#SpiritUntamed – Movie Review

Spirit Untamed – Budget $30 million – 1 hour and 27 minutes

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Lucky Prescott grew up under the watchful eye of her aunt, Cora, and grandfather.  Even with Cora’s due diligence, Lucky broke the rules one too many times.  So, Cora believes Lucky should live with her father, Jim, again.  Jim owns the train in the sleepy town of Miradero and sent Lucky to live with Cora after her mother, Milagro, died.  On her first day in Miradero, Lucky walks into the Granger Corral.  Lucky can’t take her eyes off the horse stunt riders because she never knew horses could move that way.  One of the riders recognizes Lucky and gives Lucky a sash, like the one Milagro wore.  Lucky didn’t know Milagro was a stunt rider too.  On the way to Jim’s home, a little boy, Snips, offers Lucky and Cora a ride for a penny.  He moves them an inch before his donkey gives up.  Before Cora could respond, Snips’s sister, Abigail, hogged-tied him and introduced herself to the ladies.  At Jim’s home, he is excited to have Cora and Lucky back.  But his house is not child-ready.  Lucky leaves the house and goes to the horse enclosure.  Inside the barn, Lucky can hear a thunderous racket.  Pru Granger, a young rider, explains that the men are breaking in a horse.  While that’s not as bad as it sounds, the way the men are doing it is wrong.  So, Pru calls her father, Al, to stop the men.  One of the men is Henry, and he saved Lucky’s life when she almost fell off the train.  Pru tells Lucky that you must gain a horse’s trust with the three C’s: calm, confidence, and carrots.  When you get the horse’s trust, you can ride them.  Upon seeing the horse, Lucky recognizes it from the train.  She almost fell off the train trying to pet it.  Lucky names the horse Spirit.  She claims Spirit and works to break it in.  On their first trust exercise, Spirit breaks free and finds his herd in the woods.  Lucky admires them until she hears Henry in the background with his gang.  They round up Spirit’s herd and load them onto a train.  Henry plans on loading the horses onto a boat and selling them for hard labor.  Lucky refuses to let this happen.  She convinces Pru and Abigail to join her, and they decide to cut Henry off before he makes it to the boat.  The PALs will have to band together to survive Heck Mountain and the Ridge of Regret.  

Based on Spirit Riding Free by Aury Wallington and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron by John Fusco, this movie makes up for an average storyline with solid comedic timing and timeless jokes (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  One endearing point of this movie, Lucky, Abigail, and Pru never turn on each other when things get tough.  They work together to build each other and get to the next phase of their plan.  While Dreamworks produced the movie, it doesn’t have the same animation quality as How To Train Your Dragon or The Croods.  The animation is for a TV, not the big screen.  This film is an enjoyable matinee movie for the whole family.  And parents, it has plenty of laughs for you too.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Whoa, horses can do that? – Lucky

I need a strong cup of tea .. and to burn this dress – Cora

I am the train – Jim

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