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A Date with Danger – Review

A Date with Danger – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Nikki moves to a small town with her daughter, Brooke, and gets lost.  As they try to recalculate their GPS, Gavin, the coffee shop owner, spots them.  He explains that small town maps are not updated quickly, points them in the right direction, and gives them a card for free coffee.  Nikki sees that Brooke needs more time to get comfortable, so Nikki takes her shopping.  Brooke sees a cute dress in a store window and convinces Nikki to go inside in try it on.  After putting her foot in her mouth, Nikki gets a job offer from the store’s owner, Liz.  Liz understands that it can be difficult to get acclimated to a new place when you have a child.  Liz has a 15-year-old daughter named Anna.  On Nikki’s first day, Liz takes Nikki out to talk, and they run into Gavin.  Gavin invites them to his coffee shop, and they say yes.  Liz tells Nikki that she dated Gavin and warns Nikki to be careful of his clingy ways.  After her first day at work, Nikki offers to stay longer, but Liz dismisses her for the night.  As she leaves, Nikki spies Liz arguing with Anna’s father, Dan, about custody arrangements.  A few days later, Anna and Liz come over to Nikki’s home for dinner.  While everything looks fine on the surface, Nikki sees Anna arguing with Liz about college.  Nikki consoles Liz before the pair leaves.  The next day, Gavin asks Nikki on a date, but she worries about Liz’s feelings.  Liz gives Nikki the greenlight, and Gavin and Nikki go out.  When Gavin tries to kiss Nikki, she pumps the brakes.  She thinks they are moving too fast, and he agrees to slow down.  But that doesn’t last long.  He buys plane tickets, buys an expensive necklace, and asks Nikki to move in.  Soon, Nikki breaks things off.  One night, Anna comes to Nikki’s house because Liz never picked her up.  Nikki thinks Liz got preoccupied with the store and forgot.  Nikki goes to the store to check and finds a mess behind an unlocked door.  Liz’s phone is there, but Liz is missing.  Nikki will do anything to find her new friend, even put her life on the line.

This movie is a slow burn to a predictable ending.  The abductor has so many red flags that you will spend most of the time wondering how Nikki keeps missing them.  Even as the script tries to point the viewer in another direction, it won’t fool you.  It did too much, in the beginning, planting the flags of suspension.  And to make matters worse, you will fume when Nikki takes custody of Anna away from Dan.  That’s just too far.  While the acting is decent, the script is a dud.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Don’t sexually harass anyone – Liz

Please come back.  I promise not to spill coffee all over you again.  Hopefully – Gavin

You sure I’m not breaking some sort of girl code – Nikki

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Picture Perfect Lies – Review

Picture Perfect Lies – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Rachel loves the sweet sixteen party her parents, Angela and Spencer, threw for her.  They invited her friends, Ava and Adam, her aunt, Jenny, and their housekeeper, Desi.  At the party, Rachel notices Jenny slipping hard liquor into her drink, and she starts to worry.  She walks over and checks on Jenny when Jenny starts to reveal a secret.  Before Jenny tells Rachel her secret, Angela cuts her off to take a picture.  After the party, Rachel goes to the pool with Adam so they can have some time alone.  Before they kiss, Rachel sees Jenny floating in the pool.  The on-scene police investigation deduces that someone killed Jenny with a hit to the head with a golf club, then threw her into the pool.  The next day, Rachel tells Ava she has no idea who would want to kill Jenny, but Ava tells Rachel she saw Jenny arguing with Spencer.  Rachel decides to investigate Jenny’s life, but she doesn’t know where to start.  Ava suggests going to Jenny’s home and looking around.  Under Jenny’s bed, Rachel finds pictures of a little girl.  Before Rachel can get a closer look, someone else breaks into the home and attacks Ava.  The attacker sees Rachel and runs away with the pictures in a white truck.  Rachel knows there is more to Jenny’s murder, and she vows to find the truth.  With Rachel’s tenacity, she will unlock a 12-year-old mystery and Jenny’s killer.

This film is the type of movie that gives the entire plot in the trailer.  You know the story, twist, and attacker before the movie starts.  So, why should you watch it? Well, you can watch Rachel unpack the mystery.  But she doesn’t use any new methods or technology to do this.  You can see most of her techniques on Catfish (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  This movie is background noise.  

