#GodzillaVsKong – Movie Review

Godzilla vs. Kong – Budget of $160 – 200 million – 1 hour and 53 minutes

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It’s been years since Kong defeated King Ghidorah, and now Kong continues his life on Skull Island.  But Kong knows this isn’t the home he remembers.  Kong strips a tree and throws it at the sky.  The tree torpedoes the dome above his head.  Monarch, with Dr. Ilene’s guidance, monitors Kong’s movements, diet, and attitude.  Also, Dr. Ilene cares for a little girl named Jia.  Jia is the last surviving member of the Iwa tribe.  Kong and Ilene adopted Jia, who is deaf.  Others warn Ilene that Kong has outgrown the enclosure.  They need to move him, or they won’t be able to contain him.  Ilene worries that moving Kong will awaken Godzilla (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  In Pensacola, Florida, Apex Cybernetics has a mole with a Titan Conspiracy podcast named Bernie.  He downloads files and uses them to expose the work at Apex.  During a recent download, Bernie sees files for a shipment headed to Hong Kong.  But he doesn’t recognize the schematics for the shipment.  As he delves deeper into the files, Godzilla attacks the Apex compound.  When Godzilla’s fiery breath knocks down a wall, Bernie sees the large device in the schematics and runs.  Outside, no one understands why Godzilla is attacking Apex.  In the past, Godzilla only attacks when provoked.  Humankind’s savior killed eight people for no reason and swam to sea.  Madison listens to Bernie’s latest broadcast about the attack and runs to her father, Mark Russell, who lost his wife, Emma, in the previous Monarch attack.  Madison tells Mark about the podcast and Godzilla’s history, but he doesn’t listen.  Madison decides to find Bernie to track Godzilla’s reason for attacking Apex.  But Apex’s CEO, Walter Simmons, doesn’t want to know why; he wants to stop Godzilla.  He goes to Dr. Nathan and requests his help.  Walter wants Nathan to go to Hollow Earth, the Titan’s home.  Then, extract the land for the source of the Titan’s power.  Finally, Walter can create a weapon big enough to destroy Godzilla before he rips the earth apart.  Nathan has two concerns.  First, the reverse-gravitational effect killed Nathan’s brother when his brother traveled to Hollow Earth.  Second, if they survive the trip to Hollow Earth, there is no way to know where the power source dwells.  Walter has a solution to both of Nathan’s concerns.  Walter created the Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle or HEAV for short, and it can withstand the reverse-gravitational effect.  And to find the Titan’s source of power, they will need a titan, Kong.  With Kong as a divining rod, Ilene, Jia, and Nathan will travel to Hollow Earth to save the world from Godzilla.  But Bernie, Madison, and Madison’s friend, Josh, discover that Godzilla isn’t the biggest dog in the yard.  Who will come out on top?

Talk about a movie that gets to the point.  You came to see two titans fight, and you won’t be waiting for long.  First, they battle at sea, then on land.  With Kong’s human-like qualities, the fights teeter on the MMA edge.  Kong flicks his nostrils, brags, and pops his shoulder into place, giving the battles a comedic flare.  The editors added this touch but kept Godzilla’s fight style more traditional.  This style gives the fight a new-school versus old-school feel, which plays nicely into the last battle.  With so much focus on the titans, the humans were subplots and obstacles for the hero to overcome.  Like most titan movies, don’t expect to learn much about humans.  Not a complaint, just letting you know.  The graphics become cartoonish when the titans are on screen alone.  But when they interact with each other or humans, the CGI gets better.  See this movie on the tallest screen possible, whether that’s in a theater or at home, and don’t stay past the end credits.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars

Coward – Jia

Now, everybody knows – Dr. Ilene

We’re not going anywhere. Neither are you – Walter

Creatures, like people, can change – Mark

The woman with the bad-guy haircut is calling security – Bernie

Here. For the vomit – Dr. Nathan

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