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Death Saved My Life – Review

Death Saved My Life – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Jade comes home from shopping with her sister, Leigh, and bought a sexy red dress to celebrate her award along with co-workers.  Before the party, Jade gets ready and puts on the dress, but her husband, Ed, cut it up.  Ed tells her the dress made her look like a whore.  So, she quietly resigns to wear her conservative anniversary dress.  Ed notices Liam, Jade’s co-worker, hug her and whisper in her ear, and he is furious.  Later that night, Ed accuses Jade of embarrassing him and beats her.  With bruises on Jade’s face, Ed apologizes, but the next morning, Ed tells Jade she must work from home 100%.  Then Jade tries to explain that she has to go in at least three times a week, Ed promptly tells her to quit.  And he wants her to cut Leigh out of her life too.  In the past, Jade suffered from depression after her parents died.  Now, Ed tells her that her sister’s bipolar disorder will impede Jade’s recovery.  Jade can’t take the abuse and controlling behavior.  She packs up her clothes, their daughter, Kayla, and some cash and leaves.  After several attempts to get her back, Ed finally signs the divorce papers.  And to Jade’s happiness, Ed starts dating again.  Jade believes the hard times are behind her.  After work, Jade drops her car keys.  She attempts to pick them up when a man approaches her and points a gun in her face.  He runs when he hears potential witnesses.  Jade knows Ed, who is at a conference in another state, sent the hitman.  Afterward, Jade confesses about Ed’s abuse to Leigh.  Jade doesn’t think anyone will believe her because Ed is a respected heart surgeon with ties to the community.  After his conference, Ed visits Jade’s home and finds signs of a struggle and blood.  He calls the police, and they label Jade a missing person.  Ed explains his whereabouts and his lack of knowledge of Jade’s location.  When Ed gets home, he calls the hitman and tells him to get rid of Jade’s body.  With Jade gone, Ed is free to raise their daughter, work, and get his final win over Jade.  But is she gone, because her ghost is haunting him?

This movie is the perfect kick-off for the ‘Ripped From The Headlines’ season.  Based on the story of Noela Rukundo, Jade committed pseudocide to gain control of her life.  In these movies, the antagonist makes the protagonist feel crazy, but this movie flips that script on its head.  As Ed slowly loses his mind, job, and child, you will laugh with glee.  Jade uses dinner reservations, cards, presentations, Bluetooth, and flowers to haunt Ed’s every waking moment.  The terrorized becomes the terrorizer.  While watching this movie, take note of the mental abuse along with the physical.  When anyone gives Jade praise, she quickly puts herself down in comparison to Ed.  She consistently downplays her intelligence to satisfy his ego.  These acts are signs of long term abuse.  So sit back, drink some tea, and learn.  

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

I saved you Jade. Never forget that – Ed

I swear I will never let him hurt you again – Leigh

Nobody’s going to believe what you tried to do to me.  So, I gonna make sure you tell them yourself – Jade

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Galentine’s Day Nightmare – Review

Galentine’s Day Nightmare – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Claire gets dressed while video calling her friend, Tiffany.  Tiffany convinced Claire to go out on February 13th to celebrate Galentine’s Day.  Tiffany, Claire, and Sophia enjoy the night drinking, dancing, and eating when a guy approaches them with corny pickup lines.  After the guy fails, Brian walks over and introduces himself, especially to Claire.  Tiffany and Sophia walk to the ladies’ room, leaving Claire at the table alone.  Brian comes back, and they take a moment to exchange information about themselves.  Brian asks Claire to go with him to someplace close and special.  She is hesitant, but he assures her it’s ok.  They go on the roof, and Brian admits his friend owns the establishment and plans to expand.  They gaze at the beautiful view, and at the stroke of midnight, they kiss for Valentine’s Day.  When Claire gets back to her table, she sees Tiffany and Sophia left her.  Claire tries to call Uber, but it will take an hour.  Seeing she is in need, Brian offers to give her a ride home.  Soon, they are in Claire’s bed.  The next day, Claire wakes up to chocolates and a card on her pillow.  These gifts are a great start to her day because she is meeting her new boss, Margaret.  Claire gets to work, and Tiffany warns Claire that Margaret has called each person into her office individually.  Then, Margaret calls Claire’s name.  Before Claire sits down, she pleads her case for her job.  Margaret promptly cuts Claire off and tells her to relax.  Then, Margaret schedules lunch for them at the restaurant that Claire celebrated Galentine’s.  Claire walks into the bistro and sees Brian standing their talking to a patron.  She gives a friendly hello before Margaret walks in and kisses Brian.  Brian and Margaret are married.  Stunned, Claire walks to the bathroom and pulls herself together.  She declares to never talk to Brian again.  Later, Claire goes for a run to clear her mind and crosses paths with Brian.  She considers running away, but he blurts out that he is divorcing Margaret.  Claire decides to believe Brian and finish their run together.  Feeling like things are on track, Claire visits Brian at the bistro, but he yells at her to leave and stop stalking him.  Then he tells the maître d to call the police.  Claire can’t understand his sudden change and goes home with more questions than answers.  Her next day at work only adds more questions when someone finds Margaret dead from stab wounds.  The police question everyone in the office.  But when they find out about Claire’s affair with Brian, find her fingerprints on the weapon, and find out about her dangerous past, Claire becomes their number one suspect.  How could she not be? Brian made sure she would.

