#ChristmasCookies – Review

Christmas Cookies – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Christmas Cookies

Hannah is given a “make it or break it” assignment from her boss, Mr. Thurbur. She must get Jake, owner of Aunt Sally’s Cookies, to sell the factory to National Foods (her company) and agree to move it to Boston. She goes to Cookie Jar … yes the town’s name is Cookie Jar … to convince Jake to sign the contract. Jake instantly says no. The factory is a staple of the town. Everyone in Cookie Jar has worked at the factory during some point in their lives. Jake wants to keep the factory in Cookie Jar, even though the company is insoluble and will close at it’s current pace. When Hannah offers a better deal but the move to Boston must remain, Jack decides to mull it over for 3 days. Hannah knows she can’t leave until these papers are signed, so she extends her stay in Cookie Jar. During this time, she gets to know the people of Cookie Jar and how their lives are effected by this factory. So, can Hannah still close the deal or will she find a way to make the people of Cookie Jar happy?

This story focuses so much on the town that the love story becomes the subplot. You will forget all about Gavin (Hannah current boyfriend), ignore sparks between Hannah and Jake, and forget Hannah has a sister for the precocious, angelic voice little girl and all the other townspeople. At times the love story didn’t feel necessary. You cared so much for the town, the factory, and the people, that you worried about what they would do if the deal was approved. From the waitress to the inn keeper to the employees, everyone had a tie to the factory’s success and location. Since Hallmark is known for its love story you expect Hannah’s love for Gavin or Jake to be the love story. But the real love story is between Hannah and Cookie Jar. If you watch this movie, have you favorite cookie close by, you will get hungry.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a grinch in the house – Kelly

My question to you is, can you seal the deal? – Mr. Thurbur

If you don’t love the product you make, then why make it? – Melody

Is that you being charming? – Hannah

What does anything mean if you just know it – Betty

Stick around long enough this town might change you – Jake

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