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Mission Impossible: Fallout – Review

Mission Impossible: Fallout – Budget of $178 million – 2 hours and 47 minutes

Mission Impossible: Fallout
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Ethan has a choice, complete the mission or save his friend.  He chooses Luther and loses the plutonium.  Now, the Apostles are going to use the plutonium to make three nuclear weapons.  Ethan feels horrible for losing the plutonium but he knows he did it for the right reason.  Alan sees the good in Ethan and decides to give him another chance.  A broker called the White Widow wants to trade the plutonium with a man name John Lark.  They plan to get Lark, scan his face, and become him to intercept the trade.  But Erica has other plans.  She doesn’t see the need for IMF and wants one of her people to go.  Alan is furious at the news but Erica clearly states, if her guy Walker doesn’t go, then no one goes.  Now, Ethan and his team, while being watched by Walker, have to get the plutonium before it can be weaponized.  But, of course, it won’t be that easy. This is his mission and he chose to accept it.

This movie is pure adrenaline from beginning to end.  Just when you think you have an idea of what is going on, something is flipped.  This movie is a complete fit for the Mission Impossible series (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Each choreographed fight scene is done with such precision, you feel each punch and kick.  It’s astonishing to see the team stick together even as Erica is doubting Ethan’s loyalty.  As Ethan hangs off a cliff, as Luther explains Ethan’s team devotion, or as Ilsa go toe to toe with the face of evil, you will hang on every second not knowing which way is up or down.  This is the thrill ride only Mission Impossible can pull off.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

IMF is just Halloween. A bunch of grown men in masks playing trick or treat – Erica

Sorry, Luther – Ethan

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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again – Review

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again – Budget of $75 million – 1 hour and 54 minutes

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
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Sophie has finally finished her mother’s biggest project: to redo and update the hotel.  She decides to name it Hotel Bella Donna.  And she invites everyone to the grand re-opening.  While she is happy that her mom’s best friends, Rosie and Tanya, can come.  She is disappointed that only one of her three dads can come.  Also, her relationship is in a tough place.  Sky has been offered a job at a New York hotel and he wants Sophie to come.  Sophie believes her place is in Greece and she doesn’t want to leave it or the hotel.  Just when Sophie doesn’t think things can get harder, a storm rolls through that stops boats and planes from traveling and leaves a huge mess of her new hotel.  And what keeps her strong is memories of her mother and how she came to Greece.  This is the untold story that will unfold in front of your eyes.

While it’s pretty obvious the path for Sophie’s storyline, it’s Donna’s storyline that is the most interesting.  Seeing Donna’s first encounter with Harry in France the day before she went to Greece.   And how she met Bill because she missed the ferry to Greece.   And the chance meeting she had on a rainy road with Sam to help a horse.  Even though, each time Donna met them she said she wasn’t “that kind of girl”, she left in her inhibitions behind her and made some memories.  This movie has the songs, choreography, and laughs you know from the prequel (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). But it doesn’t spark a moment with you.  If you are a fan of first, see the second matinee.  Otherwise, wait for Redbox.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Be still my beating vagina – Tanya

He has a boat – Rosie

I disappointed her – Sam

That’s a strange name – Ruby

Focus greatest motivator is the last minute – Sophie

It’s not a punishment – Donna

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Blindspotting – Review

Blindspotting – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 35 minutes

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Collin has 3 days left on his year-long parole after serving time in jail and he is doing everything possible to stay out of trouble.  He works as a mover with his best friend Miles in their hometown of Oakland, California.  He keeps is 11 pm curfew at a halfway house.  In addition to staying out of any kind of trouble.  As he is driving home one night after work, he sees a man running.  Moments later, that man is shot 4 times by an officer right in front of Collin.  Collin goes home but can’t shake a sick feeling as the news reports come out.  The next 2 days will leave test him in love, friendship, culture, and perception.

This movie proves that everyone has a blind spot.  Miles and Collin see the world around them changing.  With gentrification, Miles and Collin don’t know where they belong.  However, the biggest question is about their friendship.  Miles believe Collin’s parole is changing him into a water down version of himself.  Collin believes that Miles is so busy being a tough guy that he isn’t growing up.  And Val, Collins’s ex, believe Miles will be Collin’s downfall.  This movie gives a spectacular narrative to a white guy growing up in a predominately black neighborhood and a black male growing up trying to not be a stereotype in a black neighborhood.  With each of them growing up together, they still have a blind spot for each other’s pain and pressure.  And during one scene, you will hold your breath and silently hope everything doesn’t fall apart.  See this movie today.