With a plot close to a Dateline episode, this movie will leave you on the edge of your seat.  Yes, the lead character makes all the typical mistakes, but the villain will keep you watching.  Brian uses technology, gossip, and pure charisma to bring everyone on his side.  It will take a little help for Claire to understand Brian’s deviance.  But when she does, watch out! She comes in with a vengeance.  This movie doesn’t do a lot of monologuing to explain why Brian does these things.  However, he does quietly reflect on doing it for his dad.  The small utterance is enough to keep you engaged.  This film is a great movie that needs your full attention from beginning to end.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Guys like that give the male species a bad name – Brian

Maybe I shouldn’t have – Claire

Now if you don’t like something, you know who to complain to – Margaret

Don’t make their dirty laundry yours – Tiffany

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The Wrong Valentine – Review

The Wrong Valentine – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Emily has always been shy, but it got worse after her father died. Her history club leader, Ms. Connelly, asks Emily to open up more so everyone can see how smart and sweet she is.  As she leaves the club, a new student walks in.  He introduces himself to Ms. Connelly as David.  He recently transferred and wants to join the club.  She allows him to join and tells him to come back the next day.  In the morning, Emily’s mom, Ashley, tells her to have fun with her life.  She allows Emily to have a party on her birthday, which happens to be Valentine’s day.  Emily, fearing more unwanted advice, leaves for school.  Emily meets with her friend, Michelle, before the first bell, and they notice David checking them out.  They both think he is cute.  During the history club, Ms. Connelly makes a point to introduce David to Emily, and he finds Emily after the club meeting.  David asks Emily for information about the school, but she timidly walks away with little to no information to give.  Instead of spending time getting to know David, Emily meets with her guidance counselor, Mrs. Stein.  Emily locked down the major of her choice, and Mrs. Stein secured a college interview.  The next day, everyone notices that Emily is all smiles as she thinks about David.  In history club, David buys a Valentine’s rose and hands it to Emily.  With a grin, she invites him to her small birthday party.  When David arrives, he instantly impresses Ashley and Michelle with flowers and complements.  But when Emily tries to kiss him, David backs away.  David’s mother warned him to take things slow.  Her words fall heavier since she and his father died in a car crash.  The pair bond over having deceased parents, so Emily is head over heels for David.  But when David arrives uninvited, checks her calls, snaps for no reason, and breaks girl code, Emily has had enough.   She wants to end the relationship and figure out why David fixated on her so quickly.  The answer will leave Emily in tears and someone dead.

This movie has a strong premise, smart cops, caring school staff, a strong-willed parent, and a good twist.  While it does have the crazy love interest we find in many Lifetime movies, family and friends quickly pick out problems they see and alert them to others.  Emily stands up for herself and points out David’s incorrect behavior.  While she hears his excuses the first time, she doesn’t accept his olive branch.  Also, she never allows his outbursts and controlling ways to become physical.  Emily and others see the warning signs and respond appropriately.  While the movie gives you these advice gems, it also gives the classic ‘The Wrong’ movie line.  This film is one to watch and add your ‘The Wrong’ marathon.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

I find it’s usually the quiet ones that pick up on everything – David

You guys go ahead.  I’m too busy talking to myself – Michelle

It’s a process, right? – Emily

Thank you, cupid – Ms. Connelly

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Made For You, With Love – Review

