#PsychTheMovie – TV Review

Psych: The Movie – USA Network – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Psych: The Movie

After 3 years, Shawn has moved his psyhcphrancisco office to Chinatown in San Francisco.  He has been working cases, but his main case is “Find Juliet’s Engagement Ring”.  It was stolen as he got down on one knee and proposed.  He wants it back so they can finally get married.  While Shawn is “working”, Gus found a job as a pharmaceutical rep 11 days after they moved.  Of course, Shawn is upset but someone has to pay the bills.  Juliet is a force to be reckoned with as the head detective, but when her partner is shot, it rocks her.  However, Juliet is thankful he is still alive.  She asks Chief (future Commissioner) Vick for 48 hours to do some investigating on her own; Vick gives her 24.  Juliet goes to the hospital to ask her partner some questions, only to find he has been murdered.  In order to help, Shawn and Gus do some investigating on their own.  It’s not long before everyone learns that Juliet is the true target.  The killer wants “The Crimes of Juliet O’Hara” exposed to the world.  While everyone tells Juliet she is a top cop, she is keeping a secret that has her second-guessing herself.  And only one person can bring her back to stop the monster she created.  But how far will this monster go and who will the monster choose next? You must wait to find out.

Full Disclosure: This reviewer is a hardcore Psych-O.  So this movie must be good to hold the standards that fans are used to seeing on the TV show.  Don’t worry, it does that and more!!!  Your favorites will be there, even some you don’t suspect and a few you may have forgotten.  It comes with your favorite catchphrases, a new Gus nickname, hard-hitting guest appearances, closure on the last season, and a little room for a sequel.  Your mind will be completely blown, you will laugh out loud, and get teary-eyed every step of the way.  It is all worth it.  The last 30 minutes are some of the best writing ever for this program.  While you can watch this movie without being a fan, some jokes and references will go over your head.  So non-fans should watch the movie and go back to watch Psych, the TV show.  And for fans, well, fellow Psych-Os, don’t forget to read the Psych books (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Watch this and don’t let anyone tell you anything.  The smallest spoiler will ruin everything.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

What the hell are you doing here – Jules

Gus, don’t be the comma in Earth, Wind, and Fire – Shawn

Shawn, you know Prince isn’t really dead – Gus

You stole this dog – Chief Vick

Mine’s does not. Not always – Woody

Thank you for the answer – Ted

Unlike you, I keep my promises – Billy

Well, he picked on the wrong family – Henry

Well, if you created the SOB, you can take him out – Lassie

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