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Stolen By Their Father – Review

Stolen By Their Father – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lizbeth leaves her job at the women’s shelter to pick up her daughters, and her stomach drops when her ex-husband, Greg, approaches.  She reminds Greg that it’s not his turn to pick them up.  Greg tells her that their custody agreement will end in 19 hours.  Now, his visits will be unsupervised.  This fact worries Lizbeth, but she decides to follow the law.  The next day, Greg picks up their girls for 48 hours.  

On their first night away, Lizbeth tries to call her children.  But no one answers.  When she attempts a pick-up at their school, the teacher says she hasn’t seen the girls in days.  Lizbeth calls the police, and they confirm her worst fears.  Greg took their children.  Lizbeth runs to Greg’s mother, Fontina, and Fortina hints the girls are in Greece.  After getting through Greg’s shield of denial, Lizbeth proves Greg took their daughters on a one-way trip to Greece, and he doesn’t plan on coming back.  Lizbeth goes to the White House to talk to a lawyer.  He informs Lizbeth that Greece signed the Hague Convention, but that doesn’t guarantee Lizbeth will get her children back.  Lizbeth doesn’t care and catches a flight.  She thinks the Hague Convention will be enough.  Over the next two years, Lizbeth will fight a country and Greg for her children and freedom.

There aren’t enough glasses of wine to get you through this movie without being moved to tears.  Based on Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters by Lizbeth Meredith, this film covers two years of emotional turmoil for Lizbeth and her two daughters.  Lizbeth learns that she has zero rights in a country that favors the father and location.  In a system plagued with corruption, Lizbeth fights a losing battle.  But Lizbeth’s biggest struggle is her daughter’s mental state.  Remember that these are young girls dealing with physical abuse and gaslighting.  Each setback will break your heart and make you yell at the TV.  Don’t let the year fool you.  While this happened between 1994 and 1996, it still happens today, and getting children back can be just as complex.  Before watching this movie, prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster.  This film is an excellent production with detailed clothing, technology, and laws.  It will be a heartfelt favorite.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

They’re my blood. Never forget that – Greg

I don’t wanna poke the bear – Lizbeth

The Hotline

International Parental Child Abduction Hotline

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You Can Never Go Home Again – Review

You Can Never Go Home Again – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After her mom, May, died, Izzy relocates to Mississippi with her husband, Jack, and daughter, Taylor.  Izzy has yet to find her passion, but May thought Izzy had the talent to be a great painter like her.  However, Izzy has fallen into a depression.  Jack, a former musician, doesn’t know how to help Izzy and focuses on work.  He hopes his parents, Olivia and Chuck, can help Izzy.  For Taylor’s first day of school, Jack drops Taylor off and meets Taylor’s teacher, Emma.  Jack grew up in this town, and his teachers never looked like Emma.  He trips over his words and flatters Emma.  Later, Emma and Jack run into each other at a coffee shop.  She has sympathy for him and his marital troubles.  She promises to be there for him in his time of need.  They meet again during a run in the woods.  Jack cheats on Izzy with Emma and instantly regrets it.  But he had no idea what he unleashed.  Emma is unhinged, scheming, and extremely dangerous.  She plans to not only end Izzy’s life but to become Izzy.

Sigh.  This movie has two redeemable qualities: a cute kid and an intelligent retired cop.  Otherwise, there is no other reason to watch.  With this type of Lifetime film, the plot has a high body count to keep you watching.  But no one dies.  You have no empathy for Jack because he is a horrible husband.  If you want to laugh at a poorly contrived movie, you should watch this one.  Apart from that, don’t waste your time.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

I don’t push you because you’re my daughter.  I push you because I can see your talent. You could be grate – May

We’re married. Till death do us part – Izzy

I’m teasing. You don’t seem like the stalking type. Too bad – Emma

Am I that easy to read – Jack

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Stalked by a Prince – Review

Stalked by a Prince – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Alyssa stalks her ex-boyfriend’s Facebook page when she can’t sleep at night.  Her co-worker, Rachel, tells Alyssa to get over Chuck by going out, having fun, and meeting someone new.  Alyssa is a successful publicist, and their company is hosting an event tonight.  Rachel thinks the club atmosphere and drinks will bring up Alyssa’s spirits.  

Later, Rachel spots Prince Jack, 6th in line for the throne, walking into the event.  Typically, he doesn’t attend, but his appearance can increase donations.  Rachel walks up to Jack and sparks a conversation.  After a moment, Rachel walks Jack over to Alyssa, introduces them, and leaves them alone.  They talk all night and exchange numbers, but Alyssa doesn’t expect much.  Within 24 hours, Jack calls to go out on a date.  Rachel thinks they will fall in love and have a fairy tale romance.  Only Jack’s family and bodyguard, Taffer, know the truth.  Jack is dangerous and must take medication, and without it, he is prone to fits of anger, stalking, and murder.  

