#TheMarksman – Movie Review

The Marksman – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 48 minutes

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Jim works on his cattle ranch but fell behind on his mortgage after his wife died of cancer.  The bank will auction it in 90 days if he doesn’t come up with the money.  However, a bank representative warns him the bank will sell the ranch in less than 90 days if someone comes with a substantial offer.  Jim drives his property with fury in his heart.  After serving his country, paying taxes, and working hard, the US doesn’t do anything to help him.  At the border fence, Jim almost hits a young boy with his car.  Then Jim sees a woman grab the young boy and limps away.  He yells at the woman to stop and states that she won’t make it with her injured leg.  He offers to call border patrol, and they will take her to the hospital.  Rosa begs Jim not to call border patrol and help her and her son, Miguel, get to a safe place.  She offers to pay.  But Jim refuses to take her money and calls border patrol.  Border patrol tells Jim it will take some time to get to them, and Jim notices a black SUV come to the fence.  Maurico gets out of the SUV and tells Jim to hand over Rosa and Miguel.  Jim refuses and states the border patrol is coming soon.  Maurico stops being nice, pulls out a gun, and starts firing.  Jim returns their fire, pulls Rosa and Miguel into his car, and drives off.  Maurico passes the fence and hops onto Jim’s pickup truck.  He fires more shots, but Jim gets away.  Jim notices Rosa has a bullet wound in her abdomen.  Jim pulls over to help her, but he can see she won’t make it.  Rosa tells Jim to take all she has and take Miguel to his relatives in Chicago.  When border patrol arrives, Jim hands Miguel over to the authorities, and one is his stepdaughter, Sarah.  Sarah informs Jim that Miguel will be detained and put into foster care.  Worried, Jim stays at the headquarters, and he spots Maurico waiting.  Jim walks into the building and inquires about Miguel.  An agent tells Jim that Miguel is going back because they found relatives in Mexico.  Jim knows that Maurico will kill Miguel in Mexico, so Jim breaks Miguel out of headquarters and plans to drive him to Chicago.  Maurico and his men are on their tails.  They will bribe, hack, or kill anyone or anything in their way.  

This movie is News of the World, Taken, and John Wick rolled into one (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  It’s classic Liam Neeson with a bit of political commentary thrown into the mix.  The movie touches on immigration, medical cost, and the treatment of veterans and ranchers.  It doesn’t delve deep into these topics, but it gives a small viewpoint so everyone in the audience can feel connected to a character.  As for the action, there is nothing new nor exciting about it.  It’s the connection between Jim and Miguel that pulls you into the story.  Other than that, it’s 100% predictable and typical.  

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

They want to set an example – Carlos

It’s a cruel world – Jim

I need you to bring back that boy now – Sarah

My love – Rosa

I will kill you – Maurico

I really didn’t want to come to your stupid country – Miguel

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