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Revenge Best Served Chilled – Review

Revenge Best Served Chilled – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emily samples wine on her YouTube channel and offers advice about wine pairings.  She entered an online contest for the American Wine Academy’s Sommelier Contest.  Emily can help her father keep his restaurant open with the prize money.  While closing it, the power goes out.  Jillian startles Emily with aggressive bangs on the door.  Jillian informs Emily that the academy accepted her entry.  Jillian warns Emily that the competition is cutthroat.  Emily thinks of her mother, Lilla, and becomes encouraged to go and win.  Lilla entered the competition but died in a car crash before the academy chose the winner.

Emily arrives, and the competition takes no time marking her as lower class.  Chad, Kristen, Lucia, and Clayton have different reasons for being at the competition, but they have the same drive as Emily.  When the headmaster, Victor, and Jillian walk out of the academy, they take a photo of the class and give them their first test.  Victor tells them to identify the wine the academy served to welcome them.  Emily is the only contestant that recognized the boxed wine.  She smiles at her first success and walks into the wine cellar with Victor to take a wine home.  Emily hears footsteps behind her walking deeper.  She runs out and bumps into Victor.  Emily brushes off the event as her active imagination and goes to her room with her new wine.  However, Emily’s instincts are correct.  Someone is after her and will use wine, drugs, and down to ensure she loses the competition.

Experienced LIfetimers can decipher who the attacker is the first moment the person is on the screen.  However, don’t walk away from this movie.  The attacker is more devious than you know.  If you are a wine lover, have several different bottles near you.  It will be fun to sip and watch.  As the attacker unfolds, you will see what it takes to pull off something of this magnitude.  And the why is even crazier.  Plus, viewers get a fun fight scene with a much-needed celebratory drink at the end. 

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

The question had popped into my mind – Emily

The competition can be cutthroat – Jillian

The mediocre often are when faced with their own inadequacies – Victor

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A Baby at Any Cost – Review

A Baby at Any Cost – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Monica and Brad watch their surrogate, Lily, give birth to their daughter, Olivia.  Lily started as a temp for Brad’s app company but volunteered to help them start their family.  Monica and Brad hold Olivia, but they get distracted by Jen’s constant texting.  Jen is Monica’s erratic sister.  Monica caught Jen cheating with her boyfriend ten years ago, and their relationship soured.

Brad warns Jen to be on her best behavior.  Jen complies but mentions that she should have been the surrogate.  In the room, Jen quickly grabs Olivia and attempts to take over.  But Monica stops Jen from dominating the delivery room.  After a brief hospital stay, Monica, Olivia, and Brad come home to an unknown visit from Jen.  Jen gives Olivia a cherished childhood book and asks Monica about her case.

Jen is in a custody dispute with her ex-husband, Sam.  Sam doesn’t believe that Jen is a stable mother for their daughter, Ruby.  Jen and Monica deduce that Sam uses the custody dispute as payback for Jen leaving him.  Each time Jen and Sam see each other face to face, Jen’s reaction is violent.  However, Jen wants to prove Sam wrong by taking care of Olivia.  After several mishaps, Monica doesn’t think Jen is up to the nanny job and hires Lily.  Jen will do anything to get back into Olivia’s life and Monica’s good graces, but will she put Olivia in danger to do it?

In the beginning, the script does a great job of making Jen look unstable.  As her story unfolds, it’s obvious that Jen has a disorder.  She has moments of rage and improper impulse control.  Sam and his girlfriend, Lauren, use this to push her buttons.  And to make matters worse, Monica starts to believe that Jen is unstable also.  Monica starts to fear Jen and recommends therapy before taking Olivia away from her.  As Monica’s distrust grows, so will your compassion.  Jen does need help, but she is a target.  Everyone in this film could stand to spend some time on a couch.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

You changed our lives forever. We can’t thank you enough – Brad

You’re a great mom – Monica

You have it all, Monica – Jen

Great minds think alike – Lily

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Secret Lives of Housewives – Review

Secret Lives of Housewives – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Peter sits outside the restaurant and watches his wife, Kendra, leave with their contractor, Eric.  Peter follows the pair to Eric’s home and drives away when Kendra goes inside.  He rides around town, wondering how to confront his wife.  

Inside, Kendra regains her senses and decides to leave before taking the date too far.  Kendra drives home and greets her son, Langston.  Langston spent the evening working on his cameras to watch the nesting birds.  She asks Langston about Peter’s whereabouts, but Langston doesn’t know his father’s location.  When Peter comes home, they slyly question each other but get no answers.

Kendra drops Langston off at the home of his friend, Will.  As Kendra walks away, Will’s mom, Heather, stops her and asks about Eric.  Heather admits she and Eric are having an affair.  And Heather wants some advice about if and when to call him back.  Keeping her composure, Kendra offers insight and retreats.  Kendra calls her friend, Samantha, and confesses the affair with Eric and his dealings with Heather.  Samantha tells Kendra to stop before she loses Peter and Langston.  Kendra promises to end it.

