#TomAndJerryMovie – Movie Review

Tom & Jerry: The Movie – Budget of $50 million – 1 hour and 41 minutes

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Tom and Jerry are two animals without a home. Tom pretends to be blind while playing piano on the streets for spare change.  When Jerry tries to join in, Tom pushes him away.  So, Jerry decides to dance and take Tom’s tips.  They start to fight, and Tom bumps into Kayla, a delivery woman, causing her to drop a customer’s clean laundry in the street.  This encounter is the second time Kayla screwed up on the job, so her boss suspends her, but she quits instead.  Kayla walks to the Royal Gate Hotel, starts scavenging their free cookies, and sits next to Linda.  Kayla pretends to be an employee undercover to interview Linda and convinces Linda that she didn’t make the cut.  Kayla takes Linda’s resumé and rips off the name.  Kayla walks into Mr. Dubros’s office and pretends she used the top to clean gum.  Mr. Dubros wants to give Kayla a try, but Terence, the event manager, has reservations about her because he thinks she is lying.  Mr. Dubros gives Kayla the job and informs her that temps must reside at the hotel for a few weeks and make themselves available to the high-profile guests.  Social media influencers Preeta and Ben chose the Royal Gate for their extravagant wedding.  The press from this wedding will attract people from all over the world to stay at the hotel, so everything must be perfect.  As Terence gives Kayla the five-cent tour, they hear a scream come from the kitchen.  Chef Jackie’s sous chef saw a mouse in the kitchen and can’t cook with a rodent in the hotel.  Kayla offers to catch the mouse, and Mr. Dubros extends a permanent position if she does.  As she hunts for the mouse, she hears a commotion in a hotel room.  Kayla opens the door to find Tom in a destroyed hotel room.  Then she remembers him from the park and makes him an offer.  If he kills the mouse, Kayla will buy him whatever he wants, and Tom wants a new piano to replace the one he and Jerry broke in the park during their fight.  Tom agrees.  Now, Kayla has to trust that Tom can catch Jerry.  Then she can keep the job she stole before Mr. Dubros becomes the wiser.  She and Tom have no idea the fight Jerry will give them.

Based on Tom and Jerry by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, this movie has all the hijinks you love from the original cartoon while melding it into the real world like Who Framed Roger Rabbit (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Beloved Butch, the bulldog, joins Tom and Jerry in this film and doesn’t pull his punches when he is face to face with Tom.  The writers pull this tale of wits into the 21st century by adding social media and clout to the plot.  Ben and Preeta throw a lavish wedding to rise to their followers’ expectations. They stop discussing their real feelings and become disenchanted with the ceremony. A simple wedding becomes a spectacle at the zoo with elephants, tigers, and peacocks.  Blending the past with the future allows parents and kids to enjoy this movie together.  You probably won’t laugh at the same parts, but everyone in the family will chuckle at some point.  So get the family together and have a welcome giggle at this classic cat versus mouse story.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You gotta be careful next time. You could have really hurt me – Kayla

Are you going to pick it up or just leave it there – Terence

I’m sorry, he’s a little animated – Ben

I scared you? You’re the one creeping around like a thief – Cameron

You need a better trap – Jerry

Share? You’re lucky kids are watching. Cats don’t share, we take – Tom

Saw you again – Butch

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