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My Christmas Family Tree – Review

My Christmas Family Tree – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A few weeks ago, Vanessa and her friend, DeeDee, took a DNA test.  When Vanessa talks about not having family, DeeDee tells Vanessa that she got her results back.  So, Vanessa checks her results too.  When Vanessa looks at her test, she discovers things about her ancestry.  But then Vanessa reads that she has a paternal match.  Vanessa’s mother, Patty, died when Vanessa was young, and Vanessa never knew her father.  So, she was raised by foster parents until she aged out of the system.  Now, Vanessa knows her father.  His name is Richard, and Deedee looks him up on social media.  Richard is married with three young kids.

Vanessa takes a chance and leaves Richard a voicemail.  When Richard checks his voicemail, he almost falls off a ladder.  Richard immediately calls Vanessa to meet at a local park.  He met Vanessa’s mom, Tricia, before he went into the military.  After the tour of duty ended, Richard came back for Tricia but couldn’t find her.  Richard tells Vanessa that he never knew about her, but he wants to make up for lost time.  Richard invites Vanessa to meet his family, but she has no way to get there.  He offers to have his friend, Chris, pick up Vanessa on Chris’s way to see the family.  Then Vanessa tells Richard she has a dog that she doesn’t want to leave behind.  Richard tells Vanessa to bring her dog too.  Vanessa agrees, and Chris picks her up.  But Richard didn’t update Chris.  Richard thought it would give Vanessa and Chris something to talk about on the car ride there.  When Vanessa gets to the house, she meets Richard’s wife, Pauline, and their three children, Aidan, Emilia, and Caitlin.  While her sisters don’t warm up to Vanessa instantly, Pauline and Aiden do.  Just as Vanessa finds her place in the family and Chris’s heart, she gets a call from the DNA company.  There was a mix-up with the test, and Richard is not her father.  Can she bear to tell Richard, his family, and Chris the truth before Richard’s entire family comes to meet her?

Have your tissues ready.  This movie will put you through every emotion possible.  You will leap for joy when Richard and Pauline accept Vanessa with open arms.  Next, experience admiration as Vanessa and Chris fall in love.  Then, you will weep as she learns the truth.  Although, Richard had a feeling when he realized they call Vanessa’s mom by different names.  But he accepted her anyway.  And it’s the last 10 seconds of this film that will leave you in tears.  This movie is an instant classic to add to your collection.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I was talking about a boyfriend, not a family – Vanessa

We? – Richard

How do you feel – Chris

I always wanted a brother. too.  Because I have 2 sisters, and they can be annoying – Aidan

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A Snowy Christmas – Review

A Snowy Christmas – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kelly comes home to find her mother’s reservation book empty.  Her father built the B&B and ran the day-to-day operations with her mother, Sheila.  But when her father died, Sheila couldn’t keep up with the maintenance.  And the B&B deteriorates.  Kelly talks to her sister, Grace, about selling it, but Grace refuses.  It’s hers and Sheila’s home, Grace is in her third trimester, and it’s their dad’s legacy.  Grace and Kelly agree to disagree, and they go outside to build a snowman.  As they create it, Kelly talks about she wants in a husband and dresses up the snowman.

With a puff of magic snow dust, Kelly and Grace walk away from the snowman.  After a family leaves the B&B due to cold water, Kelly wants to hire a contractor to fix some issues.  But Sheila worries that a contractor won’t be there in time for the holidays.  Then, someone knocks on the door.  It’s Forrest, and he is a contractor.  Frank says that Sheila called him before and left a message.  So he came to help.  Kelly smiles and gives Frank a tour of the property.  Over their next few meetings, Kelly notices that Frank checks all the boxes on her snowman list.  And Frank disappears without a trace every night.  Kelly wonders if she got a Christmas miracle and her snowman came to life.  When a buyer comes with an offer, Kelly sees the name on the contract and thinks her Christmas miracle is a tragedy.  Has Kelly lost the love that she made?