After picking Langston up from Will’s home, Langston admits that he and Will aren’t friends.  Will bully Langston at school and gets other kids to do it too.  Kendra drives past Eric’s home and sees cops outside.  She walks up and sees them wheeling a body away.  Someone killed Eric, and it doesn’t take long for detectives to question Kendra.  They ask Kendra and Peter about their whereabouts and missing items from Eric’s home.  After they leave, Kendra admits her affair to Peter, and Peter admits to knowing about their illicit activities.  As the net tightens, can Kendra and Peter rely on each other? Or should they fear one another?

This film provides a solid mystery with a startling end.  Watching this film will remind viewers of a popular Apple TV series (click for a spoiler) (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Like the series, the ending leaves more questions than answers.  You will need a part two for this compelling mystery because two hours wasn’t enough.  These housewives have a lot more secrets to uncover.  Every person has a secret, so you trust no one.  Also, you see the shifty-eyed looks after someone leaves the room.  So you know they have something scandalous to hide.  Watch this film with a hot cup of tea and a bottle of wine.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

They’re lucky to have you, just like I am – Kendra

So, this is my fault – Peter

He’s your husband. Ask him – Heather

It’s not that big of a deal.  I hit Will – Langston

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Yellowstone Romance – Review

Yellowstone Romance – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Liv returns to New York hoping to settle back into her everyday life with her friend, Kat, but Kat has a piece of good news.  After several months of dating, Kat got engaged to Dylan.  When Liv left, Kat said their relationship was casual.  So, the change throws Liv for a loop.  But that’s not all.  Dylan’s job in New York is over, and he will be moving back to his Wyoming Ranch.  And Kat will move with him.  Liv can’t believe that Kat plans to leave her entire life in the city behind.  When Liv begrudgingly accepts the maid of honor job, she calls their friend, Justin.  After a conversation about the bachelorette party, Liv creates a devious plan.  She will schedule the party at a working ranch to convince Kat that ranch life isn’t for Kat.

Liv slowly reveals the ranch’s focus but not her master plan after they arrive.  However, Kat’s gung-ho spirit confuses Liv.  Liv meets the owner, Wade, and Wade’s son, Travis.  Wade put the ranch on a travel site, but Travis doesn’t want selfie-loving city-slickers on the property.  It takes no time for Justin, Liv, and Kat to get under his skin.  As Liv spends more time with Travis, she stops complaining about life and starts working to change it.

Liv’s plan is manipulative, but it’s not the first time friends tried to make a bride or groom break up before the wedding.  With a lot of chemistry, Liv’s plans backfire.  She becomes a rancher in love and wants to wake up early, gather eggs, and herd cattle.  She takes a moment to see the world’s beauty around her instead of what it’s lacking.  This movie packs plenty of laughs, the most cringy karaoke scene, and hair tips for horses.  It’s not a classic, but it’s an entertaining watch.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

If you mean prickly as a cactus out here. Then yeah – Liv

Ci-diots – Travis

This is so amazing – Amber

Good, let’s hope it goes back to its pack where it belongs – Kat

I’m gonna miss her – Justin

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Warming Up to You – Review

Warming Up to You – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Kate is a highly educated fitness instructor at Santa Monica Fitness.  The fitness coach to the stars has a high demand but hates the center’s new direction.  They added unhealthy foods to the menu, and Kate has to apologize for making clients work out.  As she complains to the barista, actor Rick walks in for a chocolate milkshake.  She comments about his weight gain, and they argue.  When Kate’s boss gets wind of the argument, he fires her.  Kate calls her friend, Sasha.  Sasha offers Kate a job at her Wellness Retreat.  This opportunity will give Kate time to figure out her next move, bring new clients into the retreat, and settle her grandfather’s property.

When Kate arrives at Silver Spring Wellness Retreat, she hits the ground running.  She updates the menu, creates personalized plans, and gives helpful tips.  She gets a call from a management agency.  Kate helped them get one of their clients, Liza, in shape for a role.  And they want Kate to do the same for their other client.  The job would pay big and bring more recognition to the retreat. So, Kate says yes.

Soon, Kate regrets her decision when she sees Rick coming out of a car with his agent, Jared.  She doesn’t want him as a client but has no choice.  Kate has 30 days to help him lose 20 pounds.  But she understands that losing weight is half the battle.  Kate needs to get to the core of his weight gain.  When Rick discovers that Kate is analyzing him, Rick does the same.  He believes her need for fitness over fun stems from somewhere.  Rick is determined to find out and help her.  Their connection grows.  But will it end when Rick’s girlfriend comes back to make amends?

Along with creative fitness tips, this movie dives into the psychological aspect of weight.  A traumatic or heartbreaking event can cause weight gain or loss.  At first, Kate seems judgemental.  But her acknowledgment expresses a depth of understanding.  She isn’t a cruel, hard-nosed trainer but a caring, understanding fitness guru.  Let’s not forget the subplot between Sasha and Jared.  This romance deserves a movie.  They have a love story that leaves viewers wanting more.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Watch what you’re putting in your body, dude – Kate

Collect your things, sister. You’re coming home – Sasha

Button is my friend. Whatever you say – Rick

There you are, dancing off rhythm – Jared

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