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A Dangerous Affair – Review

A Dangerous Affair – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Amélie wraps up her pilates class, and Barbara pulls Amélie to the side to talk about the new guy, Pierce. Barbara is married but is happy to look at the handsome, wealthy man. Barbara asks them if they will attend her Eyes Wide Shut party (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Amélie says yes, but Pierce is not sure. Then, Pierce and Amélie flirt after Barbara leaves. Once Pierce leaves, a woman waves at Amélie from the window. Amélie comes outside and tells the woman the class is over for the day. The woman, Fran, laughs at her mistake but notices that earlier Pierce was in class. Fran jokes that she will come to class if Pierce does.

Amélie gets her dog, Buster, a new engraved dog tag, but Buster runs away. Amélie alerts the neighbors on social media and finds Buster at her studio with Pierce. Pierce found the dog and remembered Buster from a picture in Amélie’s studio. Amélie wants to pay Pierce back with money, but he wants private lessons instead. She agrees to the arrangement. 

Amélie and Pierce go on a walk and talk about their past relationships. Amélie’s ex-boyfriend cheated on her multiple times. However, Pierce’s latest relationship ended after she stalked him and harassed his clients. They attend the party a few days later, and Amélie confuses another masked man for Pierce. She and Pierce laugh about it while looking at the paintings in Barbara’s home. Amélie leaves, and a masked woman almost rams into her. Then, the woman hastily walks out the door. Amélie passes a door and finds a man dead. She thinks it’s Pierce, but it’s the masked man she bumped into early. 

Shaken from the party, Amélie keeps her composure during class but gets the cold shoulder from Barbara. Fran approaches after class and asks about Pierce. When Amélie gives Fran an answer Fran doesn’t like, Fran slams Buster’s picture and breaks the frame. Amélie tells Pierce about the strange encounter, and he tells her that Fran is his ex-girlfriend. Pierce orders Amélie not to trust Fran and keep her distance. But distance isn’t enough because Fran wants Pierce back at any cost.

This film is a throwback to the original 90s Lifetime movie; no more unknown stalkers, dumb cops, or disregard for personal safety. Pierce, Amélie, and the audience know Fran is unhinged and on the warpath. Pierce and Amélie try to stay one step ahead of her. Amélie would get in the car or continue debating with Fran in today’s movie. But in this movie, they turn on alarms, inform others, and keep their distance. Just to let you know, this movie isn’t for younger fans. Pierce and Amélie’s passion steams the screen. Their chemistry is undeniable. If you want a touch of old-school Lifetime that makes you yell at the screen, this is your film.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I’ll try and not ruin that reputation – Amélie

What can I say? I like ’em big – Barbara

Ridiculous? Ridiculous like I can’t get you out of my mind – Pierce

Whatever – Fran

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Cookie Mobster – Review

Cookie Mobster – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Cheeks and Fish watch, in horror, as FBI Agent Wilcott shoots their friend, Joey. But they don’t know Joey and Wilcott staged the shooting to put Joey in witness protection. Before going in, Joey and Wilcott visit Joey’s mother. Joey makes up a cover story for her and moves to Sunnydale, California until he has to testify. Joey settles into suburban life and opens a box of cookies his mother made him. Inside is a note with recipes. So, Joey runs to the store to get the ingredients.

Amanda oversees her daughter’s Sunny Girl troop. Amanda’s daughter, Sally, and Sally’s friends – Nida, Penelope, and Lucy – want to sell the most cookies. Their troop competes with troop 119. The winning team will be on the Sunny Girl cookies box, and the losers will disband. Sally thinks troop 119 cheats with store-bought cookies and underhanded tricks. And she wants to get even, but Amanda tells Sally to take the high road. They sell their healthy, organic cookies outside the market, and a kind man tries one for $20. Two thieves grab the girls’ cash box, and the man, Joey, stops them and returns the money. Sally records everything on her mother’s cell phone. In Joey’s haste to get out of the area, he forgot his groceries. So Sally and Amanda return them. Joey teaches them his mother’s recipes so they can win the contest.

Joey and Amanda fall in love, but Sally’s video goes viral. It alerts Cheeks and Fish to Joey’s location. Wilcott saw the video and wants Joey to return to witness protection for a new assignment. However, Joey doesn’t want to leave. He likes his new suburban life with Sally and Amanda. Can he keep his quaint life with Cheeks, Fish, and Wilcott on his tail?

