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Mortal Kombat – Review

Mortal Kombat – Budget of $95 million – 1 hour and 50 minutes

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In the 17th century, the Outworld wants to end the Mortal Kombat competition before it begins.  So, Bi-Han attacks Hanzo and his family.  By killing Hanzo’s bloodline, they can ensure defeat in Mortal Kombat and take over the Earthrealm.  With Hanzo, his son, and his wife dead, Bi-Han leaves with a feeling of accomplishment.  However, before the face-off between Hanzo and Bi-Han, Bi-Han’s wife hid their daughter.  Knowing Hanzo is dead, Raiden comes to Earth and rescues Hanzo’s daughter.  Today, Cole battles in an MMA cage match.  While Cole doesn’t have the same fighting spirit he had in his earlier days, he loves to fight.  After losing, yet again, Jax approaches Cole and asks him about his dragon logo.  Cole’s daughter tells Jax the logo is his birthmark.  Cole shows Jax his birthmark and leaves with his daughter.  Cole and his family eat at a diner, and it starts to snow, but Cole points out that it’s July.  Then they see Sub-Zero freezing the world around them.  Jax pulls up in his car and yells at them to get in.  Jax tells Cole that his birthmark is a champion’s mark, and Jax has the same marking.  As they attempt to drive away, Sub-Zero blocks their path.  So, Jax gets out of the car, gives Cole a name and address, and allows Cole to leave with this family while he fights Sub-Zero.  Cole takes his family to safety and finds the woman that Jax called Sonya Blade.  Sonya invites Cole inside her bunker and explains that the Earth is in danger.  In the last 9 Mortal Kombats, the Outworld reign supreme.  If they win again, the Earth and everyone on it will become a slave to the Outworld.  They must find Raiden’s temple and train with the masters before the next Mortal Kombat.  This battle to the death will force Cole to face his past, gifts, and destiny.

Based on the popular game Mortal Kombat, this movie offers lots of graphics and battles to feast your eyes upon (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  However, the writers’ breeze through the history of Mortal Kombat so quickly, you could miss it if you cough.  It should have been on screen for a more effective influence.  Also, the plot informs the user how the marking can pass from one person to another in quick succession.  The script tells these impactful points in less than 15 seconds.  It’s like the writers expected the viewer to know this information.  This movie makes up for its flaws with an eye-catching final fighting scene with a nod to the game.  The final image left the possibility for a part two, but viewers shouldn’t keep their fingers crossed for that.  And don’t stay after the end credits.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Well ain’t that something – Jax

That’s impossible – Cole

Hey top knot – Kano

We were suppose to die together – Liu

Tell me I get the chick with the teeth – Sonya

Remember this face – Hanzo

Your blood is not the blood of a champion – Mileena

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Together Together – Review

Together Together – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 30 minutes

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Matt and Anna sit across from each other as he asks her probing questions.  Matt decided to become a father using his sperm and a donor egg.  However, he must interview candidates to carry his child.  At first, he shows concern because Anna had a child but gave it up for adoption.  Most of the candidates are married mothers, but Matt pushes his reservations aside and chooses Anna.  With no support from her estranged family, Anna becomes a surrogate on their third try.  Matt asks Anna to document her food, activities, and sleeping habits.  Through the three trimesters, the love in their arrangement helps them form a bond and grow individually.

Consider this to be a romantic comedy without lovers.  It’s easy to see how the plot could make them lovers, but the writer lets you know this is an arrangement that develops into a friendship.  With all independent films, it ends with introspection, not a neat bow.  While you don’t wonder what becomes of them romantically, you ponder how their friendship will survive after Anna gives birth.  And be prepared to laugh at the awkwardness of their lives in everyday situations like a baby shower, birthing class, and group therapy.  This movie is a combination of Seinfeld and Juno (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  If that’s your type of humor, this is one to see but not buy.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

To my sperm, to the donor’s egg, and to your uterus – Matt

Your body’s like a graveyard – Anna

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