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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story – Review

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlson Story – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kristine sits in a car and tries to figure out what she got herself into by agreeing to write the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff book for women, but her husband, Richard, has confidence in her abilities (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  For years, Richard wrote the series, and Kristine co-authored a few chapters.  After a segment on Oprah, Richard’s books spent weeks at number one.  Kristine will have to get over her fear of public speaking to attend book tours, but she will handle that with Richard by her side.  That is until someone calls her.  A doctor in New York informs Kristine that Richard “expired” of a pulmonary embolism.  Kristine jumps out of her car and breaks down in the middle of the parking lot.  She attempts to grieve with her daughters, Jazzy and Kenna, but the media and fans bombard Richard’s private wake.  Kristine tells her girls to put on a brave face because she knows they are under intense scrutiny.  After the funeral, Richard’s lawyer tells Kristine the money will be tied in probate for years because they were working on a public trust but didn’t finish it in time.  Kristine doesn’t know what she will do because she hasn’t had a job in years.  Then Richard’s publisher, Zach, calls.  They want Kristine to take over for Richard and write the book.  And they booked a spot on Oprah in ten days.  Kristine starts to panic because she is not ready.  While Kristine deals with issues, she tries to motivate Jazzy and Kenna to keep Richard’s dreams for their future going.  However, Jazzy and Kenna pull away from school and Kristine.  Kristine, Jazzy, and Kenna have to come together to survive the emotional, physical, and literal storm coming.  

Based on Heartbroken Open: A True Story of Coming Alive Again After Profound Loss by Kristine Carlson, this movie shows how one family can triumph when they open up about their pain and stand together (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Each time Kristine tries to put on a brave face, something else happens that shakes Kristine to her core.  Bullying, selective mutism, and a child are only half of what this family goes through after Richard dies.  When they survive everything and bring their life together, you think that’s the end of the movie.  But it’s not.  The family is one more unexpected but familiar issue to overcome at a foreseen time of happiness.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

If anyone is riding any else’s coattails, it’s me – Richard

How does a young healthy man die in a split second – Kristine

Dad, take a breath. Maybe a good time to re-read one of your books – Jazzy

You know mom, it’s really not about you – Kenna

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Her Boyfriend’s Deadly Secret – Review

Her Boyfriend’s Deadly Secret – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

When Sadie finds out that her boyfriend, Jack, will be attending another college, she is dumbfounded.  They planned to go to school close together and keep their relationship strong.  However, Jack reveals that her plan was his plan B.  Sadie knows she has been in their relationship alone and breaks up with Jack.  A few days later, Sadie goes to a party with her friend, Michelle.  But Sadie refuses to go inside the house because Jack is there.  As Sadie sits by the pool, she sees a guy photobombing a social media fly and laughs.  The guy sits next to her and introduces himself as Gavin.  They exchange numbers, and Gavin attempts to leave, but Jack stops him.  Fearing they will fight, Sadie comes up with a plan and intervenes.  Sadie comes home and finds that someone broke her front porch light.  As she dials 911, Sadie gets a text from an unknown number.  With a picture of her and Gavin, the texter warns Sadie to stay away from him.

The text spooks Sadie but she continues to date Gavin.  But after another text, Sadie faces Gavin head-on.  Gavin explains his rough childhood and police record, but he promises to keep her safe because he loves her.  Noticing a change in her daughter, Taryn approaches Sadie, but Sadie turns her back on Taryn.  Disappointed, Taryn talks to her boss, John, also Jack’s dad, for guidance.  However, he confirms Taryn’s fears when he shows her Gavin’s police record.  With friends and family against them, can Sadie and Gavin join forces to find her stalker? Or was the stalker next to her all along?

With dueling boyfriends with sketchy motives, the user has to determine who is the secret holder and what is the secret.  And watch the movie from the beginning to understand references to the past.  As Gavin breaks into homes, steals, and cuts alarm cords, you will believe that Sadie fell into the Lifetime cliché of dumping one guy for a killer.  As Jack harasses and fights, you will take a 2nd look at him.  You will go back and forth on who is harassing Sadie.  You have to watch to find out.  So DVR this movie but keep something close by when your mind starts to wander.  But it does deserve attention.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

He said he would consider it – Jack

So much for being a tiger mom – Sadie

Well, clearly we were meant for each other – Gavin

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American Gangster Presents: Big 50 – The Delrhonda Hood Story – Review

American Gangster Presents: Big 50 – The Delrhonda Hood Story – BET/BETHer – 2 hours and 30 minutes

In Detroit, Michigan, Delrhonda lived a quiet life with her mom and her dad.  That is, until her mom, Tina, caught her father cheating.  Tina grabbed her gun and took several shots at him.  Next, Tina packed up herself and Delrhonda and moved in with Delrhonda’s grandmother, Tilda.  With Tilda’s 17 kids crowding the house, Delrhonda was happy for any moment of quiet.  One day, Tilda’s boyfriend, Terry, gives Delrhonda a Chaka Khan record and a private place to listen to it.  Then he rapes her.  For years, Delrhonda kept the rape a secret, but her rage replaced her sorrow.  After attacking several friends and students, Tina sent Delrhonda to a private Christian school.  However, Delrhonda used the move to sell LSD to classmates and meet the father of her first child, Rodney.  As Rodney gets older, Delrhonda’s irresponsibility enrages Tina.  So Tina kicks Delrhonda out but keeps Rodney.  Delrhonda became motivated to get her son back but with illegal means.  She ran check scams, drugs, and women.  At a club, Slim spots her.  He knows about her business and respects her.  He wants Delrhonda to learn from and work with him.  When Slim walks away to handle business, Ricky approaches her with an offer of love.  Meeting these two men will solidify Delrhonda’s place in the game as Big 50.  With an illness and the feds watching, how long can Big 50 stay on top unscathed?  

