#DontLetGo – Movie Review

Don’t Let Go – Budget of $5 million – 1 hour and 47 minutes


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Detective Jack drives home from work when he gets a call from his niece Ashley.  Her mom dropped her off at the movies and her dad was supposed to pick her up.  But he must have forgotten … again.  She doesn’t have a bus pass or the money to buy one.  She needs Jack to pick her up.  He makes a U-turn and heads straight to her.  They sit and eat at a diner.  Her father, Garret is doing better, taking his meds, and stop selling & doing drugs.  However, he still forgets about her.  Jack can’t stand how his brother treats his niece but he takes these times to bond with her.  After a heartfelt talk, Jack drops Ashley at home and gives Garrett an earful.  The next day, Ashley calls and tells Jack his speech worked.  Her parents got her a new bike, took her to dinner, and talk things through but Jack is too preoccupied with work to give Ashley is full attention.  The next time she calls Jacks hears screaming, distorted sounds, and a hang-up.  He goes to Garrett’s home after Ashley phone goes straight to voicemail.  When he arrives at the house, the front door is open.  He sees his sister-in-law, Susan, dead on the living room floor.  Next, he finds Ashley’s dog dead in the kitchen.  Jack heads upstairs to see Garrett dead on his bed. He runs to his brother and makes a pointless attempt to stop his bleeding.  Then reality hits and Jack looks for his niece.  Her bedroom is empty so he walks to her bathroom.  He finds her dead in the tube.  Jacks entire world collapses.  Sitting at the funeral, he prays for a way to fix it.  Over the next few weeks, Jack uses his bereavement time to investigate.  He hears the phone ring and sees Ashley’s face.  At first, he doesn’t pick it up.  He thinks he is going crazy.  The next time it rings, he picks up and hears Ashley on the line.  He can’t believe it.  After searching for Ashley’s phone, he finds it at the crime scene.  As he is holding her phone,  cracked and bloody, Ashley calls him again.  He realizes she is calling from the past.  While his Ashley is gone, he can solve the case to save Ashley, Garrett, and Susan in the past.

This movie is a mix of Cradle 2 the Grave and Butterfly Effect (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer.  It tells a compelling story of the bond between uncle and niece wrapped in a murder mystery.  Jack is a secondary father for Ashley and takes that responsibility seriously.  Over the years, Jack has picked up the slack because Ashley’s father was inattentive or in jail.  Seeing this man she can depend on, no matter the time nor space is acted beautifully on screen.  The secondary plot of the “man behind the curtain” is predictable and overdone.  This movie does have 1 big jump scare moment.  Be advised, some of the special effects can make you feel a little dizzy, but they won’t last long.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Where are you calling from – Jack

He’s such an a**hole – Ashley


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