#Cruella – Movie Review

Cruella – Budget of $200 million – 2 hours and 14 minutes

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Estella was the odd girl out from birth.  With her natural black and white hair, she was born to stand out.  Her mother, Katherine, helped nurture her love of fashion but observed Estella had a mean streak.  She told her daughter that her name was Estella, not Cruella.  Katherine tells her daughter that anytime Cruella reared her bi-colored head, Estella should make her leave.  At school, Estella became a bully magnet, but she gave as good as she got.  She found friends with a girl, Anita, and a dog, Buddy.  Seconds before the headmaster could expel Estella, Katherine pulled Estella out of school.  With Estella’s violent reputation, Katherine decides to travel to London for a fresh start.  But first, Katherine has to visit a friend to get some money.  Outside Hellman House, Katherine gives Estella her necklace, a family heirloom, and tells Estella to wait in the car with Buddy.  When Buddy escapes, Estella follows him into the house.  Inside, Estella finds the glamour of a Winter Fashion Show.  Soon, security discovers Estella and throws her out with dalmatians chasing after her.  She runs away with Buddy in tow and hides.  The dalmatians jump over her and hit Katherine, pushing her off a cliff.  A woman claims the dogs forced Katherine over the cliff while pursuing an intruder and tells security to find the intruder.  Estella runs to London, but later, sees the necklace is gone.  On her first day there, she meets Jasper and Horace, two street kids with no parents.  To escape the police, Estella follows them to their hideout.  They decide to team up, but she has to dye her unmistakable hair first.  Ten years later, Estella uses her love of fashion to create disguises for them as they rob the town.  However, Jasper observes Estella staring at the Liberty of London store sign all the time.  So, he steals an application acceptance for her.  Estella believes she is on the right path to being the woman Katherine wanted.  However, this is the first step of introducing the world to Cruella de Vil and her poetic justice for her necklace, fashion, and Katherine.  The Baroness, the Liberty of London’s owner and famed fashion designer, has met her match.

Based on The One Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith and Disney’s One Hundred and One Dalmatians by Bill Peet, this movie is a feast for your eyes and ears (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With eye-popping fashion and a host of colors, Cruella’s black, white, and red stand out like her hair.  Be prepared to see recreations at any costume party and the red carpet.  This soundtrack follows the format of Guardians of the Galaxy while being a nod to the era.  It either complements the scene or adds much-needed humor.  For example, Smile plays during Cruella’s blaze of glory.  You will laugh at the Baroness’s psychotic actions.  She cares for no one, doesn’t apologize, nor thanks anyone, but secretly, you will want to be her, all the while wanting Cruella to destroy her.  Each time Cruella outsmarts the Baroness, you will cheer with delight and have a flash of envy.  If only we could all get revenge, Cruella’s added stage of grief, this good.  Sit back with the family and enjoy Disney’s newest classic with a captivating plot twist.   

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

There are no words.  It was my fault – Cruella

I don’t know. I quite like it – Jasper

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the angle – Horace

I think you’re … something – Baroness

Normal is the cruelest insult of all – Artie

I’m starting to remember that you have a bit of an extreme side – Anita

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