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I mean would it kill you to put on a happy face for the press – Angela

You can’t just magically erase the past with good deeds – Jenny

I have no information – Rachel

Fine, it’s much easier just to act like everything is normal – Ava

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A Whirlwind Wedding – Review

A Whirlwind Wedding – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Before leaving town for her mother’s wedding, Cassie gets a call from her mom, Bonnie.  Bonnie’s wedding planner dropped out at the last minute for a reality T.V. show, and Bonnie needs someone to finish planning the wedding.  Good thing Bonnie has a smart, savvy, organized daughter that interned as an event planner.  Cassie reminds Bonnie that she never completed the internship, and she works as an accountant.  Bonnie tells Cassie that she knows Cassie can do the job, so Cassie accepts.  Before going to Bonnie’s home, Cassie stops at a restaurant.  A man asks to sit at her table and offers his fries as payment.  She agrees, and they have a sweet conversation about french fries.  Cassie arrives at Bonnie’s home and meets Bonnie’s fiancé, Henry, for the first time.  Bonnie gives Cassie the wedding planner’s binder, and Cassie is off to the races.  First on Cassie’s list is finding a caterer.  After calling the first caterer, Cassie asks for a face-to-face interview, and the caterer catches her off guard.  It’s Kyle, the fries guy.  And while she likes his food, she doesn’t think it’s elevated enough for the wedding.  Kyle tells her he doesn’t do elevated, so she leaves.  But she comes back after she can’t find a caterer to do the wedding on short notice.  Kyle’s brother, Phil, tells Kyle to take the job because their restaurant isn’t doing well.  Kyle agrees to cater the wedding and change the menu, but he will not be traditional.  She will do the menu his way.  But to save money, she will go over his restaurant’s finance instead of payment.  As they plan a dream wedding, they get to know each other.  But when Cassie’s boyfriend, Gordon, comes down with an engagement ring, will Kyle be in the cold?

As you watch, you will want two things.  First, you will want a bag of french fries.  And second, to see how the wedding will turn out.  With so many changes and great finds, you want to see Cassie’s vision come to life.  But as she plans Bonnie’s wedding, you will feel bad for Bonnie because Cassie isn’t listening to Bonnie’s suggestions.  Bonnie wants simple, not elevated.  However, Cassie’s focus is posh and polished.  This need for elevated will turn off viewers along with the overdone plot.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

You know what they say, love is all you need – Cassie

No, I’m just going to linger awkwardly over here and read the paper – Phil

Food doesn’t have to be elevated to be amazing – Kyle

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Sand Dollar Cove – Review

Sand Dollar Cove – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Elli arrives at Sand Dollar Cove for her company to scout a location for their new beachfront hotel.  Nana, the owner of the Bed and Breakfast, greets Elli with open arms.  After Elli unpacks, Nana tells Elli to check out the local cafe.  There Elli can see everything the town has to offer.  Before going, Elli goes to the beach and takes pictures for her boss.  Elli leaves a voice memo stating the storm damage the pier’s end.  She starts to take more pictures when a dog runs up to her.  It’s not long before the owner, Brody, follows.  He believes Elli is a tourist and tells her the pier is closed.  When she inquires about it, Brody tells Elli that it is the heart and soul of the town.  Elli admits that she has never fished, and Brody promises to teach her because he owns the bait and tackle shop.  During Elli’s meeting with Mayor Conway, Brody walks in.  Elli wasn’t expecting Brody, but Conway explains that Brody and his family own the beach.  Brody knows the town needs the hotel to raise tourism after the storm.  But he won’t consider any offer that doesn’t include the pier, and Elli agrees to talk to her boss to create a win-win deal.  However, Elli’s boss won’t budge.  Either they lose the pier, or the company will find a new location. Brody spends his time trying to come up with a new site in the hotel.  And each moment they spend together, they fall deeper in love.  Can Elli help save Sand Dollar Cove without losing Brody or her job?

Based on Sand Dollar Cove by Nancy Naigle, this film looks into a mature relationship that differs from most Hallmark movies (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Since neither plays games to win or reject the other’s affection, their love flows naturally on the screen.  When Elli sees the pier’s importance to the town, not just financially but emotionally, she becomes its 2nd staunchest defender.  Brody’s extended and nosy family will intrigue you.  His sister, Pam, and brother-in-law, Tim, found love when Tim robbed Pam.  And their daughter, Milly, is her Nana in training.  The only flaw is the plot discusses the solution without showing it to the viewer.  Maybe we will get that reveal in part 2.  

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

There are really no secrets here – Elli

Yes we have.  It was delightful – Brody

If you don’t grab life by the horns soon, it will pass you by – Nana

Home is where the heart is, and my heart’s here – Pam

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