#Eternals – Movie Review

Eternals – Budget of $200 million – 2 hours and 36 minutes

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Professor Sersi enters her classroom to take over for her makeshift substitute and boyfriend, Dane.  In the middle of class, there is a small earthquake that worries Sersi.  Later, Dane and Sersi go out with Sersi’s young companion, Sprite.  When Dane asks Sersi to move in, Sersi reluctantly says no.  Dane tries to understand her rejection when a creature comes out of the ground and attacks Sersi.  As Sersi and Sprite fight back, Ikaris enters and helps them fight the beast.  When they defeat the creature, Sersi explains to Dane her true origin.  She and her friends are Eternals from a planet called Olympia.  The Celestial Arishem sent them to Earth with superpowers to defeat the Deviants, creatures sent to destroy all human life.  While they have powers to help humans, they must not interfere because conflict brings progress.  Sersi believed they killed all the Deviants 1500 years ago.  But she was wrong.  And Sersi and Sprite notice the Deviant has increased strength and could heal itself, like their mentor Ajak.  Ajak was the leader of the Eternals and told them to live among humans when they killed the last Deviant.  Now, Sersi must leave Dane behind to find Ajak with Sprite and Ikaris.  They enter Ajak’s home in South Dakota but can’t find her.  But they discover her dead in the backyard because a Deviant killed her and sucked out her healing powers.

Sprite runs into the house to cry, and Ikaris comforts her.  As they are inside, Sersi stays with Ajak’s body.  Soon a sphere comes out of Ajak and into the Sersi because Ajak chose Sersi to lead the Eternals.  Now she has a direct link to Arishem.  Arishem warns Sersi that the Emergence is coming.  Years ago, Arishem implanted the Celestial Tiamut on Earth.  The population has reached its peak, and Tiamut can take over and create new worlds with new life.  But for Tiamut to be born, the Earth and its people must die.  Sersi loves the people and Earth.  She decides to get all the Eternals together to save the planet and humans.

You can not be late for this film because the opening crawl sets up the history of the Eternals, like Star Wars (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  And the story is not linear.  It switches from 5000 B.C. to now to 1945 to now.  If you don’t see the beginning, the time jumps will go over your head.  This movie breaks a lot of ground by having the first deaf, Korean, and openly gay superheroes.  As Marvel progresses in filmmaking, the graphics get better each time.  Understand that even with better graphics, Real 3D only enhances a few scenes.  Now, the actors give their best performances, but it feels like they spend more time staring into the abyss than having a conversation.  This encumbered nature allows Phastos, Kingo, and Gilgamesh to shine with their one-liners and distinct human qualities.  Of course, as you watch, you know this film is a setup for something bigger.  And it doesn’t disappoint with two end credit scenes.  While the movie entertains and connects itself to the earlier MCU, it ran too long.  A lot of the flashback scenes should be simple conversations.  The viewer didn’t need to see them played out.  Also, you will get ten origin stories in one movie.  It’s a bit to take in for viewers watching a new crop of characters.  Also, the last battle feels a bit anti-climatic.  It’s a little too early to say if this is your favorite in Phase 4, but it could be a contender based on the costumes, jokes, and internal conflict.  And parents, there is one fifteen-second love-making scene in this film.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

You broke up. How’d he take it – Ikaris

She’s in love with him – Kingo

Stay here – Gilgamesh

How many of those did you bring – Sprite

I’ve led you down the wrong path – Ajax

Stay – Thena

Nothing, just the screams of my deep disappointment – Phastos

If you don’t tell, I won’t tellMakkari

She also says that stealing is very bad too – Druig

I am very beautiful – Sersi

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