#Synchronic – Movie Reviews

Synchronic – Review

Synchronic – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 36 minutes

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Paramedics, Steve and Dennis, have known each other for decades but lead very different lives.  Steve is a lady’s man and spends every night with a different woman.  Dennis is a married father of two daughters, eighteen years apart.  His oldest daughter, Brianna, decided to live on campus.  Steve and Dennis admire each other’s lives but are disappointed by their own.  During a call, Steve and Dennis find two people going through ODs.  The woman is tripping with needs a shot of Narcan, but the guy has a knife wound.  The police find a package for Synchronic on the scene.  Synchronic is the newest synthetic drug, and since it’s new, it’s legal.  As the days go by, Steve and Dennis see more Synchronic users.  The living users are in a dazed state, but others have had gruesome deaths.  On one call, Steve talks to the patient, and she says Brianna is missing.  Her friend points to the last place Brianna was, and Steve sees an empty Synchronic packet.  Brianna has disappeared.  Dennis continues to work while looking for his daughter, and he notices Steve takes more medication every day.  He worries Steve may become a drug-addicted paramedic cliché.  Dennis doesn’t know Steve got terrible news from his doctor.  He has an inoperable brain tumor on his pituitary gland, leaving it underdeveloped.  His doctor wants Steve to start treatment now.  With a new sense of life, Steve remembers the seller’s name on the pack of Synchronic and buys it all.  When he leaves the store, a man offers triple to get his pills.  Steve refuses and yells at the man for wanting the drug.  Later that night, Steve finds the man, Dr. Kermani, hiding in his home.  Dr. Kermani created the drug, but the user’s age determines the effect.  Dr. Kermani says time is like the songs on a record, they all exist, but you can only play one at a time.  Synchronic is the record players needle, and the development of the pituitary gland determines where it lands.  An older person toggles the timeline.  However, a younger person will fully exists in a different time but may not be able to return.  Steve believes this happened to Brianna.  Dr. Kermani wants all of Steve’s supply, so no one else gets hurt.  Steve tells the doctor he flushed them.  Steve lied.  With his undeveloped pituitary gland, Steve decides to study how Synchronic works to get Brianna back.

Synchronic is a sci-fi thriller with funny social commentary and a new look at the buddy relationship.  They aren’t lying about how happy they are in their lives.  They are open and honest about the pain and downfalls.  It helps set up the connection between Brianna and Steve in the story.  While they are not blood, he is her uncle, so he wants to save her.  As he experiments with time travel, he lands in very poignant moments in time and reaps the joys and pains of the time.  Each time travel will leave you wondering what will happen next and what he will learn with the trip.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

So, it won’t be a slow death – Steve

I’m gonna say what I always say.  Just listen this time – Dennis

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