#TheTomorrowWar – VOD Review

The Tomorrow War – Budget of $200 million – 2 hours and 18 minutes

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Veteran Dan Forester works as a high school biology teacher, but he wants to work in a research lab.  He adores his wife, Emmy, and daughter, Muri, but he doesn’t talk to his estranged father, James.  After another rejection from a research company, Dan tries to enjoy a world cup match with his family and friends at a holiday party.  During the game, a large electrical storm forms, and soldiers appear on the soccer field.  The leader tells the soccer attendees and the millions watching at home that they are from 30 years in the future.  They are at war with a non-human enemy, and in 11-months, humankind will perish.  They need help from people today to fight in the future.  Within 12 months, the world leaders create a global draft, and if you try to escape, a member of your family will take your place.  Soldiers go seven years in the future to fight, but only 50% are physically qualified to fight, and only 20% of those make it back.  During class, Dan gets an alert that the government is drafting him.  He reports to the testing center and gets fitted with an armband, and they tell him the exact date and time of his death.  He goes home and tells Emmy he has to go.  But she suggests that Dan should go to James.  Dan knows James used his engineering skills to help people take off the band without alerting the government.  At first, Dan goes to James, but after an argument, Dan decides to go to war.  The captains give the soldiers a little training and a change of clothes.  They explain that they call the enemy White Spikes, and if the soldiers are still alive in seven days, they will bring them back.  Dan’s fight in the future will bring in face to face with the person he never wanted to be: his father.  He will fight The Tomorrow War and heal his family today.

This movie has elements of Independence Day and Back to the Future, but it is an original concept (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  And within the plot, they set themselves apart from these movies.  There are no invading spaceships with lasers or going back to the start of the war to fix it.  They can only jump seven years from now because time moves forward.  This random explanation elevates the plot beyond other sci-fi movies.  And the detailed graphics will make you wish you had a larger screen.  You must pay attention to everything you see and hear during the film because everything is critical to the solution.  Even heart-to-heart conversations are necessary to move the plot along.  You will laugh, jump, and cheer at this movie.  It does contain violence, so it’s up to the parent to determine if their child should watch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Sure comes in handy teaching high school – Dan Forester

I mean grow a beard or don’t – James

Next time somebody ask you that, lie – Nora

Of course it has to be a beach – Charlie

I’ll tell you when you need to know – Col. Forester

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