Sigh.  This movie is slow and uneventful until the last 30 minutes.  It starts as a mythical story about a snowman and becomes a conglomerate taking over a family-owned business plotline.  Since you know how it will end, you stop caring because the point drags on for several segments.  While it’s still early in the Merry Movie Christmas season, this may be one of your least favorites.

I give it 1.5 out of 5 stars

What we need is some Christmas magic – Grace

Now my head is spinning – Kelly

I really like your life – Forrest

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Strike Her Dead – Review

Strike Her Dead – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jenna’s mom, Sally, got a new job, and they had to move from Detroit.  But her father didn’t come because her parents separated.  Jenna goes to soccer practice to try out for the team.  With someone playing forward, Coach Hanover tells Jenna to give the goalie position a try.  Jenna tells the coach that she has a scholarship for forward, and playing goalie could affect it.  Her early scholarship shocks the soccer team, but the coach won’t budge.  Either Jenna is a first-string goalie or a second-string forward, and Jenna chooses the goalie and makes the team.  At school, Jenna sees Lilly’s missing person flyers and asks her teammates about Lilly.  They tell Jenna that they were celebrating their state championship when Lilly left and never came back.  They saw something troubled her but didn’t pry.  When Jenna tells Sally about Lilly’s disappearance, Sally starts to worry.  But Jenna is comfortable.  So at ease, she wants to go to Alicia’s pool party.  At the party, Jenna sees that Maria is by herself and decides to sit next to her.  Maria warns Jenna that the team has changed since Lilly’s disappearance.  Then Jenna watches Stacey and Grace go upstairs, but Grace comes down fast and hard.  Before everything comes to light, one girl is dead, one is missing, and the other is in a coma.  And Jenna is the police’s number one suspect.  Jenna will need Sally to clear her name before she becomes the next victim.

Have you ever seen a Lifetime movie make fun of others? Well, this one does with one line.  This mystery does an intriguing job of misdirecting your attention as it follows others acting suspiciously.  It can be complicated to pick out the guilty person when everyone is doing something wrong.  In the end, you will realize everything you missed from the killer’s mouth was a clue.  The killer’s statements seemed meaningless until you rewind for a double-take.  Then, you know it was their motive.  This movie is a fun watch if you need a Christmas movie break.  

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Stacey doesn’t like to be shown up – Grace

Lighten up, Maria.  The world doesn’t revolve around your insecurities – Stacy

This team isn’t all it use to be – Maria

I wish it hadn’t happened – Jenna

Honey, I’m your mom. I can handle you being mad at me – Sally

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Open By Christmas – Review

Open By Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Nicky comes home to celebrate the holidays, but her parents expect her to stay longer.  They are retiring this year and want to sell their house.  They have everything in motion to put the house on the market, and Derrick is their realtor.  They need Nicky’s help to pack and purge.  She agrees and starts with her items.  As Nicky decides what to keep or throw away, Simone comes for a visit.  Nicky is Simone’s best friend and her future maid of honor.  Nicky can’t wait to see Simone go down the aisle and marry her high school sweetheart, Jeremy.  Simone admits she is excited about the wedding.  But with Jeremy and her son, Anthony, spending so much time together, Simone thinks she is losing her connection to Anthony.  Nicky assures Simone that the guys bonding is a good thing and to enjoy it.  Then, Nicky picks up her old college book and finds a Christmas card inside.  Inside the card, someone wrote about Nicky’s kind words and how they affect them.  Then, they wrote a stanza from Romeo and Juliet to profess their love (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  From the letter, Nicky and Simone know the person played in a winter game and liked literature.  Since Nicky is single, Simone convinces Nicky to find the admirer.  Nicky has no idea the wild ride ahead of her.

