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Hotel Artemis – Review

Hotel Artemis – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 34 minutes

Hotel Artemis
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In 2028, Nurse has run Los Angelos’s Hotel Artemis for 22 years but it’s not a hotel.  The only open floor is the penthouse and its a hospital for criminals.  They must pay monthly dues, bring no guns, have no visitors, do no business, and never bring the police to the hotel.  And Nurse keeps everyone in line with an orderly properly named Everest.  Each room in the penthouse has a name and the patient is only referred to by this name.  The current patients are:

  • Nice: A hitwoman who only goes after important people and has an interesting implant
  • Honolulu: A bank robber with multiple guns shot wounds and a stolen pen
  • Waikiki: A bank robber who tried to get out of life but kept paying his dues
  • Acapulco: An arms dealer with a big mouth and something to prove

But two patients will cause every rule in Hotel Artemis to be broken, leaving a bloodbath.

If you are a fan of John Wick, this is right up your alley.  This movie gives you enough back story on each character to see how they are all interconnected as friends, lovers, and enemies.  It’s hard to understand how this Hotel has stood the test of time.  However, with the rules and security, everything stays in place.  Also, you will get the added bonus of learning the truth about Hotel Artemis’s start by Nurse making a deal with the devil.  Be warned there are some violent moments, so younger children should not attend.  This is going to be a cult classic and it is possible for a part 2.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

I may be a professional but she is the business – Waikiki

Don’t cross my line – Nice

I am not fat – Everest

Get your hands off the Guc – Acapulco

Those things will kill you – Nurse

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Adrift – Review

Adrift – Budget of $35 million – 1 hour and 36 minutes

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Grifter Tami Ashcraft just drifted to Tahiti.  She has no job, direction, nor money.  Her plan is always the same.  Find a job, save money, and go to the next place.  While painting a boat, she sees Richard coming ashore.  Their connection is instant and strong.  After a few magical days together, Richard asks her to sail away with him.  She agrees.  But before they can get away, Richard is offered a job.  Sail a man’s yacht to San Diego and earn $10,000 and 2 first class tickets back to Tahiti.  Tami doesn’t want to head to San Diego because it’s home.  She is not ready to go home just yet.  However, out of fear of holding Richard back, she agrees to go.  The first few days are lovely but when a hurricane hits, the loving couple will be tested in faith, strength, and love.

Based on the novel Red Sky in Mourning by Tami Ashcraft and Susea McGearhart, this is the harrowing survival of 41 days adrift supported by true love (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  After Richard is injured, he guides Tami into sailing them to safety.  However, when they realize that California is too dangerous, the sail to Hawaii.  For them, it will be like hitting a moving target.  And if they miss, the closes land is Japan.  So with little water, little food, no power, no radio, and injuries, they have to fight to live.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Did I just ask you to marry me using my dead mother’s voice – Richard

Whatever job pays enough to get to the next place – Tami

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#SnowdenMovie – Review

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Snowden – Budget of $40 million – 2 hours and 14 minutes

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Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target, and Walmart (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

In a hotel room in Tokyo, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras sit down to interview Edward Snowden. With just a Rubix Cube, Snowden has the power to take down the NSA’s biggest secret (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). Before they start on how Snowden got the information, Greenwald and Poritras want to know more about Edward Snowden: The Man. He was a high school dropout, administratively discharged solider, CIA contractor, hacker, and NSA spy. Just to name a few jobs. While training at the CIA, he learns about the FISA courts. These courts cases are held in secret to issue warrants for surveillance, which Snowden sees merit. Next, when Snowden is working at the NSA, he is given unauthorized access to secret programs. That’s when he learns that the Government will and can spy on anyone, at anytime, for any reason. At first, Snowden is on the Government’s side and feels the is doing his patriotic duty. However as time goes on, Snowden is disillusion by the use and collection of this information. Snowden becomes increasingly paranoid and starts to have epileptic seizures due to stress. And to make matters harder, his girlfriend wants to know how to help, but he can’t talk about his job. So is Snowden a Patriot or is he a Traitor? You will need to watch and decide for yourself.

Based on the book The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man, Snowden doesn’t portray him as someone out to get the government (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). He wanted to be in the military and fight for his country after September 11th. Working for the CIA was just a way to fight for his country without a gun. Joseph Gordon-Levitt does not disappoint. He nails Snowden’s voice and subtle nuances seen in every interview. Shailene Woodley shines a light on the woman who has loved Snowden and followed him through all his trails and tribulations. The downfall of this movie, while extremely informative, is it’s pure length. It feels very heavy and bogged down. The final data capture, albeit true, is not as exciting and nerve racking as you would like to see. It’s easy to nod off in this movie. See it at matinee price or wait for Netflix

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Well Snowden you have come to the right whore house – Hank Forrester

Come on, Big Ears – Lindsay Mills

Whatever you want – Corbin O’Brian

It sounds really cool to have top security clearance – Edward Snowden

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