As Delrhonda narrates her life and struggles to attentive at-risk girls, she doesn’t hold back.  She tells the truth about what she did and who she hurt.  She doesn’t try to sugarcoat any aspect of her life.  She talked about how she fell short as a mother and a businesswoman.  Delrhonda covers the sexism coming from men and women in and out of the drug business.  However, she does gloss over her sarcoidosis diagnosis, and it’s for a plausible reason.  It’s not necessary to the story.  She tells the young girls to google it and moves on.  Delrhonda tells the audience about life behind bars and what finally made her change.  While her life isn’t perfect, it gets better every day for Delrhonda.  Delrhonda tells her story to help others make better choices, the ones she should’ve made.  And keep watching for each character’s recap during the end credits because some will surprise you, but others will break your heart.  Watch and be inspired to find peace within boredom.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

My mom was a horrible shot but she did shoot at him – Delrhonda

I guess that means I gotta kill somebody – Ricky

Yeah, well, ain’t nothing typical about me – Slim

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The Vows We Keep – Review

The Vows We Keep – HMM – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Hazel gets unfortunate information about the venue for her sister’s wedding.  The owner, Simone, decided to sell the property, and she canceled any events after June.  Hazel, an assistant wedding planner, worked with Simone in the past.  Hazel runs to Simone to agree to the wedding date.  At the venue, Rosewood, Hazel meets Jared.  Jared’s father, Gabriel, retired as the property manager for Rosewood.  Now, Simone hired Jared to take care of the sale and any other responsibilities.  When Simone overhears Hazel bending over backward to re-book the wedding with Jared, Simone steps in.  She agrees to host the wedding, but they must move up the date.  Since the venue is so important to the family, Jared offers his services to help while showing the property to investors.  Hazel knows the wedding will be difficult to pull together, but she worked on more complicated weddings in the past.  If she pulls this off, she envisions getting a promotion.  But Hazel and Jared have more to work on than the wedding and the sale.  They must mend a family bond to see everyone’s dreams come to fruition.

With talented actors and a sweet story, you never pay too much attention to the blooming romance.  The sister battle over Rosewood will pull you more than Hazel and Jared’s love.  With this being a Hallmark movie, you know they will kiss by the end credits.  So you won’t invest much interest in it.  However, the tea between Simone and her sister, Faye, along with Hazel and her boss, Raymond, will keep you glued to the TV.  So come for the love story and stay for the tea.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

It’s at the top of my resume – Hazel

And from where I’m standing, you are running this show – Jared

Don’t make it sound so cold – Simone

I’ve already let it go once – Faye

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List of a Lifetime – Review

List of a Lifetime – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Brenda gets the life-changing news that she has triple-negative breast cancer.  Her doctor wants to schedule chemo and surgery immediately.  Without treatment, the doctor estimates that Brenda has nine to ten months to live.  Then, her doctor tells Brenda she has the BRCA1 genetic mutation.  And if she has kids, they should get a test for the gene as soon as possible.  Brenda asks her friend, Meg, to do her a favor.  When Brenda was 18, she gave up her daughter for adoption.  After Meg finds Brenda’s daughter, Talia, it takes Brenda 3 months to work up the courage to talk to Talia.  Brenda introduces herself to Talia, but Talia walks away angrily.  Brenda blurts her diagnosis, and Talia stops in her tracks.  Talia invites Brenda into her home so they can talk.  Brenda warns Talia about the gene and prepares to leave, but Talia takes Brenda’s number and makes dinner plans.  At work, Talia sits with her co-worker, Morgan, and brainstorms story ideas.  When Talia tells Morgan about Brenda coming back into her life and having cancer with no plans for treatment, Morgan suggests creating a breast cancer bucket list and writing a story about it.  Talia meets Brenda for dinner.  And Talia proposes making a bucket list but doesn’t tell Brenda about the article.  Brenda’s bucket list includes: 

  1. Withdraw savings account
  2. Quit Job
  3. Eat at a fancy restaurant
  4. See all the exhibits in the Louvre
  5. Kick Mike to the curb
  6. Get back in the water

Brenda mentally drifts as she thinks about her past.  Talia snaps her out of it and promises to continue the list later.  As they cross off the bucket list, Brenda becomes more emboldened to make changes in her life.  But Talia still doesn’t tell Brenda about the article or her adoptive parents about her birth mother’s arrival.  When the two worlds collide, it will create a supernova of pain, love, and hope.  