This Hallmark movie serves the tea like no other before.  With a saucy mother-in-law, handwriting expert, and an epic graduation speech, you will watch Nicky go down the rabbit hole to find her high school suitor.  With a compelling mystery, this movie proves to be as heartfelt as it is funny.  Now, HMM fans, don’t be mistaken.  This film isn’t the typical mystery with several suspects and a big reveal.  Instead, Nicky meets a prospect and eliminates him immediately.  Also, it’s a Hallmark movie, so you know the admirer in an instant.  But enjoy Nicky’s journey along the way.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Everyone felt that way in high school, Nick – Simone

What if I find him and he forgot that he wrote it – Nicky

I think you might be a little bit afraid of rejection – Derrick

It was only a matter of time – Miriam

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An Ice Wine Christmas – Review

An Ice Wine Christmas – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Camila, a sommelier, impresses her boss, Roberto, so much he has a promotion for her.  He wants Camila to oversee the wine selection for all his restaurants.  However, Roberto wants Camila to think it over before she accepts the position.  Camila drives to Evergreen but goes to the local winery first.  At the winery, Henry makes ice wine that Camila calls Christmas in a bottle.  Henry welcomes Camila with open arms.  Henry admits that he is stepping down from the Christmas Festival but created a Christmas committee to take it over.  Before Camila heads into town, Henry warns her that Main Street is different.  The committee decided not to light up the bell tower because it’s cracked.  As she drives through the streets, she can’t believe how different it looks.

As Camila walks to her mother’s restaurant, she notices a man aimlessly walking with inappropriate weather attire.  He introduces himself as Declan and wants directions for Sonny’s restaurant.  Camila explains that during the Christmas season, Sonny’s restaurant becomes Snowman’s restaurant.  They walk to the restaurant and greet her family.  Camila’s family sits down and discusses the changes.  First, Henry wants to walk away from the winery and sell it.  Next, Henry hired Declan to analyze the crop and predict the harvest.  Finally, the Christmas festival will be simple, unlike in previous years.  Camila is not ok with any of these changes.  She resolves to let her sister, Beth, handle the winery because Beth currently manages it.  But Camila joins the Christmas Committee to add pizazz to the decorations.  Finally, Camila will talk to Declan alone to discover his plan for the winery.  The next day, Declan reveals that he wants to add automation to the ice wine process.  With this, they can sell ice wine all year round.  But, Camila believes if they sell the wine all year, then it won’t be unique.  Camila tells Declan to tap into his Christmas spirit, and he laughs.  His family didn’t decorate the tree, because they went on trips.  So, Camila decides to give Declan an Evergreen Christmas experience to help him understand how significant ice wine is to the holiday.  This Christmas tour guide will offer Declan a connection to her heart too.

One thing is for sure, watching this film will make you appreciate the ice wine process.  Now this movie separates itself from others because Camila doesn’t put down Declan’s family tradition.  While they didn’t celebrate the holidays the traditional way, Declan’s family explored the world and saw how other cultures celebrated.  Camila admires that he got to visit sites that she longs to experience.  She doesn’t discredit him.  Instead, she wants to add to it.  Now, Declan gets to enjoy a traditional American Christmas with Camila’s family and friends.  However, you do get a technology versus instinct story that follows the Hallmark design.  Watch this film with our favorite ice wine or ice cider.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I walk with purpose – Camila

That’s creepy – Declan

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A Christmas Treasure – Review

A Christmas Treasure – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lou works with her family at the local newspaper called The Register.  These last few days are bittersweet for Lou.  She plans to leave Pinegrove behind for New York so she can work on her novel.  She hopes the change in scenery will be a muse for her writing.  So every moment for Lou is goodbye.  As she sits at a restaurant with her friend and sister-in-law, they take notice of the cute waiter.  His name is Kyle, but he isn’t a waiter.  Kyle is Marcy’s nephew, and Marcy owns the Pinegrove Restaurant.  Marcy inspired Kyle to cook, and he was one of the top chefs in New York.  But he became discouraged when restaurant managers would not allow him to create a menu.  So Kyle decided to visit Marcy while interviewing for chef jobs in Chicago.  At the annual Christmas show, Lou’s father opens the Pinegrove time capsule.  Inside they find the original Pinegrove restaurant menu, an ornament, Lou’s grandfather’s journal, a 1961 newspaper, and a lantern.  Lou’s father gives Lou the journal.  Lou’s father always talked about the magic lantern but figured it was just a bedtime story.  Now Lou wants to comb through the diary for more information.  While Lou concentrates on the journal, Kyle can’t keep his eyes off the menu and newspaper.  Marcy wants to reclaim the Christmas Cooking Championship but can’t find the right recipe.  With Kyle’s culinary expertise, she thinks he can help.  But on their pursuit to find themselves, can Kyle and Lou discover each other before work pulls them apart.

