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The Midwife’s Deception – Review

The Midwife’s Deception – Lifetime – 2 hours and 2 minutes

The Midwife's Deception

After a move from L.A. to Kentucky, pregnant Sara feels anxious and alone.  She has no friends in her small town and has purposely disconnected from her mother.  To maintain her distance, Sara stays off social media.  As she talks to her OB/GYN about a possible home birth, Jina overhears her.  Sara and Jina meet in the parking lot and hit it off.  Jina tells Sara she is a licensed midwife and new to town.  Sara believes this a chance to make a friend so the two go out to lunch.  At the end of lunch, Sara asks Jina to be her midwife.  While Jina prefers to start at the beginning of the pregnancy, she decides to help the 8-month pregnant Sara.  Sara is instantly relieved.  However, if she has no idea who Jina really is and neither does any hospital.  When all is revealed, the truth with spark a blaze that Sara and her husband Danny will never forget.

So once again, you need to watch this movie for the cunningness of the Jina.  If you watch it for Sara, you will yell at the screen.  The moment Jina takes a photo of Sara, you know its a bad idea.  You just feel like the traps Jina set is so easy to see, you wonder why Sara just lets them all go.  You watch as Jina puts a wedge between Sara and Danny as well as Sara and her new friend Allie.  The games Jina is playing are so obvious, it hurts. But not as painful as the 2018 Mean Girls.  This Southern Mommy Posse is lacking all charm and dripping with venom for Sara.  Allie does what she can to help, but Sara is still hurt.  Jina is there to the rescue.  However, one person is on to Jina and wants to expose the truth.  And with one emoji, that frightening truth will be exposed.   But Jina’s ‘why’ will leave you perplexed and hallow.  DVR and watch for Jina.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Eh, what’s the point in living – Sara

I might get the hot brown – Jina

Just because you had a bad mother, doesn’t mean you will be one. It doesn’t work like that – Danny

I am officially your friend and I am awesome – Allie

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The Sweetest Heart – Review

The Sweetest Heart – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

The Sweetest Heart

Fourteen years ago, Maddie and Nate sat on a bench and promised that college wouldn’t be the end of their high school romance.  They decide that four years later they will meet and pick up where they left off.  Nate sealed his promise with a promise ring, while Maddie sealed her promise with Nate’s favorite cupcake.  Maddie plans on attending culinary school to be a bakery while Nate heads off to college and attend medical school later.   Four years after the promise, they did pick up where they left off but the relationship didn’t last.  Maddie felt Nate was getting cold feet about getting married so she ended the relationship.  Now, Maddie is working in her beloved small town in her own cupcake cafe.  She is hoping to find investors to help her move to a bigger building.  The sought-after building used to be a creamery.  It holds a special place for Maddie because its where her grandparents got engaged.  She has always dreamed of owning that space.  One day while preparing her presentation for the investors, Nate walks into her cafe.  She is stunned because she hasn’t seen him in 10 years.  Now, Dr. Nate is in town for good and wants to reconnect.  But Maddie wants to move on.  And first in line is one of her investors Alex.  Even though Nate and Maddie have feelings for each other, Maddie wants to forget the past.  Nate will have to work extra hard to change her mind.  He just has to find a way to get close to her.  It will only take a website, burnt cupcakes, and an empty store to give him an edge up.

Based on Heart’s Desire: Shores of Indian Lake Series by Catherine Lanigan, the overall concept is sweet and the screenplay fits perfectly into the Hallmark format (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While it has a few funny moments sprinkled throughout the movie with the supporting cast, it doesn’t require the watcher’s full attention.  Hallmark movies are like a jog around a familiar park.  You know the destination, so the journey must have something new to keep your attention.  While the actors do a great job with these characters, there is still something one-dimensional about all of them.  This is a movie to keep on as white noise.  DVR it and keep the cork on the wine.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

From a business perspective – Maddie

I’m not so sure everyone will be so happy – Nate

Let’s not doom it before you even get there – Emma

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