Don’t mess with mama. While Amanda comes off as a pushover, Joey’s mom is a steamroller that sets everyone straight. And Joey isn’t a dumb mobster. He has a good heart and excellent vocabulary. Something that the Sunny Girls pick up on quickly. When watching this movie, remember it came out in 2014. So downloading a file to a computer to put it on the internet was correct for the time. This film is a cute way to pass the time with some familiar faces.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

I got a skill – Sally

You should get our friend home. He’s clumsy – Joey

It wasn’t nothing, Joey – Amanda

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Lies Beneath the Surface – Review

Lies Beneath the Surface – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hanna helps Kate and Kate’s daughter, Sarah, find their cabin after an awkward encounter. This trip is the first vacation Kate and Sarah have ever taken since Kate left her husband, Jason. Hanna spots the bruises on Kate’s arm but remains silent. The two women continue to exchange favors for goods.

One night, Hanna kayaks on the water and witnesses a man pull up to Kate’s cabin. The man storms in, and Hanna hears Kate scream. Hanna hurries home and calls the police. Officer Cooper informs Hanna that Jason returned with his mother, Alice. After talking with the family, Cooper believes everything is alright. Plus, he trusts Jason because Jason is a police officer too. However, Hanna can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong in that house and goes to check, but Alice is on her doorstep. Alice tells Hanna that Kate is unstable. Kate even wrote negative reviews about Hanna’s business. Convinced that something is wrong in that house, Hanna pledges to keep digging. However, she becomes the main suspect and has to battle for her freedom. Can she win?

Once again, Lifetime cops are absolute morons. While Alice tries to plant seeds of Kate’s psychopathy, the plot offers too many clues to consider otherwise. The audience watches to discover if they are right about Jason. The story does give you two strong misdirections with a credit card and spray paint. While this movie won’t be a favorite, it will keep you entertained for two hours.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Life is tough. Don’t apologize for it – Kate

Did you see Kate’s phone log – Alice

I know something is wrong. I can feel it in my bones – Hanna

I’m a little scared of them – Riley

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Missing Twin – Review

Missing Twin – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Officer Connor picks up his daughter, Lily, from school, and Lily’s teacher, Mrs. Cooper, pulls Connor aside. Mrs. Cooper tells Connor that Lily is an introvert that spends more time with her imaginary friend, Milly. Mrs. Cooper worries this behavior shows signs of a deeper problem. Uneasy, Connor tells Mrs. Cooper he will work on it with his wife, Jenny.

Jenny is a successful mommy blogger, but mentioning Milly brings up upsetting memories. Years ago, Jenny gave birth to two girls, one alive and the other stillborn. Jenny feels connected to Milly to this day, and Connor concludes that Jenny’s inability to let go of Milly affects Lily. Jenny doesn’t understand how Lily would know about Milly because they don’t discuss Milly. And Connor’s worst fears come true. Lily dreamed about Milly calling for her and walked out of the house. A man in a van almost kidnapped her. Connor tells Jenny to stop talking about Milly, get rid of Milly’s memorial, and go to therapy. Soon Lily and Jenny leave Milly in the past and go to a fair to celebrate.

Jenny leaves Lily with a face painter to get information for her blog at the fair. The face painter tells Jenny that Lily is doing well and an extrovert with another little girl. Jenny looks and sees Lily with a girl that looks identical. Jenny takes a picture, and the girl’s aunt snaps and takes the girl away. Jenny tells Lily to stay and runs to the sheriff, Ann, with the image. Ann looks up Jenny in their database and discovers Jenny was under a 5150 hold after attempting to steal someone’s child. Jenny shows Ann the picture, but it’s too blurry. Jenny concludes the other girl must be Milly and runs back to get both girls. When Jenny returns, both girls are gone. Jenny must save them both before Ann arrests her.

