#SongbirdMovie – Movie Review

Songbird – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 24 minutes

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Four years after COVID-19, COVID-23 is airborne, affects the brain, and causes rapid death.  Anyone without an immunity bracelet must stay inside at all times and do a 9 a.m. health scan with their phone.  If they fail the scan, the sanitation department comes to their door with armed guards and escorts them to the Q Zone, also known as the quick death zone.  Some would consider Nico one of the lucky few because he has an immunity bracelet.  He used to be a paralegal, but today he is a bike messenger for Lester.  During the worldwide lockdown, he met Sara.  They have never been in the same room, but they have daily FaceTime dates.  Sara lives with her grandmother and sees people pulled away by Emmett and the sanitation department all the time.  They have followed the rules, but outbreaks plague their apartment building.  On the other side of town, Piper and William raise their daughter, Emma.  While they are immuned, Emma has a weak immune system and could get sick with ease.  They must quarantine to protect her.  To make money, Piper and William sell black market immunity bracelets to powerful and wealthy people.  As Piper takes every precaution, William leaves in a suit and breathing mask to meet his mistress, May.  May sings online under the handle MayDay, and people watch and donate money.  One of her donors is Lester’s friend, Michael.  The former soldier isolated himself after a war injury confined him to a wheelchair.  Michael makes money by keeping an eye on Lester’s couriers with drones in the sky.  Their intertwined lives will come to a deadly end when someone gets sick and fails a health check.  They will need an immunity bracelet or die in the Q Zone.

While setting the current pandemic four years in the future, this movie is a mix between Crash and Mission Impossible (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Everyone knows each other from working together, loving each other, or living together.  This movie does cover a lot of topics like immuned people passing a disease, disease mutation, and proper quarantine techniques.  Also, it’s a warning for how much this virus can affect people without eradication or vaccination.  The movie also mentions how corruption riddles the sanitation department, and the Q Zone is inhabitable under government control.  Songbird takes issues today and exposes the potential fears of tomorrow.  However, at the core of this movie are three love stories and one obsession story.  The pandemic causes and affects each of these stories.  Seeing the satisfyingly bloody end will entice you to keep watching.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I said don’t forget to toast the apocalypse – Nico

Priority mean it’s first on your list – Lester

Is it worth the risk, coming to see me? – May

Disobedience is spreading like a tornado – Emmett

I think you love it – Piper

Please tell me you got the bracelet – Sara


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