adult in her life proves why Darcie is alone. Caleb isn’t winning any awards, either. He thrives on being a suspect and scary. One moment all viewers would wish for is the pimp slap. Jillian was so close to giving it, but a dumb cop stopped her. While this isn’t the best movie Lifetime has to offer, it’s an entertaining watch.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

We don’t hide things from each other – Keith

You can’t just organize my life – Hannah

Are you really sure about this – Darcie

Don’t walk away – Jillian

Life is not a crime novel – Caleb 

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Dying for a Family

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Secrets Exposed – Review

Secrets Exposed – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Joanna wants her daughter, Lizzie, to come home, but Lizzie has to work again. Joanna offers to help pay Lizzie’s tuition, but Lizzie knows Joanna still has student loan debt from her law degree. When Joanna suggests that Lizzie works too much, they argue, and Lizzie hangs up. Joanna drives to Lizzie’s college to apologize, but her professor, Trevor, says Lizzie wasn’t in class. Joanna waits outside Lizzie’s dorm room and runs into Lizzie’s R.A., Zoey. Zoey lets Joanna into Lizzie’s room, and Joanna sees the room is trashed. Joanna sees a picture of Lizzie and Lizzie’s best friend, Nicole, and asks Zoey about Nicole’s location. Zoey tells Joanna that Nicole works at a local bar and tells Joanna to go because letting her in Lizzie’s room is against the rules. Joanna secretly grabs the key before Zoey escorts her out of the room.

Joanna goes to the bar Nicole works at and asks the bartender for information. With some coercion, the bartender admits that Nicole and a few other employees left to become webcam girls. Joanna walks into Nicole’s house and finds her webcam setup. She clicks on the computer, and her heart sinks when she finds Lizzie’s video for clients. Lizzie became a webcam girl to pay for school, and now Joanna blames herself. Then, Joanna finds Nicole in the bed dead, and someone attacks Joanna and leaves her unconscious. Joanna wakes up and calls the police. She is determined to find her daughter and bring her home safely.

This movie has a short list of vial suspects, but the writers understand that experienced Lifetimers can see the culprit. However, the motive is intriguing. The writers sprinkled hints throughout the story. So you won’t notice it until the end. Of course, the final monologue and fight scenes are comical, but viewers get a satisfying solution. This film would be a welcomed addition to the ‘Don’t Mess With Mommy’ marathon in the future.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

This is really out of character for her – Joanna

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Never Would Have Made It: The Marvin Sapp Story – Review

Never Would Have Made It: The Marvin Sapp Story – TV One – 2 hours and 0 minutes

In Grand Rapids, Michigan 1993, Marvin sneaks behind a dumpster with his best friend, Jackson, to drink and do drugs. When they finish, they come to school inebriated, and Marvin walks face first into a pole. Malinda bends down and asks if Marvin is ok, but Marvin is too stunned by her beauty to speak. Meanwhile, Malinda’s best friend, Keisha, can’t stop laughing. Marvin gets off the ground and walks into school for the day. Jackson tells Marvin to stay away from Malinda because she is dating a jock, JC. 

Marvin and Jackson mistakenly ask a police officer to buy them alcohol and run home. Before Marvin walks into the house, Marvin’s brother warns Marvin that Reggie is inside. Reggie is the boyfriend of Marvin’s mother, Lodena. Marvin hasn’t reconciled that his parents, Lodena and Henry, have been divorced for eight years and aren’t getting back together. Marvin and Reggie get into a war of words, but Lodena breaks them apart before the arguing gets physical. 

Marvin leaves the house to hang out with Jackson and sees Malinda in a car with JC. They observe JC become jealous and aggressive with Malinda, so they pull her out of the vehicle. After an altercation, Malinda leaves with JC, and Marvin and Jackson have bumps and bruises. During lunch, Marvin sees Malinda alone and discovers she broke up with JC. Marvin hears a song on Jackson’s boombox and sings (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). With the entire cafeteria behind him, Marvin changes the lyrics and performs a spiritual version at church. His voice inspired the congregation and gain recognition from people in the music industry. 