Always trust a mother’s or twin’s instinct. The opening scene tries to make viewers question Jenny, but the title hints that the girl is missing, not dead. When Jenny pursues the perpetrators, she runs into a string of unfortunate incidences. Jenny can’t catch a break between dropped calls, dropped phones, and gunshots. Her battling with her mom-blogger knowledge seems slightly corny, but it works for a Lifetime movie. If you stick with the first hour, the second is thrilling.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

It’s the world we live in, babe – Connor

A whale’s not a fish, mommy. Everybody knows that – Lily

Then why do I still feel her – Jenny

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14 Love Letters – Review

14 Love Letters – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kallie walks through her farm and notices that one of her goats is missing. Then, she hears her neighbor, Jackson, yelling for her. Kallie retrieves the goat as Jackson makes another offer for the rest of her land. She says no and retreats. As she tends to the goat, she tells it about the mystery book she finished reading. Jackson overhears it, shakes his head, and leaves. Kallie’s friend, Sahara, calls and wants to know if Kallie can come to Sahara’s housewarming. Kallie happily agrees to go with gifts. Then, Kallie checks her email to see if she has any new orders for her skincare brand, Goddess Goat’s Skin Care. She prepares and packages the orders for shipment and meets the delivery person at her mailbox. After handing off her order, Kallie checks the mailbox and finds a letter inside without a stamp or a return address. It’s a love letter, but Kallie has no idea who could have written it.

Kallie sells her skincare products at the local farmer’s market with her mother, Caroline. A loyal customer and her son, Dex, approach Kallie’s booth. For years, the customer and Caroline meddled to get Dex and Kallie to date, but it never happened. Kallie thinks of the shy chemistry teacher as a friend. Kallie takes her goat to the vet because it ate something that upset its stomach. Dr. Simon looks the goat over and offers a remedy to help the goat’s digestion. Kallie jokes about visiting less, and Simon expresses guilt over offering sage advice because he wants to see her more. Kallie goes home to change for the housewarming, but it’s a setup. Sahara wanted Kallie to meet her handsome realtor, Kyle. Embarrassed, Kallie endures the pseudo party and finds another letter waiting for her.

Kallie confides in Sahara about the letters, and Sahara recognizes the words. They are from a book of great love letters of the sea. Kallie, the mystery lover, is ready to put her sleuthing skills to work. She wants to find the epistoler and start a romance. Kallie believes it could be Dex or Dr. Simon. Kallie dates them both until she can find out who sent the love letters.

Kallie’s quest to love will keep you guessing for half of the movie. When the plot reveals the epistoler, the wild ride starts. Kallie’s story goes national, and everyone wants to know who the epistoler is, but that person knows the repercussions could be dire. The conclusion leaves viewers with a satisfying feeling. Kallie gets love and stronger bonds. The mystery within the typical romance helps this movie stand apart from all the others.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

No more visiting. We don’t own this land anymore – Kallie

That’s a shame. Maybe next time I’ll keep my home remedies to myself – Simon

What am I going to wear – Dex

A friend once told me letting go is not the hard part. It’s holding on – Jackson

Me again, hi – Alison

Fate has a funny way of meddling in people’s lives – Caroline

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Lies Between Friends – Review

Lies Between Friends – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emily got into a prestigious college in Seattle but knows her father, Steve, can’t pay the tuition with room and board. Steve is an alcoholic that never followed his potential. Steve created computer software while his friend, Oliver, presented the idea in college. Oliver is a successful tech business owner worth millions, and Steve is penniless. Emily lies about applying for a scholarship but says it would never cover food and lodging. Steve decides to ask his old college friend, Oliver, for help. 

Oliver attempts to ignore Steve’s calls multiple times, but Steve comes to Oliver’s office. Steve pleads for Oliver to help with Emily, but Oliver politely declines. Steve coyly remarks that Oliver owes him. Oliver considers letting Emily live in his guest house for room and board, but Oliver wants to talk to his wife, Claire. Claire says she wants to meet Emily before deciding if the college student can stay.

Emily comes to Oliver and Claire’s home bearing gifts for their two children, Sophie and Charlie. Claire wants to help because Emily’s life is inspiring. In the beginning, Emily is obsessed with becoming a member of Oliver’s family. When she discovers what her father did for Oliver, Emily will make it her mission to destroy Oliver.