This movie is an emotional and significant look at breast cancer and the BRCA1 mutation.  The added layer of adoption provides the viewer with a depth of emotion.  It’s obvious Brenda became a shrinking violet in her life, and with Talia’s outgoing, fierce woman personality, Brenda stands up for herself against her boyfriend and boss.  But being a bystander in her life, Brenda falls into depression and considers forgoing treatment.  She needs support from family and friends to find life worthwhile.  This movie will strike a chord with anyone, whether they have a connection to cancer or adoption.  For more information, go to BCRF.org

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

How did you find me – Talia

There are a lot of moving parts to this – Brenda

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Love at Sky Gardens – Review

Love at Sky Gardens – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Deirdre bombs her interview to become a rooftop designer.  With no degree nor experience, the employer doesn’t believe she will be the right fit for the job.  Deirdre goes back to her barista job with her head in the clouds and defeated.  Stewing over her mistake, Deirdre messes up a regular’s order and spills coffee on his nice shirt.  Deirdre only knows the man by the nickname she gave him: Cute Suit Guy.  The guy, Marcus, leaves furious.  He goes to his boss, Valencia, without her morning coffee.  He tries to interview for the manager position, but Valencia doesn’t want to hear anything Marcus says because he is messy and lacks caffeine.  Later, Deirdre tries to apologize to Marcus with coffee, but he won’t accept it.  She tries to explain that she lost her dream job as a rooftop designer, and Marcus scoffs.  He lost his dream job as a manager because of her mistake.  And Marcus could lose his fiancée, Wendy, too.  Wendy wants him to do more with his professional life to match her drive.  Marcus goes back to work and attends a meeting with Valencia and betrothed social influencers.  When Valencia pitches a flashy wedding, the happy couple begins to leave.  But Marcus offers an idea about a quaint rooftop wedding.  They love the idea but want to see something drawn up before they make a final decision.  Valencia agrees and tells Marcus to put it together with his co-worker, Jacob.  Marcus agrees, but he has one stipulation: he wants to hire Deirdre to design it.  Marcus finds Deirdre and tells her about the meeting, but her lack of experience floors him.  Deirdre takes the job to build her resume.  Deirdre, Marcus, and Jacob create a pitch that the couple loves, but they only want the three of them to work on it.  As Marcus works with Deirdre, he will find the love missing in his relationship.  But when Jacob falls for Deirdre too, which man will be left standing.  

This movie has funny moments, but overall it doesn’t stand out.  The most pivotal moment is Valencia telling Marcus his worth as a boyfriend and in the company.  While she may come off as a Miranda, this boss has an inspiring heart (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  So don’t write her off so quickly.  Otherwise, this is the typical TV movie love story.  You know how everyone’s plot will wrap up by the end of the movie.  This movie is worth a watch, but no need to take up space on the DVR.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Tell your calculator I said hi – Deirdre

RIP Tim. This is about you – Wendy

No, don’t be yourself. Be better – Marcus

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South Beach Love – Review

South Beach Love – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Sara starts to lose her nerves when her brother, Matt, tells Sara that Dolores changed Sara’s niece’s quinceañera.  The location changed to a restaurant, the date moved up, and the number of guests increased.  This Irish girl was nervous about cooking Cuban food for her immediate family, but doing it for the extended family will be a true testament to her will.  However, Matt and his family assure Sara that her love and respect for their culture will guide her.  As Sara sits with her niece, Lola, and Lola’s mother, Dolores, they mention that Tony is coming back to town.  He will be attending and cooking for his niece’s quinceañera too.  Sara pretends to be ok, but, in the past, Tony broke her heart.  A French cooking school turned Tony and Sara down.  They planned to start a restaurant together.  But a spot opened up at the school, and Tony took it and never came back.  Since then, he started a restaurant and received a star. 

Sara has a food truck but can’t get the financing to start a full-scale restaurant.  Tony’s niece, Teresa, is excited about her party but sad too.  Teresa and Lola were best friends, but their mothers’ fallout put a rift in their friendship.  With head-to-head quinceañeras, Sara feels the pressure to create a top-notch menu for her family.  That pressure mounts when a cooking magazine chooses to feature both quinceañeras in an article.  The chef with the best menu will win the cover.  With a cover article, a bank would give Sara financing for her new business.  As Tony and Sara get close, the wedge between the families gets wider.  It will take the youngest members of the family to act the most mature.  

Based on South Beach Love by Caridad Pineiro, this movie will leave you dewy-eyed as each girl shares their hurt over the family squabble (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While this movie displays Cuban culture, it shares that with respect, anyone can take part.  The family doesn’t care that Sara is Irish because she respects their traditions.  They know her heart is in the right place.  Also, the movie allows the love story to develop naturally.  Once Sara makes her feelings known, Tony apologizes and declares to do right by her.  However, she does make him aware of the gender discrepancy within the culinary arts and financing.  While this movie doesn’t try to solve the problem, hopefully, shining a light on it will influence future chefs.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

And a star next to his name. Don’t need to know much more than that – Sara

There’s the guilt – Tony

Fine at your own risk – Matt

Green with envy isn’t a good color on anyone – Maria

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