#MyChristmasDream – Review

My Christmas Dream – Hallmark – 2 hours and 0 minutes

A Christmas Dream

Christina is ready to impress the founder of McDougal’s, Victoria, but she has one problem: The store’s annual Christmas display doesn’t have a theme. Christina feels even more pressure when she learns that McDougal’s is going international and needs a manager for the new Paris store. Christina has dreamed of living in Paris and really wants to wow Victoria. Kurt, an artist, is having a hard time keeping a job. But when he spills paint on his manager (and has been late several times), he gets fired. Cooper is a little boy that ask a lot of questions. His biggest question: For Santa to bring back his best friend … his dad. His dad has been stressed lately and too down to play with him. Cooper just wants his dad back. Christina tells Cooper she is a friend of Santa and will try to help him. Christina is surprised to see that Cooper’s dad is Kurt, whom spilled the paint on her and didn’t interject to him being fired. Christina feels bad but knows she can’t do anything to change the situation. That is, until a chance 2nd meeting allows her to go into Kurt’s home and see his artwork. She knows he is the man to create her Christmas display and make her Paris dreams a reality. She will have to convince him to do the work and impress her boss to make her dream a reality. But she will learn that dreams change.

In this movie, everyone has a dream for their lives that centers around Christmas. The best aspect about this movie is that it teaches that dreams come true, but not the ones you hope for … it’s the ones you need the most. Cooper will steal your heart with every scene and be a true scene stealer. He says everything the audience is thinking. The connection between Christina and Kurt are instantly playful and fun, even during conflict. This is one of the better Hallmark Christmas movies

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

What can I say, I’m in love with my job – Christina

Christina, the sleigh has landed – Holly

I like it. Maybe we can put in our new Spring line – Victoria

Well we shook on it – Cooper

And you know where to find me … up a ladder – Kurt

You will have to forgive my grandson. I’m afraid he’s at the age where he says whatever comes to his head – Nana

I should head home – Henry

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