#The355 – Movie Review

The 355 – Budget of $40 – 75 million – 2 hours and 4 minutes

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CIA agents Nick and Mace have a job to retrieve a master key drive from DNI agent Luis Rojas.  This master key will allow them to hack anything on the internet, and the owner will have unlimited power.  Nick and Mace pose as a married couple to complete the hand-off.  Before they complete the transaction, a waitress spills her drink on Mace’s dress, grabs the bag with $3 million, and runs away.  Nick realizes the waitress made them, and everyone scatters.  The waitress is BND agent, Marie.  Her government wants to get the drive before any other government.  While Nick goes after Luis and the hard drive, Mace goes after Marie and the money.  In the end, Mace is in an interrogation room without Luis, Marie, or the money, and Nick is dead.  Mace wants to avenge Nick’s death, but the CIA has her under investigation.  So her boss suggests Mace go it alone.  But Mace has one friend she can depend on, Khadijah, a former MI6 computer specialist. Back at his hotel, Luis tries to plan his next move.  Then he gets a knock at the door.  It’s Graciela, DNI agent and psychologist.  The DNI worries that Luis went rogue and plans to sell the drive to their enemies.  He assures her that is not his plan.  He has no idea how powerful the master key is or the harm it can cause.  When Graciela tells him, it convinces him to return to Colombia and hand the master key drive over to the government.  Several DNI agents flank them as Graciela takes Luis back to DNI headquarters.  But no one knows Mace and Khadijah tracked Luis down and now watch him with Graciela from a higher plane.  As Mace and Khadijah watch, they see a woman following Graciela and Luis in hot pursuit.  When someone shoots Luis, he feels death is imminent.  So he grabs his phone, adds Graciela’s fingerprint, and tells her to trust no one.  She puts the phone in her pocket, and officers take her to safety.  Marie gets a DNI badge and convinces the officers to turn Graciela over to her before the agents drive away. Marie takes Graciela to a hotel and allows Graciela to call her family.  When Marie questions Graciela about the drive, she feigns knowledge.  Then Khadijah and Mace enter their room with a gun drawn.  After agreeing to join forces, Graciela tells them about Luis’s phone.  Khadijah discovers the phone is a tracker for the drive, and it is on the move to Morroco.  Khadijah, Mace, and Marie get ready for Morroco, but Graciela wants to return to her family.  They tell Graciela that they can’t let her go because they need her fingerprint.  If she goes, her finger has to stay.  So Graciela heads to Morroco too. After a battle through the streets of Morroco, the women get the drive and hand it over to Mace’s boss, Marks.  With Nick’s death avenged and the master key drive safe, the women celebrate with drinks before returning to their respective countries.  Then Mace sees a startling report on the news.  Someone hacked six passenger planes and caused them to crash, killing hundreds.  Mace knows the drive got into the wrong hands.  They must find it and get it back before someone starts World War III.  But they are missing a piece of the puzzle, MSS agent Lin.  Her government has plans for the drive.  And she has it in her hands to sell to the highest bidder.  When these women and their skills collide, they will create the 355. This high-octane movie has action from the beginning to the end with lots of hand-to-hand, close quarters combat.  While the action and dialog are fun, the overall plot is predictable.  The twist and turns are nothing new for the genre.  You will sit in the theater to wait for the storyline to prove you right.  And when it does, you will scream, ‘I knew it.’  Also, you expect the ultimate revenge when Lin describes an ancient Chinese remedy.  Since you can anticipate the plot, this movie depends on the action, dialog, and family ties to draw the viewer into the film.  And it does.  While this movie is entertaining on the big screen, you won’t have the urge to buy it later. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars What do we have? And please don’t say each other – Marie The definition of ‘blind’ is can’t see – Khadijah They get close, I get hurt – Mace Tell me you never thought about it – Nick Let them go – Lin I’m not a therapist now – Graciela

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