The first five minutes explain the connection between Steve and Oliver to the audience. However, when Emily looks at news clippings of Oliver, you aren’t sure if she is love-struck or seeking revenge. So, her overall motivation to live with Oliver and Claire is murky until halfway through the movie. You can only describe the final scene between Emily and Claire as savage. This scene is reminiscent of California Mountain Snake and Sidewinder’s trailer battle (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). While the conclusion puts the storylines in a neat bow, viewers will feel that Oliver got off easy. He never faced any consequences for his actions.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

He owes me – Steve

My dad can’t even get past the pitching stage – Emily

It’s pretty miraculous what she’s accomplished given her upbringing – Claire

I really don’t want her here. There’s just something off about her – Oliver

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Sweet as Pie – Review

Sweet as Pie – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Amelia calls Tamara into Amelia’s office to talk about Tamara’s possible promotion. Tamara enters and puts a box on the table. Amelia asks about the box’s contents, and Tamara opens it. Inside are four heirloom Knobby Russet apples from Tamara’s family apple orchard. Amelia thinks they turned, but Tamara says they are ripe, just ugly. Amelia tries one and loves it. Then, Amelia continues talking about the promotion. The partners want to know more about Tamara. They understand she produces valuable numbers but doesn’t know anything about her. Amelia wants Tamara to create a presentation that describes herself in adjectives. However, Tamara doesn’t like talking about herself. So, Amelia tells Tamara to go home for a week and discover who she is.

Tamara arrives at the orchard and is shocked to see her ex-boyfriend, Evan, with a group of students. Evan and his brother, Grant, leased a few acres of land from Tamara’s parents six months ago. They teach sustainable agriculture and grow apples. Tamara talks to her parents and learns how bad things have gotten over the years. No one wants to buy their apples, including their neighbors’ orchards. So everyone decided to grow Red Delicious instead. Tamara declares that Red Delicious will never be as good as her grandmother’s apples, and she wants to preserve the legacy. So she comes up with a plan. The town loved her grandmother’s apple pies, but currently, Tamara doesn’t have the recipe. If she changes the unattractive apples to beautiful pies, Tamara can start a business to save the town’s orchards. However, the farmers must agree to keep growing the heirloom apples. When the largest grower says no, Tamara enters the apple pie competition to sway him. Tamara must figure out the secret ingredient (click for a spoiler) and item (click for a spoiler) while preparing for her promotion. 

Evan’s shy and stumbling demeanor around Tamara are charming and bring a sense of warmth to the script. His conversational flubs are funny too. Although the characters have chemistry, the plot feels busy and overwhelming, like Tamara. She is trying to do everything, so the script loses focus, and viewers start to forget the story’s goal. And, of course, you have the classic misunderstanding. But be forewarned: watching the trailer will tell you everything about the movie.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I don’t need saving. I just need the secret ingredient – Tamara

You’re kinda known for sticking your fingers into too many pies – Evan

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A Splash of Love – Review

A Splash of Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dr. Andrea walks into the lab and checks on Chloe’s latest discoveries. Her food conservation plan is working, but Chloe wishes she could see it in action. Dr. Andrea presents Chloe with an opportunity to study the migration patterns of orcas for a week in Cable Clove. Chloe could use the research in her national doctoral scholarship. Chloe says no because she believes her chances of getting that scholarship are slim. Also, she found a receipt and envelope that infers her boyfriend, Marcus, wants to move in together. A week away may jeopardize their shaky relationship. Andrea accepts Chloe’s answer and leaves the lab. Later, Marcus walks in with a surprise that he wants to deliver now. He gives Chloe a key to their new place and takes her to see it. Chloe’s face falls flat when she sees it is an office. Marcus wants to share an office with Chloe. Chloe immediately calls Dr. Andrea and says yes to Cable Cove.

After losing her GPS signal, Chloe runs into Ben, and he offers a ride to Mary’s B&B. On the way, Chloe talks about the whales, her research, and the scholarship. Then, Chloe notices Ben’s surname on the whale watching tour business. Ben knows about whales but earlier didn’t say anything because he enjoyed Chloe’s enthusiasm. Chloe tries to go it alone but stumbles. She is too proud to ask Ben for help, so Mary does it for her. Ben and Chloe work together and discover that one orca pod, Echo, is missing. Without this pod, Chloe’s data will be inconclusive. She and Ben will work closely to find the pod and discover why the orcas are not on their migration path. Is this the path to love for Ben and Chloe, or will Chloe’s commitment to Marcus pull her away?

The images of the orcas make this movie irresistible. Chloe attempts to be a lone wolf but comes up short. Also, Ben doesn’t try to force the issue. He understands that Chloe needs to learn the hard way. And each time she breaks down for assistance, Ben offers to help without demeaning her. Their collective enthusiasm for Chloe’s project will bring you joy. It’s that shared love that makes their relationship develop naturally. You will begin to envy their bond.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Welcome home – Marcus 

Yes, more than anything – Chloe

Not so smart after all – Ben

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