Made For You, With Love – UPtv – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Amanda takes second-hand wedding dresses and alters them to make a dream wedding dress for any blushing bride.  During her alterations, Amanda stress tests her dresses on a motorcycle, a wild dance, or other wedding craziness.  At a client’s wedding, Amanda meets two guys.  Keith is a friend of the groom, and he gives his number to Amanda.  James is the wedding photographer who displays his cynicism for weddings and wedding dresses before he knew Amanda’s profession.  After she walks away, James looks through Amanda’s sketchbook and finds her business card.  He saves the information on his phone for later.  When James presents his portfolio to a magazine company, he gets disappointing news.  They don’t like his work because it doesn’t display emotion, so they decided to go with another photographer.  At Amanda’s store, she is hiding information from her best friend, Allie.  Her landlord is raising the rent and Amanda can’t cover it.  As she secretly creates a plan to sell treasured items, James comes in and starts taking photos.  Amanda quickly shoos him away, but he posts a few of the pictures on his social media page.  Renee, from the magazine, saw the post and loves the images, Amanda, and Amanda’s shop.  If James does the Made For You, With Love shop and Amanda as a feature story, then he will get the magazine job.  He walks to the store and begs for Amanda to help.  He will pay $5000, which will cover the rent increase, but she refuses his offer all day and all night.  The next day, another uncooperative phone call from her landlord prompts Amanda to say yes with demands.  She gets to approve all the photos and no photos of clients without their approval.  This alliance starts bumpy, and leads to a dance, but could end with romance.

The dresses Amanda creates are fresh and gorgeous, but the plotline is expected.  While they go on a few dates, you know Keith is not a factor or even a hurdle in Amanda’s relationship with James.  Their dates feel like time fillers than relationship conundrums.  You will spark emotion when Allie comes to Amanda in tears.  Her father’s illness got worse and she needs to have her wedding now so he can walk her down the aisle.  You will hope they can plan a wedding in a few days so Allie can have her father by her side.  While the plot is so-so, the overall movie is funny.  That charming aspect is worth the watch.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

They made you sound yummy, in a tasteful way – Allie

NASA called, they want their telescope back – Amanda

Coco Chanel for the score – James

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Beverly Hills Wedding – Review

Beverly Hills Wedding – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Photographer Molly helped her future brother-in-law, Jordan, give her sister, Sophia, the sweetest proposal ever.  After the perfect proposal, Jordan has a surprise for Sophia.  He invited both of their families to enjoy the engagement celebration at their farmhouse.  To Molly’s annoyance, Jordan’s brother and best man, Cory, is there.  Molly dated Cory in high school and college, but when he decided to leave town, and she didn’t want to, they broke up.  She wants nothing to do with Cory, but this best man wants to be involved.  Now, Molly wants to help plan the wedding, but Sophia warns her that the budget is tight.  Chloe, Molly’s friend, suggests that Molly and Sophia enter a few contests.  Chloe was able to get her sister a wedding dress for free this way.  Molly reads several contests and finds Terrence Roquefort from Beverly Hills Wedding.  His show will cover the entire wedding, but the entrant must write an essay called “How is Your Love Perfect.”  From all the applicants, Terrence will pick a winner.  Molly writes the letter for Sophia and Jordan.  Later, Cory, Molly, Sophia, and Jordan look at possible wedding venues.  Then Molly gets a phone call from Terrence.  He picked Sophia and Jordan for the Beverly Hills wedding contest.  While the win excites Molly, Cory and Jordan are less enthused.  But the couple says yes to the free wedding so they can save for a house.  Just one problem, they have to plan it for Valentine’s Day, which is six weeks away.  Molly packs up for Beverly Hills and stands in her driveway to meet her dad, but Cory is there.  He thought it would be easier if they went together.  His polite gesture confuses Molly, but Cory mentions she must have forgotten to read the fine print.  The trip was for the bride, groom, maid of honor, and the best man.  Now, Molly has to work with Terrence to plan a dream wedding for Sophia and Jordan while ignoring Cory and their rekindling love.  But is this wedding what Sophia and Jordan want, or are they all falling into the Beverly Hills hype?

After witnessing the cutest proposal ever, you will be more interested in the wedding planning gone wrong than either of the couples.  And your interest will not be regained until Sophia and Jordan speak their truth.  As Terrence talks down their flowers, scoffs at wedding dresses, and picks bougie food, you become annoyed.  While their choices are not Beverly Hills, it’s Sophia and Jordan.  And seeing that Molly isn’t sticking up for Sophia will drive you crazy.  This movie is a good distraction from daily chores or work, but with the predictable plot and twist, it’s nothing more.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Friends is a title that’s earned.  Its not just declared  – Molly

Talk, you know, an exchange of words.  Some people call it a conversation – Cory

I just want you to make sure this is our wedding – Jordan

I’m just doing my job.  All a part of the package – Kendall

I think it’s the most perfect place for a wedding reception – Sophia

That’s the last time you’ll have the upper hand – Terrence

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