#SisterCities – Review

Sister Cities – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

Sister Cities

Carolina, Baltimore, Dallas, and Austin are 4 sisters with their city names and hair color in common. Carolina (who likes to be called Carol) is a hard working attorney and 2nd mom to her sisters. Baltimore is a free spirit, student, and peace maker. Dallas is hyper organized and soon-to-be divorced. Austin, is a author who is losing her inspiration while staying with her mother. All 4 sisters are scattered when Austin calls each of them. She tells her sisters that their mother, Mary, has died. Each sister comes home with baggage of the past. As they learn the truth about their mom, they all gain empathy and love.

Get your tissues ready for this movie. If you are expecting the same ‘Killer …’, ‘Perfect …’, or ‘Seventeen & …’, then … don’t. This is not the typical Lifetime movie and that’s what makes it great. The only issue with this movie is … it was too short. The connection between Carolina/Mary, Austin/Mary, & the Sisters were explained in great detail. However, the connection between Mary and her other daughters Dallas and Baltimore, felt skipped or rushed. These wonderful actresses did an phenomenal job with a magnificent script. All involved should be proud. This story was thought provoking and heartfelt. Be ready to call your mom.

I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars

It’s so good. You did it – Mary

Little help here? – Dallas

She looked good – Baltimore

If mom could see you now, she would be horrified – Carolina

I’m not outside the family – Austin

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  1. Truly enjoyed the film! The acting was excellent and the subject very relevant . Makes you think about life, health and family! Exciting to see a project that makes you think, feel and contemplate the future instead of much of the boring, brain numbing stuff we get on tv these days!


  2. This is the most idiotic, schizophrenic movie I have seen on Lifetime channel. I hope the Lifetime channel will not continue airing this kind of idiotisms…


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