#NobodyMovie – Movie Review

Nobody – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 32 minutes

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Hutch Mansell is a married father of two. He works at his father-in-law, Eddie’s, equipment shop with his brother-in-law, Charlie.  His marriage to his wife, Rebecca, hit a dry patch, and Hutch does the same thing week in and week out.  One night, Hutch couldn’t sleep and checked on his children when he heard a noise downstairs.  It is a man and a woman in ski masks attempting to rob his home.  The woman holds the gun at Hutch’s head and demands his money, and Hutch points to a bowl on the counter.  The woman, upset with the minimal loot, grabs the cash and Hutch’s watch.  Then, Hutch’s son, Blake, tackles the man.  The woman turns around and points the gun at Blake.  Hutch grabs a nearby golf club, but he doesn’t hit the woman.  He tells Blake to stop fighting.  Rebecca comes to the landing and begs them not to hurt Blake.  The man and woman leave but not before punching Blake in the face.  Everyone from the police to his neighbors to his co-workers to Blake questions Hutch’s inaction during the crime.  Only his friend, Harry, understands.  Hutch could see that the woman’s gun wasn’t loaded, so they didn’t pose a threat.  At home, Hutch continues, but his daughter, Abby, can’t find her kitty kat bracelet.  She left it in the bowl with all the money.  So, Hutch grabs his bus pass and leaves his home.  Hutch remembers the woman had a tattoo and asks several artists about the woman.  It’s not long before he finds Lupita and Luis and tells them he wants the bracelet.  Lupita gives him the watch, but she swears they don’t have the bracelet.  Hutch starts to attack when he hears a sound coming from the back.  It’s an infant hooked up to medical equipment.  Hutch leaves and gets on the bus.  After he closes his eyes, the bus comes to a hard stop after the driver witnesses an accident.  The drunk drivers leave their stalled car and board the bus.  This moment was the opportunity Hutch needed all night because it awakens his beast, and Hutch leaves a pile of broken bodies on the bus.  But one of the men, Teddy, is related to Yulian Kuznetsov.  He watches over the Russian mob’s 401K called the Obshak.  Yulian wants revenge for the man that attacked his brother.  But he should be careful because Hutch is a Nobody.

So imagine mixing John Wick’s action, Guardians of the Galaxy’s music arrangement, and Kill Bill’s wit, and you have Nobody (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  With bone-crushing and bloody action, this movie proves the mild-mannered man is something to be feared.  As his victims slowly die, Hutch explains who he was, who he became, and why his life changed.  Unlike John Wick, Hutch is a family man with a father in a nursing home.  While Hutch wants to keep his family out of harm’s way, some of his family is just as, if not more, dangerous as he is.  When Hutch uses his manufacturing skills to build traps with Home Alone expertise, you will be excited to see how they come into play (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  This movie will be a favorite for action enthusiasts. 

I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars

Well, you brought a lot of Russians – Pops

Sorry about the mess – Hutch

Talk to the barber – Harry

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