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

They have really great produce – Collin

He already biracial, why does he need to be bilingual – Miles

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Eighth Grade – Review

Eighth Grade – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 34 minutes

Eighth Grade
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With one week left in the 8th-grade, Kayla is still a social media introvert.   She posts vlogs giving advice, like pics on Instagram, and put on makeup to be “flawless, I woke up like this” on Snapchat.  But when she goes out in the world, she can’t talk to people, keeps her head down, and was voted quietest in the class.  Later, she is handed her 6th grade Time Capsule and becomes disappointed.  She realizes that in 2 short years, she has not lived up to any of her hopes and dreams.  So in 7 days, Kayla hopes to turn things around by going to a party, making friends, and trying new things.  She just wants to put herself out there.  And with this choice, she will find her true self and prepare for high school.

With an honest looking at 8th-grade life today, Kayla tells the tale of being a tween in today’s generation.  She doesn’t feel like a child however she is just becoming a teenager.  She has become a slave to her screens and doesn’t know how to interact with the real world around her.  She sees others around her with friends but she never notices that they are always looking at their phones. Each time you see this sincere portrayal, it becomes even sadder.  With every way kids have to connect to the world, Eight Grade shows us that they still don’t know how to communicate.  Watch this movie with your tween and start a conversation today.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Do I make you sad – Kayla

Eighth grade is the worst. I was a mess then – Olivia

You don’t think I’m funny – Mark

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#GlengarryGlenRoss – Review – #ThrowbackThursday

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Glengarry Glen Ross – Budget of $12.5 million – 1 hour and 40 minutes

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Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target, Vudu, and Walmart (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

Real Estate salesmen Sheldon, George, and Dave wait for their boss John and VP of Rio Rancho Blake to come out of John’s office to make an announcement. After a few moments, Blake tells them they have the worst numbers in the company. So in order to get the Glengarry leads (the best leads), they must outsell the other salesmen. The first place earner will get a car and the leads. The second place earner will get a set of steak] knives. The third-place earner will get a pink slip. The men are livid because their leads are old, crazy, broke, or outdated. They don’t believe they could ever make a sell. They are also mad cause another salesman Roma isn’t there. Roma is the current top earner in their region and an obvious winner. Sheldon is on a losing streak and begs for the top leads. George just doesn’t understand why they have to fight for good leads. Dave is sick of the company and wants to steal the leads and sell them. Roma just wants to get the next sale. However, the next morning the leads, phones, and contracts are gone after a robbery. Now with each man having a motive, they are investigated to find the culprit.

Based on a play, this is a movie for anyone who has ever been on the edge of losing their job.  These men express the sheer panic of not knowing what’s next but each for different reasons.  Sheldon has a sick daughter, Romo has never lost, George hates competition, and Dave hates change.  So this shake-up is unwelcome by everyone.  However, it is up to the viewer to realize who is really pulling the strings in this puppet show.  While it may not be evident at first, the reveal of cold calculating cunningness will leave you amazed and disgusted.  Even though this reveal is memorable, it’s a long slow build to get there.  It’s easy to let your mind drifted off.  This is where most plays fall short of their film adaptations.  So watch this when you truly have time.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Oh, Have I got your attention now – Blake

Then go home – John

I need those leads and I need them now or I’m out – Sheldon

It;s not right to the customers – George

When you die, you’re going regret the things you don’t do – Roma

They should check if were insured – Dave

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#TheBossBaby, #GhostInTheShell, and more – Movie Reviews

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Table of Reviews

DreamWorks The Boss Baby – Review

DreamWorks The Boss Baby – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 37 minutes

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DreamWorks The Boss Baby
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Tim Templeton is a happy only child to 2 loving parents named Ted and Janice.  He believes this family of three is all he needs and the family is complete, but he has a baby brother on the way. While in heaven, there are 2 types of babies: ticklish and not ticklish.  The ticklish babies go to a loving family one earth while the other babies go to Baby Corp.  Baby Corp makes sure baby production stays up but they have a problem: Puppies.  Puppies are talking all the love that humans had for babies.  And with the threat of Puppy Co’s new puppy, The Boss (as he likes to be called) will infiltrate the home of Puppy Co’s marketing executives: Ted and Janice Templeton.  Tim immediately hates the new baby because The Boss is taking all of his parents time. attention, and love.  But when Tim discovers The Boss’s secret, they strike a deal.  If Tim helps The Boss, The Boss will leave and go back to Baby Corp and receive his promotion and corner office (with a private potty).  But if they fail, The Boss will be stuck with the family forever.  Tim knows that in order to complete their plan they have to get along and go to “Bring Your Kid To Work Day”.  It’s there they can find the secret plans about the new puppy.  But once they get the plans, the will find out the truth about the man behind the puppies.

