#MyHusbandsDoubleLife and #KillerCaregiver – TV Reviews

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My Husband’s Double Life – Review

My Husband’s Double Life – Lifetime – 2 hours and 3 minutes

My Husband's Double Life

Sabrina is getting her life back together after she nearly died due to a miscarriage.  Even though she has a lot going on with a teenage daughter and an international traveling husband, she still wants to work full-time.  When Sabrina notices an unrecognized charged to their credit card, she believes it’s fraud and tells her husband Fletcher.  Fletcher insists on handling the matter after his flight to Paris for work the next day.  However, when Sabrina sees the charge came from a lingerie store in Paris, she decides to surprise Fletcher by coming to Paris and do some digging.  So Sabrina leaves their daughter Zoe behind to meet with Fletcher.  When Sabrina lands, she calls Fletcher and he is not happy to hear from her.  She doesn’t know about Fletcher’s double life and that having her in Paris will ruin all of his plans.

This movie is a lot to unpackage in a little time.  While you have an idea of what Fletcher is lying about, his lies are much deeper and deadlier that the title leads you to believe.  Although there are some twists, it’s just not enough to keep you interested.  You could miss some sections of this movie and still have an understanding of everything that is going on.  Now the saving grace for this movie is the last 30 minutes.  It gets brutal and cold and never let’s go.  Consider this movie the TV version of The Girl on The Train but set in a Paris hotel.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I know who you are – Bridget

You should have stayed in New York – Fletcher

No. No, I’m not running from this. I need to make him pay – Sabrina

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Killer Caregiver – Review

Killer Caregiver – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Killer Caregiver

Mariah has been confiding in her boss Graham for a while.  However, he has misunderstood her openness as affection.   When she tries to reject his advances, he ends up dead and she hurts her arm badly.  A few weeks later, Mariah’s doctor notices she has not healed at all.  Mariah explains that working a full-time job and helping her son with autism has left little to no room for herself.  Her doctor suggests Mariah should get a caregiver to help her around the house and with her physical therapy.   Although Mariah thinks its silly, she agrees to hire someone.  She finds Tess from an agency and everything works out.  But, Mariah starts failing at her job, disconnecting with her son, fighting with her husband, and getting physically worse.  Whilst Mariah has her suspicions, it will take one admission for Mariah to see the truth behind Tess’s lies.

This has the set up of a typical Lifetime movie, but there are a few things that set it apart.  First, you find out Tess’s motive in the first 30 minutes.  She doesn’t go into a long monologue at the end of the film to reveal her motive and plan.   Second, Mariah isn’t clueless.  When Tess starts to act weird, she acknowledges it and starts to investigate.  This movie does bring one annoying thing to light: tenant rights.  Once again, a Lifetime movie shows how a worker can become a permanent resident in your home.  This movie will make you laugh more than it will shock or surprise you.  So DVR and watch on a rainy day.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I’m a working mom with an autistic child. There is only so much resting I can do – Mariah

Jacob some people don’t deserve one – Tess

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