#ThePeanutButterFalcon – Movie Review

The Peanut Butter Falcon – Budget of $20,000 – 1 hour and 38 minutes


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With only 10 crabbing licenses in the county, Tyler has to steal the haul of others to make ends meet.  But when his boss finds out Tyler is stealing, he kicks Tyler out.  Tyler smokes a cigarette and is confronted by Ratboy and Duncan.  Tyler stole their crab haul and they beat him up.  In turn, Tyler sets their materials on fire and calmly walks away.  In Town, Eleanor sits with Zack wanting an explanation.  Zach is a 22-year-old man with Down Syndrome.  Two years ago, his family could no longer care for him.  With no family and no money, the state place Zack at the only facility that could care for him: a retirement home.  Zach attempted to escape but was quickly apprehended.  Zack knows the retirement home is for old people and he is young.  He dreams of going to The Salt Water Redneck wresting school and becoming a professional wrestler.  Zack watches tapes of Salt Water Redneck every chance he gets.  He idolizes him.  After his latest attempted escape, Eleanor has to take away his privileges and mark him as a flight risk.  By night, Zack’s roommate Carl helps him escape.  He runs until the next morning, finds a boat, and hides inside.  While Tyler is calmly walking away, Duncan and Ratboy spot him.  They see the burning material and put two and two together.  They start to chase him.  Tyler jumps into a boat and sails off.  Ratboy and Duncan track him in their boat.  Tyler hides in deep marshes and turns off the boat.  Then he hears a sound, its Zack throwing up.  He silences Zack and waits for Ratboy and Duncan to leave.   Tyler tries to get rid of Zack but they find common grown.  They are outlaws.  With this connection, Tyler promises Zack that he will get him to wrestling school but Tyler will continue on to Florida.  Back at the retirement home, Eleanor has been given a task.  She must find Zack before her boss has to list him as missing or she could lose her job.  Will Tyler be able to keep his promise to Zack with Ratboy, Duncan, and Eleanor in pursuit?

This buddy comedy is heartfelt and concise.  All three main characters learn about themselves during this journey.  Zack learns he is not a bad guy just because he is different.  Teachers, coaches, and doctors have consistently told Zack what he couldn’t do.  But Tyler sees his real strength.  Tyler learns he does not have to be so hard.  He had a devastating loss and continues to let the world beat him by hurting himself.  With Zack to look after, Tyler finds a new purpose and the brotherly love he needs.  Eleanor learns she has underestimated Zack.  After years of caring for him at the retirement home, she has started to baby and underestimates him.  Seeing Tyler challenge him, helps Eleanor see Zack in a new light.  This is a movie that will leave you with a smile on your face as you leave the theater.

I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

Have you gentlemen – I assume I can say ‘gentlemen’ – seen him – Eleanor

You are a good guy – Tyler

Tyler, can we be friends, buddies, road dogs, chill and have a good time – Zack

That’s it: Friends are the family you choose – Carl


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