Everyone can see that Marvin is a saint on Sunday and a sinner every other day. Henry warns Marvin to be a leader. And Kevin, the local drug dealer, refuses to sell to Marvin because Kevin can see Marvin’s gift. Marvin hears them, but it takes death, epilepsy, marriage, children, and colorectal cancer, for Marvin to see his calling. 

During each chapter in Marvin’s life, he connects it to verses in the bible. He doesn’t use this movie to excuse or gloss over his behavior. He delves into it to make viewers understand that nothing came easy. And each barrier brought him to the man he is today. Viewers can look back at their lives and see that a challenging moment was a stepping stone to a great victory. This movie wants you to see beyond your failures and mistakes and to envision your purpose through faith and loved ones.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Are you sure you’re ok – Melinda

I don’t have to explain a damn thing to you – Marvin

Yeah, well, we all have our preferences – Lodena

I have no problem seeing your mother – Henry

Let me go – Jackson

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Groundswell – Review

Groundswell – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emma is a sous chef for her boyfriend, Garrett. She wants to run a restaurant someday, but Garrett doesn’t believe she is ready personally and professionally. Also, he keeps their relationship a secret to appear single online. After a critic compliments Emma’s family-style serving and smoked paprika cashew aioli, Garrett takes the credit. Emma leaves Garrett, quits her job, and flies to Hawaii to visit her aunt June. June tells Emma to relax and enjoy life before planning her next step. They go to a local restaurant. Emma walks into a surf shop while June makes reservations. 

Franky can’t help but notice his brother, Ben, slept in the shop last night. Franky knows why Ben doesn’t like to be home, but Ben won’t admit it. Ben lost his wife years ago and still mourns her today. Since then, Ben hasn’t been able to surf, and he won’t give lessons to wayward tourists. To prove a point, Ben promises to teach the next person who asks. Franky and Ben walk to the front of the store and see Emma looking at surfboards. She wants to know what will be best for a beginner and asks if he teaches surf lessons. Before Ben can object, Franky accepts. 

The first few lessons with Ben are not stellar, but they give Emma time with Franky. Franky loves to cook a fusion of Hawaiian and Puerto Rican cuisine. He entered the Annual Big Wave cooking competition with Katie Lee Biegel as a guest host and judge (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). However, his team member, Maria, broke her arm and can’t be his sous chef. Aunt June suggests Emma replace Maria and Franky agrees. On the first day of the competition, Emma learns the winner gets $15,000, and her nerves start to build. Then, she gets a gut punch. Garrett is the guest mentor. He came to Hawaii to win Emma back and have her join his staff. Emma wonders about a future with Garrett. Then Ben walks into the competition, and they smile at each other. Garrett sees the subtle glance and knows he’s on borrowed time. With a groundswell coming, can Emma stay on the board of life?

Based on the novel Groundswell by Katie Lee Biegel, this movie displays how knowing a person’s pain points can allow you to manipulate them (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Garrett knows that Emma admires him and second-guesses her abilities. He uses this to tear down her confidence while using her to get ahead. This movie makes fun of other HMM films by stating that Emma wants to surf to find herself. But she laughs and says she wants to surf. Emma knows who she is and what she wants, but she needs the confidence to get it. That’s what Ben is lacking too. They build each other up to become a better version of themselves with a little pineapple rum trifletropical fruit pavlova, and mango mojito. Also, viewers learn about Puerto Rican history in Hawaii. While the film has a classic misunderstanding, the conclusion will leave a smile on your face.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Oh, yes. I have learned quite a bit tonight – Emma

You can’t just walk away. I gave you your shot – Garrett

No need to figure it all out now. Take a breath – Aunt June

Is the pope Catholic – Franky

Well, at least you won’t get a rash – Ben

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Big Lies in a Small Town – Review

Big Lies in a Small Town – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rachel pulls over at a gas station to get snacks and let her daughter, Hannah, use the restroom. Rachel wants to give Hannah a mother-daughter road trip to college. They get a flat tire, and Rachel kneels to repair it. She noticed someone slashed the tires but didn’t tell Hannah. After replacing the tire, Rachel and Hannah head down the road until someone in a black car tailgates them. The mystery driver forces Rachel off the road several times before suddenly stopping in front of them. 