Based on The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee, this movie won’t continuously make you laugh, it is a great film about family and coming together (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Now parents don’t be worried there are plenty of jokes for you.  With blurred out private parts, Blackbird song, and references to Raiders of the Lost Ark, Glengarry Glen Ross, and Mouse Trap, you will laugh at the screen and your children’s confusion (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Also, this movie gives great business tips.  For Example:

  • If you aim for failure, you will succeed
  • The path to success is not a straight line
  • Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right
  • Cookies are for closers

Two of the biggest saving graces in this movie are the montages and the seamless change from Tim’s fantasy to his reality.  It will make you want to see these scenes over and over again.  While it is not the funniest movie around, it is wonderfully crafted.  Stay past both end crawls for a cute ending, but not a part two introduction.  Do not see this in 3D, there is no need.  Matinee is well worth the price.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

No that’s ok. I’m enough – Tim

One day you are going to get to know this guy and you will love him with all your heart – Ted

I’m surrounded by a muscle head, a bunch of yes men, and a doodler – The Boss

Now you see them, now you don’t – Francis Francis

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Ghost in the Shell – Review

Ghost in the Shell – Budget of $110 million – 1 hour and 56 minutes

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Ghost in the Shell
Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy (Exclusive Set), iTunes, Target, Vudu, and Walmart (Exclusive Set) (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

Mira wakes up on an exam table, in Hanka Robotics, unable to move her body. Dr. Ouelet asks her what is the last thing she remembers, and Mira states “drowning”. Dr. Ouelet tells her that she and her family were attacked by terrorist while on a boat. Her family was killed. They attempted to save her, but only her mind could be saved. So they put her mind in a shell (cybernetic body). While most humans have some cyber robotics inside of them, Mira is the first of her kind and she will fight against cyber terrorist threats for Sector 9. After a year, she is a Major and has to take medicine so her mind won’t reject her shell. During a mission, a Hanka executive is attacked by a robot, hacked, and killed, but the robot says something that unnerves Mira. Mira wants to deep dive into the robot memory with the hope of finding the person behind the hack. However, during the deep dive, Mira starts to get hacked but she escapes before falling apart. She pinpoints the hacker’s location, but what she really finds is the truth behind Hanka Robotics, her origin, and the ghost in her memory glitches.

Based on Ghost in the Shell by Masamune Shirow, the premise of the movie is great (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). However, when the story isn’t relying on digital effects, it becomes extremely boring. While the visual effects are amazing, they are not new. They are just done with better technology. Scarlett does her best to bring her character to life by having a deadpan face and robotic movements, but (to be honest) it feels like a stiff Black Widow. The rest of the cast do as much as they can to make this story work, but it’s just not enough to keep your interest. There is no wow factor nor a plot twist that leaves you wanting more. Just skip this movie and go to Red Box.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I don’t see her as a machine, but a weapon and the future of my company – Mr. Cutter

Hey, it’s just a robot – Batou

This is Major and you have my consent – Major Mira

We cling to memories as if they determines us, but they don’t. what we do that determine us – Dr. Ouelet

I’m human and happy to be – Han

Do I have your consent – Aramaki

Do you think you were the first – Kuze

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The Last Word – Review

The Last Word – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 58 minutes

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The Last Word
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After a failed suicide attempt, Harrietta (an obsessive control freak) starts to think about her obituary. After reading a few, she stumbles upon a writer she likes, Anna. Harrietta marches to Anna’s job and demands Anna write her obituary. She gives Anna an alphabetized list of family, friends, and colleagues along with their favorite restaurants so Anna can interview them. Also, she gives Anna until Monday to deliver. Anna wants to say no but her boss tells her that Harrietta’s advertisements keep their newspaper afloat. Anna must make Harrietta happy to keep the newspaper open. Anna interviews are horribly disastrous. No one has anything nice to say about Harrietta. Anna does the best that she can to create the obituary and turn it in. Harrietta is extremely disappointed in Anna’s work and lets her know it. It’s then that Anna tells Harrietta that the writing isn’t the problem, it’s the subject. After some research and hurt feelings, Harrietta comes to Anna’s home unannounced with writing tips for Anna. Every obituary Harrietta has read has 4 parts:

  1. Family who loves them
  2. Co-workers who admire them
  3. Help the life of a minority or physically disabled
  4. A wild card

With a family that hates her, co-workers who fear her, no charity work, and no wild card, Harrietta sees where Anna has issues. So, Harrietta asks Anna to help her fix her life to improve her obituary.

This film is sharp and has great comedic timing, even though it covers the rough topic of death. Although Harrietta does work hard to change her life, her core self (strong, bold, brash) remains the same. While others think she is tough, she just wants people to live up to their potential and take a risk. But in the course of this story, both Anna and Brenda (the minority Harrietta helps) grow and become stronger. They even take the all-important road trip to see an estranged family member together. While a bonding movie isn’t unique, this movie was written in a refreshing way. The strong female leads aren’t apologetic for being strong, but hold firm in their resilience.  This is definitely one to watch in theaters.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Thank you for your approval – Harrietta

You should be so lucky – Ronald

I’m happy. I have a good life and you should be a part of it – Elizabeth

Well, I’m not sorry – Anna

You gotta be something. God put you in this world to be something – Brenda

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