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Identity Theft of a Cheerleader – Review

Identity Theft of a Cheerleader – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

Identity Theft of a Cheerleader

Thirteen years ago, Vicky didn’t make the cheer squad and her mother was highly disappointed.  Vicky believes she did her best but her mother says she didn’t try hard enough.  Vicky decided to drop out of high school.  Now, she is 30, dependent on her mother, has a deadbeat boyfriend, and a dead-end job.  When Vicky overhears a co-worker, Caitlyn, talking about dropping out of school to support her boyfriend, Vicky gives her a hard look at reality.  Caitlyn snaps at her and Vicky returns to work.  Later Vicky goes home, her boyfriend Darren took money out of her account and bought a computer to gamble online.  The next day, Vicky is laid off from her job.  When she sees Caitlyn’s student ID, she gets an idea.  Vicky will re-enroll in high school with Caitlyn’s identity.  She will become popular, captain of the cheer squad, and graduate.  Then, her mother will be proud of her.  Goodbye old Vicky and hello new Caitlyn.

This movie is beyond crazy.  First, the lack of security at the high school is ridiculous.  Next, going back to high school at 30 to NOT feel like a loser is just sad.  Then, Vicky is beyond crazy with the lengths she will go through to be 17.  Finally, Vicky should have been brought up on statutory rape charges for sleeping with Liam.  Now, it takes time but you will get the body count bloodthirsty Lifetime fans crave.  As well as the dumb character mistakes.  If you need to watch crazy, this is the one to watch.  But the plotline isn’t original and highly predictable.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

But you couldn’t make dad stay – Vicky

I was just trying to do something good, alright – Darren

I’m doing great. So, go screw yourself, Vicky – Caitlyn

Seriously, Caitlyn. It’s so easy – Maddy

How could I not – Liam

Just promise me you won’t fall too hard too fast – Heather

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The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders – Review

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders

After Ava’s father passed away, she fell into a life of lying, partying, and taking drugs.  Her mother, Mrs. Scott, put her in a program to help her.  Before Ava completed the program, Mrs. Scott got a job in another town.  Ava and Mrs. Scott moved, hoping the change of scenery will keep Ava in line. Ava is nervous to start her first day, especially since the school does not have a dance team.  Mrs. Scott encourages her to try out for the cheerleading team.  Mrs. Scott had her best memories and met her best friends while on the squad.  After being invisible the entire day, Ava sees Katrina, Shay, and Rita treated like queens.  The biggest difference between them and her: they are cheerleaders.  Ava tries out with Hailey, Tiffany, and Julie.  Hailey is a legacy but gets stomach cramps when she is stressed.  Tiffany was a gymnast but was told to leave the team when she had a growth spurt.  Julie has tried 3 times but this time she got a coach and lost weight.  All four make the team.  Ava is proud to wear the uniform and get recognition in school.  But her lab partner, Allyson warns her to stay away from Katrina.  The queen bee will do anything to keep her crown as captain and the front runner for the CSCA scholarship.  Every step Ava makes to the crown, Katrina becomes more unhinged. How far will Katrina go?

So, parents, this is one to watch with your teen.  A lot of Ava’s issues could have been avoided if she would have spoken about the hazing to her mother.  Also, as adults, you have to see how the coach allowed Katrina’s reign of terror to continue.  Bullies and hazers exist only when adults allow it.  We tell teens to stand up for themselves but Katrina is what happens when we let them down.  Use this movie to start a real discussion on how we all have a pillar of responsibility for stopping hazing and bullying.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Now that you got your feet wet, let’s see if you can swim – Katrina

What are you up to Katrina – Ava

You know she asked me out last year – Patrick

You don’t seem sorry – Hailey

It’s too late – Allyson

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My One & Only – Review

My One & Only – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

My One and Only

Stephanie’s best friend Lisa signed her up for a reality show called “The One”.  Matchmakers pair up a couple and follow them around for 2 weeks of dates. On the last day, they must decide if they found ‘the one’.  Stephanie considers herself a realist. She doesn’t believe in ‘the one’ and thinks the reality show just perpetuates the fantasy.  During the final audition, Stephanie lets out all her feelings and the producer loves it.  Donna, the producer, believes if she can make Stephanie fall in love, the ratings will soar.   When Stephanie learns she was chosen for the show, she was also overlooked for a promotion.  This just reaffirms her ideas of being a realist.  Stephanie, Lisa, Donna, and “The One” crew head to Aurora, Wyoming to start filming.  Walking around Aurora, Stephanie bumps into a local named Alex.  She thinks Alex is cute but very rude.  At the Aurora Ranch, Stephanie meets the owner, Ruth.  Ruth is a huge fan of the show and looks forward to seeing Stephanie fall in love.  Ruth owns the ranch with her son Alex.  Stephanie can’t believe it.  Later, Stephanie meets her match, Oliver.  He sees love, life, and reality TV the same way she does.  However, Stephanie can’t keep her eyes off Alex.  Stephanie has two weeks to pick the love of her life.  The choice will give her the drive to pursue her goals and demand what she deserves in life.

It doesn’t take long to see where this story is going the moment Stephanie meets Oliver but keeps her eyes on Alex.  Its the side stories with Kelly, Ruth, and Aurora that draw you in.  Following the Hallmark formula of people annoyed with each other falling in love, this movie puts a lot in supporting character’s development.  You want to see Kelly sell her business and change to a simple life.   You want to see Ruth gain trust and let go to help Alex’s vision succeed.  You want to see Aurora inspire everyone.  It’s their development that keeps you tuned in.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

An opportunist – Stephanie

You don’t have to believe this is your happily ever after, you just have to be open to it – Lisa

Have fun on your trip. Make sure you have all your witty hashtags ready – Alex

I am going to throw my phone in the lake – Kelly

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