#InfidelMovie – Movie Review

Infidel – Budget Unknown – 1 hour and 47 minutes

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Doug and Liz gather their things to head to Meena’s graduation party.  Meena is the daughter of Doug’s co-worker Javid, who works with Doug at a software company funded by government contracts.  Liz works for the state department and creates cryptography devices.  After the party, Meena’s mother calls Liz, Meena is missing.  Liz tells her to relax because it’s graduation night, and most teens stay out all night.  The next morning, Meena is still gone, so Liz calls the police.  Liz and Doug go to Javid’s home and get the shock of their lives; the FBI is searching his house, and they labeled Javid a suspect of terrorism.  So, an agent takes Doug to one of Javid’s rooms because Doug is in disbelief of the accusations.  Inside, Javid has terrorist paraphernalia, recruitment videos, and pictures with grenade launchers.  Doug doesn’t want to believe his friend is a terrorist or a spy, so he and Liz leave.  A week later, Doug is invited to a conference to discuss his religious blog.  Doug often blogs about the similarities between Muslims and Christians.  And he would like to make a bridge for the religions to join together and fight secular ways of society, not each other’s faith.  Liz tells Doug not to go because she has a feeling something is wrong about the timing.  But Doug wants to spread his message about religious tolerance, peace, and unity.  Doug lands in Cairo, and the interview is going great.  Until Doug says, “Jesus is God.”  There is an audible gasp in the Muslim audience, and the show abruptly ends.  Doug rushes back to his hotel, locks the door, and calls Liz.  While on the phone with Liz, Doug hears banging on his door.  Three men burst through the door and kidnap him.  The leader, Ramzi, wants Doug to continue his blog in captivity while denouncing what he said on air.  Stateside, Liz goes to her bosses in the State Department to get Doug out of Cairo.  The State Department leaves her dumbfounded because they won’t help, but they tell her the kidnappers moved Doug to Iran.  They believe it will cause a more dangerous incident to save Doug.  So Liz decides to head to Iran to save her husband, but she doesn’t know Iran charged Doug of spying for America.

Once the storyline is in motion, the action picks up.  This movie feels like an extended version of 24 with family lives on the line, double agents, and betrayals (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  While the action is propelling the story forward, the storyline doesn’t fall flat.  It keeps the drama going for Liz and Doug.  Liz works to find Doug while determining who she can and can’t trust in Iran.  Doug tries to maintain strength in his faith while being tortured, manipulated, and accused.  As the events test Doug’s beliefs, they also test Liz’s lack of believing.  After losing their unborn baby in a car crash, Liz gave up on God.  She uses faith in others to regain her faith in God.  The storyline and action are both compelling and made for the big screen, however, you won’t have an urgency to buy it on DVD.  

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

I’m not afraid either.  Do your job – Doug

I’m done with God.  And he’s done with me – Liz

I’m more of an artist. Aren’t I? – Ramzi

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