Rachel wakes up in a hospital two days later with Nurse Grace and Dr. Wilson looking over her charts. They kept Rachel under heavy sedation to speed up her recovery process. Rachel asks them if Hannah is ok. However, the police only found Rachel in the car. Rachel starts to panic and checks herself out against Dr. Wilson’s orders. Nurse Grace helps Rachel pack up and directs her to the police station. Rachel can’t convince Sheriff Lester that Hannah is missing. He thinks Hannah ran off. And with a vague description of the car, Mr. Lester tells Rachel to go home and let him work. Rachel refuses to accept his condescending attitude, vows to stay in town, and goes to the autobody shop to get her car. 

The mechanic and his assistant, Jake, heard about Rachel and Hannah because gossip travels fast. Jake tells Rachel it will take a few days to fix her car, and they don’t have a loaner. Rachel walks to the restaurant and asks the patrons and staff if they’ve seen Hannah. No one has. She checks into the local motel and sees a restaurant patron, Mark, behind the front desk. He owns the hotel and offers to make a flyer for Rachel to post around town. Rachel is happy to have any help after Sheriff Lester blows her off. She pledges not to leave the small town until she finds Hannah and the twisted truth.

This mystery is a game of Clue (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). You get all the suspects and a small backstory. Then, each suspect dies to reveal the culprit. In the beginning, there is a kidnapping, but it’s not necessary for the plot. So you can skip the first 5 minutes without missing anything important. This movie does nothing to remove the Lifetime cop stereotype. They are always slow to action, quick to label, and pathetic. The only applicable information Sheriff Lester provides is a website. Experience Lifetimers will have a sneaking suspicion of the perpetrator, but the motive will blindside you. The final fight scene is laughable but stick to the end to get a pay-off for watching.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

She’s not here – Hannah

I am not going anywhere until I find my daughter – Rachel

That’s right. You won’t – Sheriff Lester

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The Engagement Plot – Review

The Engagement Plot – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Will’s bodyguard, Leo, drives Will to the castle but offers Will one last opportunity to escape. Will takes a deep breath and meets his fate. Will runs a cosmetics company. To drum up publicity for his brand, Will joined a dating show as the bachelor. Several women introduce themselves, including Hanna and Kelcie. Hanna is a 5th-grade teacher and assists her father, Jim, with his business after her mother’s passing. Kelcie is a social media influencer with 3 million followers. Kelcie hopes she and Will can grow their businesses together. When the executives see Hanna might win, they worry the spin-off will get low ratings with the wholesome teacher. So, they convince the show’s producer, Tyson, to manipulate Will into picking Kelcie.

Everything goes according to plan, and Will picks Kelcie with an engagement ring in hand. She grabs the ring and celebrates while Hanna cries over her lost love. A few months later, kids in Hanna’s class tell Hanna that Will and Kelcie are over, and they want Will to choose Hanna. Hanna walks into Jim’s shop, and he knows all the gossip. The reality show brought Hanna’s fans into his business and increased sales. Hanna tells her dad she has no interest in giving Will a second chance after he broke her heart on national TV.

The board of directors calls Will into the office. His breakup with Kelcie caused a steep decline in sales, and they want Will to fix it. Will refuses to date Kelcie again, so they suggest finding Hanna and dating her to help the company. Will goes to Hanna’s home, and she refuses to talk to him. Jim welcome Will inside because it’s too late to get a good hotel. Hanna concedes to listening to Will’s offer in the morning. Will tells Hanna the truth. Fans boycotted the products after he dumped Hanna and was in a relationship with Kelcie for publicity. If William can’t get the company back on track, the board will fire Will as CEO. An engagement will put Will in Hanna’s fan’s good graces so he can keep his job. Hanna quickly says no. But she changes her mind when she sees Jim owes a lot of money. A fake engagement could save Jim’s business too. So Hanna says yes to Will, and they go on a publicity tour with ring shopping. Unfortunately, Tyson finds out about the engagement and meets Will in an alley. Tyson reminds Will that he signed a spin-off contract, which Will hasn’t fulfilled. Tyson threatens to make the fake engagement public if Will doesn’t grant him an exclusive interview and the contractually-obligated spin-off. Will agrees. With the looming threat of exposure over their heads, can Will save his and Jim’s company while falling in love?