This movie features one of the best fictional Lifetime heroines of all time.  She is cautious, tenacious, and intelligent.  She trusts her instincts and seeks help when she learns Jack is unhinged.  Before she escapes, she takes off her heels and puts on sneakers.  If the leads’ names sound familiar, that’s because they are.  These two played in Fit for a Prince, where a woman falls in love with a prince and lives happily ever after.  Consider this film the Lifetime version of a wholesome rom-com that you never knew you wanted.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Only the right things, I assure you – Prince Jack

I’m not sure checky is the word I would use – Alyssa

Go – Taffer

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A Wedding to Remember – Review

A Wedding to Remember – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Olivia works at the Level Ground community center garden.  She sees two men, Brian and Perry, erecting a sign.  The sign announces that Brian’s company will build affordable housing soon.  Olivia thought the city would find another solution, but Brian informs her that there is no other construction site.  The city will tear out her garden for homes.  Both want to help the community with self-sufficient and affordable options, but the government sided with Brian.  Crestfallen Olivia goes home and prepares to tell her staff they will lose their jobs.  But Olivia’s roommate, Frankie, tells Olivia to wait until after Jenny and Richard’s wedding.  Olivia is the maid of honor and hopes the time away will give her an idea to save her garden.

Olivia boards the bus and settles in for a ride to the venue when she sees a familiar face board.  It’s Brian.  Olivia wants to ignore him, but they are assigned seats together.  When they arrive, Olivia disembarks the bus quickly and gets her room key.  She doesn’t see Brian walk into the same hotel and get his.  Later, Brian meets with his best friend, Richard, at the hotel bar.  Richard wants Brian to meet his fiance’s best friend.  Richard believes they will be perfect for each other.  Jenny and Olivia walk into the bar, and Brian stutters with disbelief.  They quickly let Jenny and Richard know they are not the right fit for each other and have conflicting interests.  Jenny says they need to put their problems beside because Brian is the best man.

During dinner, Olivia and Brian see Jenny and Richard arguing.  They pull their friends aside.  Jenny and Richard admit to having doubts about getting married.  When Olivia and Brian convene, they confess that Jenny and Richard are soulmates, and they want to stage events to bring them back together.  So they will call a truce to help their friends.  After the wedding, they will be bitter rivals again.  What could go wrong?

This movie is funnier than most romantic comedies.  Each event to bring the betrothed together gets muddled and forces Olivia and Brian into a romantic environment.  Seeing them try to avoid their lingering feelings and focus on their friends will make you chuckle.  By helping their friends, they see the other’s passion and drive to make people better.  Most viewers will figure out the ultimate solution before the first commercial break.  But you will want to watch for their mishaps assisting the bride and groom.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Confrontation makes me very uncomfortable – Olivia

Not unless it’s the universe’s idea of humor – Brian

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Welcome to Mama’s – Review

Welcome to Mama’s – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A year ago, Amy promised herself that she would move up in the company or move on.  So when the boss passes her over for a promotion, Amy quits with no job prospects.  Amy tries to determine what to do next when she gets a call from a lawyer.  The lawyer saw that Amy tried to reach Maria, aka Mama, multiple times.  The lawyer informs Amy that Mama died, and he will read Mama’s will soon.  Amy’s heart breaks because Mama inspired Amy to join the restaurant business.  Mama owned and operated an Italian restaurant with her husband, Roberto.  They didn’t have children, but they treated everyone in the neighborhood like family.  For years, Amy was the manager of Mama’s Ristorante but left to work elsewhere.  Mama and Amy had a falling out afterward.

Before the reading, Amy orders a cannoli and coffee and reads the paper.  A man, Frank, sits next to her because she bought the last cannoli.  As Amy tries to avoid his polite conversation, Frank sees his review on the back of Amy’s paper.  Yesterday, a critic came into Frank’s restaurant and tried his food.  She said it was lacking an ingredient: Love.  Chef Frank thinks his Italian-fusion cuisine is an art and doesn’t understand the critic’s review.  After bothering Amy, she leaves Frank sitting at the cafe with the newspaper and half a cannoli.  Later, Amy sits with the lawyer, and Frank walks into the room.  Amy didn’t know that Frank was the head chef at Mama’s.  Mama wanted Amy to manage the restaurant and Frank to continue to be the head chef.  Then the lawyer handed Amy Mama’s recipe book and money.

When Amy arrives at Mama’s, Amy sees the changes Frank made, and she instantly feels out of place.  Amy wants to use the money to redo Mama’s back to its original form.  However, Frank likes Mama’s ambiance and food the way it is today.  When Amy looks through Mama’s book for guidance, she learns that the restaurant will have its 50th anniversary in 14 days.  This date change will push the reopening ahead two weeks, but Amy thinks they can do it.  With all of Amy’s changes, Frank feels like there is no place for him at the new Mama’s, so he is looking for a job without telling Amy.  With Mama’s guidance, Frank and Amy must come to a compromise and find the missing ingredient in each other.

While the plot focuses on the story of Amy and Frank, the love of Maria and Roberto will stay with you.  No matter what, Roberto reveled in Maria’s dream and encouraged her to seek her passions.  He taught Maria to throw her worries away and believe in herself.  You will feel elated in the presence of their love.  Maria and Roberto should get a prequel.  Amy and Frank’s love story is watchable and develops well.  They both have their shortcomings but work through them to find each other.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

He pulled a Mama – Amy

How do you erase something from the internet – Frank

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