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The Sinister Surrogate – Review

The Sinister Surrogate – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

The Sinister Surrogate

After losing their baby and not getting pregnant for a while, Josh and Danielle decide to try surrogacy.  After Carol inspects their home, she decides to match them up with the right surrogate.  A few days later, they meet Kailee.  Kailee can’t imagine being tied down with a family but she was adopted.  She saw how her adoption changed her mother’s life and she wants to use that same gift to help others.  The next nine months are bliss for the three as Josh and Danielle’s daughter grow inside of Kailee.  Then, in the middle of the night, Danielle gets a phone call stating Kailee is in labor.  When the couple gets to the hospital they learn the baby was in distress due to the umbilical cord being around her next so a C-section had to be performed.  With all that, Kailee and their little girl Sophie is ok.  The couple visits their daughter and fall in love.  Next, they visit Kailee to check on her. Kailee won’t look at and barely speaks to them.  A few months later, Kailee is on their doorstep.  Danielle instantly wants her to leave but Josh is nice and allows her inside their home.  But it’s not long before Kailee’s nice visit becomes stalking.  Josh and Danielle will have to fight for their lives to save Sophie from this sinister surrogate.

This movie follows the Lifetime archetype.  Someone nice and sweet comes to help a family and turns crazy.  Even though Kailee was “fully vetted” she seems to slip crazy through the checks.  Now experienced Lifetime watchers will see the murder coming from a mile away but its the cops involvement that changes the story.  One detective thinks Kailee’s alibi was too perfect and starts to investigate.  While predictable, this movie is still a good watch.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Of course, I am not doing it for the money.  But I’m not turning it down neither – Kailee

I don’t want to think about her anymore – Danielle

We care a great deal for you but it’s best if our relationship ends today – Josh

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Boyfriend’s Deceit – Review

Boyfriend’s Deceit – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Boyfriend's Deceit

Annie sits in a police station at a loss for words.  After several attempts, she finally gets her boyfriend Oliver on the phone.  She explains that a cop pulled her over in Oliver’s car because the headlight was out.  When the cop checked out the car he learned that the plates didn’t match the vehicle’s registration, the headlight was broken and covered in blood, and a bloody knife was found in the back seat.  Imagine Annie’s shock when Oliver was furious that she drove his car.  He hangs up on her and leaves her 100% alone.  The police take note of the evidence and let her go home but with a warning: Don’t leave town.  The next morning, Annie tries to call Oliver but the number is not in service.  Annie goes to his job but they never heard of him.  Confused she heads home to find someone has been inside.  She grabs a knife to look around.  When she goes outside to search, she runs into the detective just seconds before they were going to serve a warrant to search her home.  After the search, Annie is in handcuffs without a sight of Oliver or proof of Oliver’s existence.

It’s fair to say Annie is having the worst week ever.  Before everything goes awry, Annie is on cloud nine.  She closed an impossible deal and is one of the biggest architects in the city.  So finding out Oliver is a liar and a cheat is more than she can handle.  For viewers, it’s hard to believe Annie is holding on to hope for so long.  However, that is explained when they discuss Annie’s secret family past.  You will understand her motivation to keep her relationship despite all the evidence that Oliver is horrific.  With a great score, a strong storyline, and complex character development, this is one to watch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You were driving my car? – Oliver

I think I need a lawyer – Annie

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The Girl in the Bathtub – Review

The Girl in the Bathtub – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Girl in the Bathtub

Julie is the pretty, smiling girl with hundreds of likes on social media.  In real life, she is a mess.  She fights loneliness in the arms of 3 separate men.  Her boss Chuck is a well-known mob attorney but Julie feels he is too old to settle down with and have a family.  Her ex Paul is a nice and sensitive guy but too boring.  Neil is handsome, strong, and romantic and Julie loves him.  The only problem.  He is married with 2 kids.  Julie remembers how tough it was to go through her parents’ divorce so she would never do that to Neil’s kids.  When she can’t get attention from her lovers, she binges alcohol at a dangerous level.  She tries so hard to give it up but she just can’t fight it.  This time she is going clean with the help of medication.  She is positive things will get better.  Unfortunately, Julie will never get that chance because she is found dead in her bosses bathtub.  So, who killed Julie?

Based on The Dead Girl in the Bathtub by Lisa DePaulo, this movie follows the last 7 days of Julie’s life (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It’s a sad narrative of the world we live in today.  She had hundreds of friends online but none in real life.  She is constantly filling her loneliness with men and booze.  Neither last long.  She tries to stand up for herself and give them both up.  But like all addictions, she keeps coming back for another fix.  Be warned, you may not like the ending.  Overall, its an honest ending to a story of sex, mania, rape, and addiction.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I was a lot of things but I was definitely no angel – Julie

You’re not going anywhere – Neil

If you don’t come, you’re fired – Chuck

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Falling for You – Review

Falling for You – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Falling for You

Lacey is a popular radio host in her small town.  Due to a new, in-development, computer program, she has lost funding for her radio station.  To raise funds, Lacey decides to have a Bachelor Back Off.  Each bachelor will bake a dessert and women will bid on them.  The winning bid will get a date with the bachelor who baked it.  Lacey’s vision is only missing a few things: focus and a budget.  Then to make matters worse, she loses her most eligible (and profitable) bachelor.  Her aunt Patty suggests asking the man who just rented a room at the inn.  This handsome stranger is Zac.  Lacey and Zac meet before and although they got off to a bumpy start, he reluctantly agrees to be the 4th bachelor.  Only one problem: He can’t bake.  So he offers to help with her budget if she helps him learn to bake.  But will Lacey continue to help when she learns it was Zac’s program that put her radio station into a bind?  Only time and cake will tell.

This movie does follow a formula but changes it a bit.  While the two are at odds, they don’t dislike each other.  They just don’t see eye to eye on things.  Instead of being vengeful or bitter towards Zac, Lacey decides to show him the importance of the radio station in their small town.  It’s her kind spirit that wins Zac over to become a Bachelor for her and help her with her budget.  This is a good movie to watch when you need to kill a few hours. And be ready to meet the funniest brothers in a Hallmark movie.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Am I that predictable – Zac

Sorry I talk too much for a living. I talk too much for free as well – Lacey

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