#DeadlyInfidelity and #ADeadlyGrudge – TV Reviews

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Deadly Infidelity – Review

Deadly Infidelity – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

After three months in a coma, Grace wakes up with her husband, Paul, and mother by her side.  The doctor believes Grace made a remarkable recovery until Paul mentions their daughter, Taylor, canceled her date to see Grace.  Grace laughs because her 12-year-old can’t be dating.  Then Paul tells Grace that Taylor is 17.  Grace lost five years of her life.  But Taylor isn’t the only change.  Over five years, Paul became a successful relationship guru to the stars, and Grace started a profitable restaurant.  They live in a large home with plenty of money.  Grace comes home and tries to get reacquainted with her life.  Paul tells Grace that her sister, Lisa, has taken care of things since Grace was in a coma.  And they are all happy to have Grace back.  Grace gets a phone call from an unknown number saying the person missed kissing her.  She tells him the wrong number and hangs up.  Days later, a man comes into Grace’s restaurant and tries to kiss her.  Grace pulls out a knife.  He tells her they’ve had an affair for over nine months.  His name is Kyle, and he left his wife to be with Grace.  And Grace planned to leave Paul after Taylor went to college.  He tells her to check the secret messaging app on her phone for proof.  Grace goes on the app and sees messages for months, and Lisa confirms the affair.  Grace tries to break it off, but Kyle swears never to let Grace go.  Can Grace keep Kyle away from her marriage, or will her newfound world implode?

Wow, what a ride.  When you think you know the plot, it provides another twist.  No matter what you think, it’s right and wrong.  Don’t be surprised if you hit the rewind button more than once to keep up.  With a wife, a sister, and a lover, Grace’s picture-perfect life spins out of control quickly, and you will love every minute of it.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

And you’re my husband.  That’s right – Grace

I’m the luckiest guy in the world – Paul

You don’t get to decide when this is over – Kyle

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A Deadly Grudge – Review

A Deadly Grudge – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Lindsey’s dad, Jim, goes over the menu for her and Gavin’s wedding reception, but she reminds him to focus on other things.  A magazine is profiling Jim’s restaurant as one of the ten best restaurants in the state.  Lindsey knows there will be an onslaught of new customers.  As they laugh about the future, Lindsey’s mom, Annie, goes on a run.  Then Jim gets a call from the police.  Annie was a victim of a hit and run and didn’t survive.  At the funeral, Lindsey sees a woman in the distance but ignores her.  Later, the same woman shows up at Annie’s wake.  When Lindsey sees her dad hugging the woman in private, Lindsey flips out and accuses Jim of having an affair.  Jim tells Lindsey the woman is Sarah, her half-sister.  Before Jim met Annie, he met Sarah’s mom, Franny, and got her pregnant.  He did the honorable thing and married Franny.  Franny kept Jim a secret until she died.  He never divorced Franny and didn’t marry Annie.  Now, Jim and Sarah want to reconnect.  Lindsey feels confused, betrayed, and suspicious.  And she has every right to be.  Sarah wants Lindsey’s fiancé, business, and dad.  Can Lindsey convince her family of Sarah’s ill intentions?

‘Only on Lifetime’ is a sentiment you will repeat while watching this movie.  Sarah has the family wrapped around her finger with an allergy, two hit-and-runs, and a family business to manipulate.  Before you get upset at Jim, remember he feels immense guilt.  Jim will do any and everything to receive Sarah’s good graces.  So he wants to believe the best in her.  However, Gavin’s need to please Sarah is more complex.  You don’t watch this to figure out who.  Instead, you want to know how Sarah did it and when Lindsey will uncover it.  Both questions will have an answer.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

I didn’t want you to find out like this – Jim

She crashed my mother’s funeral – Lindsey

At least they won’t kill you – Sarah

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