While watching this film, have something to eat next to you.  Filled with Triple Sec Fruit CakeChristmas Caroler’s Stew, and Cranberry Brie tart with Pancetta and Thyme, you will get hungry and curious for all the flavors this holiday has to offer.  Of course, you know how this story will end; it’s a Hallmark Christmas movie.  But it’s how Lou came to her decision that changes the plot.  It’s the Christmas Treasure that guides her to Kyle, her grandfather, and her place in Pinegrove.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Shouldn’t you taste it first – Lou

Hey Lou, you happen to ask Marcy about me – Kyle

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Christmas with a Prince: A Royal Baby – Review

Christmas with a Prince: A Royal Baby – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After marrying Prince Alexander, Dr. Tasha’s hospital duties took a back seat to her obligation to San Savarre.  Just in a few weeks, Tasha will have a more important job: mom.  While they anxiously wait for their child’s arrival, they struggle with a demanding King.  King Edward refers to the baby as male because the royal bloodline has only produced male heirs to the throne.  After Tasha hangs up on her father-in-law, Blevins tells Andrew about a ceremony in Tasha’s previous employers.  While everyone believes Tasha should stay in San Savarre, she wants to be at the ceremony to see her old co-workers and brother, Jeffery.  Tasha demands to go, and Blevins obliges while Bella creates a security plan.  At the hospital, Jeffery admits to Tasha that he plans to propose to Bella.  But he can’t find the right time.  Tasha tells Jeffery that anytime is the right time.  After their duties, Tasha, Andrew, Bella, and Blevins leave for the airport, but Tasha feels pain.  Tasha tells the driver to turn around immediately to make sure she and the baby are ok.  With some yelling, Blevins concedes.  Dr. Gonzales puts Tasha on bedrest and absolutely no flying.  When King Edward finds out, he panics.  The baby must be born on San Savarrean soil to be heir to the throne.  Edward tells Andrew to do whatever he can to get Tasha back before the baby is born.  Andrew will create a think tank to ensure his child will be the next heir while keeping his wife safe.  But he has no idea the hurdles ahead.

The third installment of Christmas with a Prince and based on St. Piran’s: Prince On The Children’s Ward by Sarah Morgan parallels the life of Duchess Meghan Markle (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While draped in traditionalism, Tasha has to fight for equality for her unborn child.  Tasha must learn royal dinner etiquette, royal wear, and handling the media under intense public scrutiny.  While Tasha fights, it’s Alexander and Blevins who get caught in the middle.  As always, Jeffery and Blevins are the comic reliefs of the film.  As Jeffery summons the courage to ask Bella, the ring falls into one misfortune after another.  And with each of Tasha’s demands, Blevins is the movable object of traditional obstruction.  Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the other films.  The opening sequence recaps the last two movies.  While the plot doesn’t state it, be ready for part 4.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You won’t – King Edward

No, she hung up on her father-in-law – Prince Alexander

And maintaing tradition is essential – Tasha

I had to read the tea leaves first – Jeffery

No. You look, little man. I don’t care about your royal traditions – Dr. Gonzales

Well, I’m gonna tell the king about you – Blevins

I do not want to do this – Bella

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Debbie Macomber’s A Mrs. Miracle Christmas – Review