Welcome to the deceptive editing and manipulation of reality TV. Most of us know that reality TV is fake, but we can’t help but look at the wreckage. And like most social media-driven spectacles, Hanna and Kelcie have a fanbase with nicknames and intense loyalty. These moments without pomp and circumstances allow Will to be vulnerable with Hanna. The middle slows down, but the conclusion keeps you guessing if they will get together and repair their bond. And it happens with a meeting and a phone call.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

True love is what makes us real – Hanna

Hilarious kid. I like him – Will

Trust me. She’s her mother. You’d be better getting a hearing impaired yak to talk – Jim

I like this one, boss – Leo

Who cares if it’s a fantasy? – Carly

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Dating the Delaneys – Review

Dating the Delaneys – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Maggie watches her mother, Barb, flirt with Rick while Rick tends to Maggie’s lawn. Barb and Rick began as pickleball partners but started dating. Maggie calls her children, Emma and Gary, downstairs to prepare for school. Gary hopes his father, David, can make it to his basketball game, but Maggie and Emma try to taper Gary’s expectations. 

Maggie talks to her friend and co-worker, Devon, about Maggie’s bakery and their favorite TV show that features local bakeries. Devon sent in a submission for Maggie’s bakery, but they have yet to hear back. Then, David enters the shop and claims it belongs to them both. Upset, Maggie asks for his visit’s purpose, and he explains that he can’t come to Gary’s game. Maggie airs her frustrations about his lackadaisical parenting style, and he leaves with a dismissive wave and a free cupcake. 

Maggie cheers Gary and his teammates when a familiar face sits beside her. It’s her old friend, Michael. Michael’s son, Will, plays on the team, and Michael works for a P.R. company. Gary is disappointed David didn’t show but goes to dinner with Michael and Will. Maggie notices that widower Michael isn’t wearing his wedding ring. Michael believes that he and Will are ready for him to date again. Maggie comes home to relax and gets a knock at her door. It’s David. He warns Maggie that he is marrying his girlfriend, and he wants Maggie, Emma, and Gary to attend. Going alone makes Maggie uncomfortable, so Barb sets up Maggie on a blind date. 

Emma and her friend, Lily, look at the chemistry lab’s assigned partner list. Emma hoped the teacher would pair her with her crush, Zack. Instead, the teacher paired Emma with the new kid, John. Emma groans, but Zack comes over and asks her out on a date. Maggie feels left out with Barb having a boyfriend and Emma having a crush. However, Maggie confesses to Michael that all her dates have been awful. He suggests they go on a practice date and give each other constructive criticism. Devon believes it’s more than practice, but Maggie doesn’t. Then Maggie gets some good news. Her favorite show decided to showcase her bakery, and now she is nervous. Mike offers to use his P.R. skills to help her prepare for the show. Maggie hopes to get ready for her television debut while finding a date for David’s wedding. Can she do it while helping Barb and Emma navigate their love lives?

Be sure to have your Sweet and Salty Chocolate Chip Cookies near you when watching this easy-going delight. Each Delaney woman attempts to navigate dating during different moments in their life. Barb, a widower, throws caution to the wind by dating her pickleball partner. Maggie wants to find someone while being a single divorcée with two teenagers. And to top things off, her ex-husband is a neglectful parent. Emma deals with a teenage crush during her senior year in high school. She focuses on popularity instead of quality. They offer sage advice to each other, but all three women know when to back off. Their bond makes you look forward to part two, Marrying the Delaneys. Hopefully, there will be plenty of Pecan Pie Cake.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Fine, I’ll eat, but I’ll do it in protest – Emma

Yeah, yeah. I know the drill – David 

Anyone ever tell you you have a hard head – Michael

Sometimes moving on from anything is easier said than done – Maggie

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