#WarWithGrandpa and #YellowRoseFilm – Movie Reviews

Table of Reviews

The War with Grandpa – Review

The War with Grandpa – Budget of $24 million – 1 hour and 34 minutes

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After several incidents, Sally leaves work early, drives to her father’s, Ed, home, and asks him to live with her family.  Ed doesn’t want to go because it’s where he and his wife, now deceased, lived and raised their family together.  Sally misses her mother too, but she believes they can miss her together.  Sally and her husband, Arthur, have three children, Mia, Peter, and Jenny.  Sally and Arthur need to make room for Ed.  Since Mia and Jenny share a bedroom, they will send Peter to the attic, and Ed will take his bedroom.  Peter doesn’t understand why he has to give up his room because Ed can stay in the attic.  Sally explains the stairs will be too much for Ed.  So, Peter will move, and that’s final.  The next day, Peter’s friends tell him he has rights, and he should fight for them.  Peter explains his home is not in the U.S., it’s in North Korea.  Peter’s friends tell him to declare war to get his room back.  So, Peter writes a Declaration of War and slips it under Ed’s door. It states Ed has 24 hours to vacate the room, or he will suffer the consequences.  Ed brushes it off as childhood rebellion.  Twenty-four hours later, Peter makes the first strike.  After the second strike, Ed is ready for battle, but he calls Peter to make Rules of Engagement.  First, no collateral damage.  Second, no telling.  With the rules set, war is officially declared.  Peter and Ed use tools, food, and their friends to fight the battle, but who will win the war.

Based on The War with Grandpa by Robert Kimmel Smith, this movie is full of hijinks and fun (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While the two go to war, they try to have peace talks along the way.  Whether it’s with a neutral third party or on a boat, they do try to make peace.  However, Peter learns the cost of war and why war goes on for so long.  The moment Peter states these facts, it will hit like a bomb.  The sweetest moment in this movie is during the war.  Ed discovers someone is bullying Peter, and during their war, Ed comes to his defense.  Ed and Peter even enlist their friends for help and dodgeball.  This movie is clean fun for older kids and adults.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

War is not a game.  The only people who think that are kids, fools, and Generals – Ed

Grandpa lost his marbles – Jenny

Oops, that happened – Peter

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Yellow Rose – Review

Yellow Rose – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 34 minutes

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Rose begs her mom, Priscilla, to let her go to the Broken Spoke Bar in Austin with her friend, Elliot.  He promises to get her home in time, and they will be with a group.  Priscilla, knowing her daughter will be 18 soon, agrees.  On their way to the Broken Spoke, Elliot gives Rose a fake ID.  They dance, sing, drink, and meet country singer Dale Watson.  As Elliot drives back, Rose falls asleep.  Elliot wakes her up to see the commotion going on outside an Inn.  Rose lives at the Inn with Priscilla.  Priscilla manages at night and cleans during the day.  Rose wakes up and sees ICE taking Priscilla away.  Priscilla yells to Rose to find the letter, while Elliot pulls Rose away and they drive off in his car.  Rose tells Elliot to pull over, then reveals her biggest secret.  She and her mom are illegal.  Her mother believed her father’s status would trickle down to them.  But when he died, Priscilla learned that was not true.  Priscilla tried to hire a lawyer, but he was a sham.  She was getting letters for months and attempted to handle it, but lied to Rose by saying they were okay.  The next day, Elliot takes Rose back to the Inn.  She sneaks in to find the letter Priscilla told her about during her arrest. Inside the envelope is cash, a necklace, and instructions for Rose.  Priscilla instructed Rose to go to her aunt Gayle’s home and use the paperwork to have Gayle take power of attorney, then start the citizenship paperwork.  However, Rose will learn that blood isn’t enough to make a bond, but friendship and kindness can do anything.  Rose will use the music she creates to build those bonds.

Set to the pain and struggle of country music, Rose’s life mirrors so many undocumented children living in the United States today.  The writers are careful not to get too political or place the blame on one person.  Priscilla quickly blames herself for everything that happened.  Also, an ICE agent and friends come to Rose’s aid more than once.  Rose, like her song states, runs with no place to go.  She has no home, no family, and no country.  But she uses her pains, lessons, and friendships to sing the country music she loves.  So sit back and listen to one of many stories of living in the United States.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Come on, you can’t be a good girl every night – Elliot

That’s impressive from someone like you – Dale

I didn’t want you to worry – Priscilla

Do you feel safe here – Rose

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