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Dangerous Seduction – Review

Dangerous Seduction – LMN – 2 hours and 0 minutes

Dangerous Seduction

Posey – a medical artist – is looking for some excitement to help build up her confidence.  She hopes the confidence boost will give her to courage land her dream job.  While her fiance, Tom, wants to help, he just misses the mark.  Posey tries to dress sexy, tries experimenting in bed, and even tries visualizing herself with confidence but nothing works.  Her cousin and best friend Laura thinks her only problem is Tom.  So when Posey meets a sexy stranger named Jack, she is carefully intrigued.  She considers cheating on Tom but continues to flirt with the razor’s edge.  And to make matters worse, a few women she has had brief contact with, died.  Posey has no idea that Jack is working with Stella and Charlie to kidnap these women for a man named Alex.  Alex turns them into his personal sex slaves and kills them.  To make matter worse, Stella believes that Alex will like Posey, so she sent Jack to kidnap her.  Now Jack is slowly seducing Posey to make her Alex’s next victim.

It takes a while for this movie to make its point.  By being so mysterious, you wonder when “it” will happen.  You will start to lose interest as the storylines weave into each other.  This movie should have started with a woman being kidnapped after talking to Jack.  Then you would feel a sense of urgency when Posey met Jack.  This movie is background noise with an interesting last 20 minutes.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

So how was it for you – Posey

Stupid – Tom

She looks scared. I like that. – Stella

Tom’s great – Laura

No more girls – Jack

Stella, get rid of that man – Alex

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Nanny Killer – Review

Nanny Killer – LMN – 2 hours and 2 minutes


Kate Jordan needs some money and quickly jumps at a summer babysitting offer for $20,000.  She inquires about the children and their father tells Kate he has a son and a daughter.  Jack is a precocious boy who loves archery and piano.  He will be away for a few days at school but will join them at the vineyard soon.   Rose is an artist that dreams of traveling to Paris.  She will enroll in school over the summer but until then, she will require a full-time babysitter.  Upon her arrival, Kate meets Ms. Grey – the housekeeper.  She shows Kate the ropes and instantly approves of Kate.  Kate starts to bond with Rose until Ms. Grey tells them some stressing news.  Jack has been accused of harming another student and was removed from the school.  He will be coming back to the vineyard early.  Soon after his arrival, Rose is hurt, Kate is injured, and Ms. Grey consistently defends Jack.  It will take a few dead bodies for Kate to learn the truth about Jack.

Kids can be the creepiest.  But this movie ups the creep factor with a somewhat surprising twist.  You will have the feeling that there is something more to the story, and you are right.  But the twist will keep you watching.  This movie has everything you want from Lifetime: murder, drama, and videotape.  And just when Kate seems to have things under control, another piece of the puzzle is revealed.  This movie will keep you on the hook. So, keep a light on.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Because she’s smarter than you – Mrs. Grey

Will you please forgive me – Jack

But I missed the interview – Kate

Please don’t go – Rose

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The Beach House – Review

The Beach House – Hallmark – 1 hour and 48 minutes

The Beach House

Caretta had returned to her hometown to visit her family.  On the ride there, she gets the bad news that she has been fired.  Caretta decides to keep the news from her mother Lovie in order to keep the visit pleasant.  But Caretta is turned on her head to discover that Lovie’s given the main house to her son Palmer and she has an unwed, pregnant woman living with her at the beach house.  While Caretta has secrets, Palmer and Lovie are keeping some from her.  Soon all their secrets will come to head and The Beach House will be in the center.  The Beach House has survived a hurricane, neglect, and a marriage, but can it survive one more summer with this family.

Based on The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe, this is a sweet, wholesome movie that covers southern female stereotypes, forgiveness, strength, and turtles.  It handles the topics the only way Hallmark can – with class.  However, this movie feels like a kick-off for the book series’s film adaptations. It just seems to go flat and does not solve any of the problems presented in the story.  So hold off on this movie until the next one comes out.  Then watch then back to back.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Anything to avoid my turtles – Lovie

You know nothing ever changes around her. Not the weather, not even accents – Palmer

It looks like paradise can use a little sprucing up – Caretta

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