#TheFather – Movie Review

The Father – Budget of < $20 million – 1 hour and 37 minutes

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Anne rushes to her father, Anthony’s flat because he caused a mess again.  He insulted his nurse and threatened her.  The nurse quit, and Anne must find someone else to care for him.  She tells Anthony that she found a new nurse named Laura.  Laura will come in the morning to meet Anthony and get to know him.  Anne begs her father to be nice to this nurse because she won’t be around to care for him much longer.  Anne met a man and wants to move to France to be with him.  She needs to make sure her father will be safe while she is gone, but she promises to visit him on the weekends.  Anthony laughs and refuses the help because he doesn’t think he will need it.  And he tells Anne that he will never leave his flat.  Anthony walks into the living room and sees a man he doesn’t know sitting in his chair.  The man introduces himself as Anne’s husband and says the place is his flat, not Anthony’s.  Then Anne walks through the front door, and it’s a different woman.  Anthony believes Anne is trying to trick him into giving up his flat.  But he will not be moved.  Can he hold it all together? Based on the play Le Père by Florian Zeller, this movie gives the viewer a first-person perspective into dementia (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  The flat, people, and scenery change by the minute, leaving the viewer just as disoriented as Anthony.  For a moment, you will wonder if someone is gaslighting Anthony to convince him to move or get help.  But at the end, you will see the pure sadness of a man lost in his mind.  While the story is compelling and well shot, you won’t have an urge to buy it or watch it again. I give it 3 out of 5 stars I am not going to live with a thief.  You understand? – Anthony

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