Debbie Macomber’s A Mrs. Miracle Christmas – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Laurel works as a teacher and runs her school’s Christmas pageant.  Since her grandmother, Shirley, is a recent widow, Laurel and her husband, William, asked Shirley to move in with them to take care of her.  Recently Shirley sprained her wrist and will need more help around the house.  William and Laurel can’t take time off from work, so Laurel’s friend suggests getting a nurse.  Laurel calls Caring Hearts Angels, but they don’t have anyone available.  So, Laurel resides in finding someone after the holidays.  The next day, Laurel and William get a knock at the door.  It’s Gloria Merkle, a nurse from the Caring Hearts Angels, and she has all her recommendations and references in a suspiciously tiny bag.  Seeing that Shirley doesn’t take to Gloria, Laurel thinks about sending Gloria home.  But William convinces Laurel to give Gloria a shot.  As Gloria walks around the house, she spies a room with a crib in it.  Laurel and William fostered a child for nearly two years.  In the final stages of adoption, the child’s biological mother straightened out her life to get her son back.  Laurel and William can’t afford IVF treatments again, but Laurel is afraid to lose another foster child.  Although, William wants to give fostering another chance.  With Gloria’s guidance, this family will become whole one miracle at a time.

Based on A Mrs. Miracle Christmas by Debbie Macomber, this movie puts a Mary Poppins twist on Christmas (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Gloria has everything this family needs in an adorable bottomless tote.  While this film gives viewers many heartfelt moments, it shines a light on adoption.  And that all kids need a good home.  Let’s not forget this film delivers the laughs.  Shirley gives perfectly-timed one-liners each time she is on screen.  Be ready for a conclusion that brings Christmas joy and inspires.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Your rebellious phase still haunts me at night – Shirley

There is no problem that can’t be solved over a hot cup of tea – Gloria

Perhaps neither in the absence of evidence – Laurel

I appreciate you enduring all that pain for her – William

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Next Stop, Christmas – Review

Next Stop, Christmas – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dr. Angie works around the clock performing surgeries on her patients.  While she ignores a phone call from her dad, she gets a friendly reminder from her mother, Evelyn, and sister, Kristin.  They want Angie to come home this year because Angie missed the last 2 Christmases.  But Angie tells them that she is on-call and can’t make it again this year.  While Angie looks forward to her Aunt’s annual holiday party, she avoids her parents’ divorce and Kristin’s adoption woes.  However, Angie’s keeping tabs on her ex-boyfriend, Tyler.  Years ago, Tyler asked Angie to marry him, and she said no.  Now he is a famous sportscaster with a supermodel girlfriend.  Angie catches the train to have a quiet Christmas alone.  She wakes up on the train, and Tyler sits down across from her.  He tells her that he can’t wait to meet her parents for the first time in Connecticut.  Angie looks at her phone and sees she went back in time ten years.  When she steps away, she sees her ticket agent on the train in a conductor’s hat.  She tells the conductor that he sent her to the wrong place, and Angie wants to return to New York.  He wants her ticket, but half of it faded away.  He can’t allow her to go back without it whole.  Angie believes she went back in time to say yes to Tyler’s proposal.  But she has a lot more work to do.

As Angie goes back in time, she sees all the cues she missed.  From her parents’ looming divorce to her sister’s pregnancy woes.  Angie realizes that in her quest for marriage, she became very self-involved.  Knowing how their lives will play out, Angie attempts to fix her family’s futures by dropping nuggets of wisdom.  In helping her family, Angie gets clarification on her life with Tyler and why she said no.  This protagonist sees the antagonist’s error in her ways.  And that change allows this Hallmark plot to be enjoyable and unpredictable.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Oh, they’re still together.  That’s nice – Angie

Hi, I’m Sabrina.  I am introducing myself because the moment you showed up, she forgot I existed – Sabrina

That’s what I’m here for. To help you out – Conductor

I can’t promise that both of these donuts will be here when you get back – Tyler

You just got here – Kristine

Freak walnut-craking incident. You don’t want to know – Ben

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