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Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate – Review

Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Within hours, Liv loses her job, her apartment, and her boyfriend.  She puts a post on social media to find a job that will get her out of New York immediately.  Any job will do.  Moments later, Cassidy replies with an intriguing opportunity.  Cassidy works for Hayden and Ava.  Hayden and Ava are a high-profile celebrity couple.  While the paparazzi following them everywhere, Ava hasn’t had a hit movie for a while.  Cassidy tells Liv they want to hire a surrogate to carry their child.  They will provide room and board.  When the baby is born, they will give Liv $150,000.  But she must be discrete about the pregnancy.  Liv tells Cassidy she will think about it at home.  However, her roommate boxed her stuff and left it on the front porch.  Liv calls Cassidy and says she will do it.  She flies to LA and meets the couple.  While they are eccentric, they are kind, loving, and shower Liv with gifts.  One gift, in particular, is Ava’s grandmother’s necklace.  She gives it to Liv to cement their bond, and Liv says yes to being their surrogate.  Soon, Liv is making trips to the doctor, making trips to the pharmacy, getting shots, and being weighed every day.  Liv believes she is doing the right thing until she sees a fight between Hayden and Ava get physical and Ava’s abuse of drugs and alcohol.  She questions Cassidy about Hayden’s and Ava’s parental preparedness.  Cassidy attempts to assure Liv, but its too little too late.  Liv wants answers, but can she handle them?

Talk about a fun twist! With so many storylines involving surrogacy, it’s hard to differentiate them.  However, this movie does just that.  It becomes a mystery with breadcrumbs throughout the story to give the viewers clues to Ava’s motives.  Also, Liv’s ability to see the writing on the wall sooner than most Lifetime leads is a selling point.  She tries to enlist the help of Cassidy and their chef, Peter, but both are too entangled with the couple.  You will clutch your pearls when Ava and Hayden make Liv public enemy number one, terminate the contract, and punish Liv.  This movie is worth the watch.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Don’t think for too long – Cassidy

Hey, it’s me.  How soon can I be on that flight? – Liv

Do Dancing with the Stars, they said.  What’s the worst that can happen? – Ava

How was your flight? How is your drink? Do you want to have our baby? – Hayden

Let’s just say, they are pretty good at getting people to do whatever they want – Peter

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Sinfidelity – Review

Sinfidelity – Lifetime – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Angela is a successful, married, mother of one.  While celebrating her husband’s, Greg, pending merger, she gives her company’s wine as parting gifts.  At the party, Angela notices Greg getting cozy with his secretary Lisa.  She starts to worry.  In the past, during her pregnancy, Greg cheated on her. In fear he will do it again, Angela confides in her best friend Claire.  With little evidence, Claire tells Angela to keep her eyes open.  Then, Angela meets Franco, Greg’s accountant during the merger and photographer at the party.  Angela mentions financial struggles in her company, and Franco offers to find someone to help her.  The next day, Franco comes over to give Angela the pictures he took and explains his friend is busy, but, to help, he will do it for free.  Angela is happy to hire him.  At night, Angela picks up Greg’s phone and sees unsettling texts from Lisa.  Angela’s fears are confirmed, Greg is cheating.  She calls Claire, and Claire advises her to get a divorce.  However, Angela isn’t sure.  So, Claire tells her to get even and have an affair.  So, Angela takes her daughter to the neighbors and packs her stuff for the night without telling Greg.  On her way out the door, Franco calls for their meeting.  Angry, but in financial need, Angela keeps the appointment and meets Franco to discuss her books.  The discussion moves to his apartment and Angela divulges to Franco about her marriage woes.  She tells Franco her marriage is over and she won’t go back.  The night ends in Franco’s bed.  The next morning, Angela comes home to get some of her belongings.  With pain, anger, and fear, Greg waited for her.  Greg comes clean about all his secrets.  Their financial status is a lie.  If he doesn’t get the merger, they will lose the house.  And Greg asked Lisa to hide his biggest secret, a trip to Italy for their 10th anniversary.  He never had an affair; just earrings and a trip.  Angela can’t believe the hideous mistake she made, but she chooses to keep it a secret.  She tells Franco she’s staying with her husband and he erupts.  He threatens to ruin Greg’s merger if she doesn’t leave Greg.  If she tells Greg, she could lose her family.  How far will Franco go to make Angela come clean?

The biggest twist in this movie is Greg.  While he cheated in the past, he did not cheat this time.  The plot makes hints he is cheating with a cute secretary, gifts, private messages, and rejections, but Angela didn’t have the whole truth.  But the secret Greg keeps puts his family’s financials in danger and Angela trapped.  At first, she thinks she can ignore Franco but he dangles his merger power over her to pull her back in.  She has no idea how dangerous he is.  But you do, in the first 5 minutes.  This movie is a predictable watch, but fun.  It gives you the nosy friend, clueless husband, angry wife, and crazy rebound.  You know what will happen, but the actors do a great job pulling you into the story.  So, sit back and have your tea ready.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Cause that’s what homewrecker do, honey.  They let the wife know – Claire

What will help is if I knew how to stop hurting – Angela

That’s smart Angela, once a cheater always a cheater – Franco

I promise you nothing is going on you don’t know about – Greg

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