#YouMayNowKillTheBride – Review

You May Now Kill the Bride – Lifetime – 2 hours 2 minutes

You May Now Kill the Bride

Nicole is a proud bride-to-be and getting along with Audrey, her husband’s step sister, beautifully. But when Nicole and Mark, the groom-to-be, find out that Nicole’s dream location is about to close down in 3 weeks, she is sad. The “most helpful” Audrey tells them to just move the wedding up and she will do everything to assist. Soon everything starts to fall apart: the dress is too small, guest arrive early, and the maid-of-honor is in a coma! But Mark and Nicole are determined to make the wedding happen. Will it or will someone kill the bride.

This is a good fly-on-the-wall type of movie. As the viewer, you see “the crazy”, you know “the crazy”, and you will LOVE “the crazy”. You need to watch the whole movie to understand how things start to unravel. Although, this movie tries to make “why” the mystery; its easy for seasoned Lifetime viewers to figure it out. This movie has one of the best scores ever in a Lifetime film. It makes the montage scenes a joy to watch. If you love Tammin Sursok in Pretty Little Liars, this role will not disappoint. You will root for the bad guy in this one. Promise. Sit back and enjoy this movie.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars

Ok, let’s try to not chase off the normal one – Mark

What’s that suppose to mean – Audrey

I like how ruthless you are – Nicole

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