#HobbsAndShaw – Movie Reviews

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw – Budget of $200 million – 2 hours and 16 minutes


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An MI6 team breaks into Eteon labs to grab a virus nicknamed Snowflake.  During the recovery, the team is interrupted by Brixton.  Brixton is a genetically enhanced human who is considered the next step in humankind by the Eteon lab. Hattie, thinking quickly, decides to inject herself with the virus and escape with it.  Brixton grabs an MI6 agent’s radio and tells them Hattie killed her team, turned on MI6, and kept the virus for herself.  Now, Hattie is enemy number one.  In L.A., Hobbs is delivering a cold can of whip ass when he gets called to do a job.  In London, Shaw is delivering champagne problems when he gets a call to do a job.  They are astounded to find out they have to work with each other to find the virus and Hattie before Brixton or the virus kills her.  They quickly decline and go their separate ways.  Hobbs tracks her possible movements.  However, Shaw goes to Hattie’s apartment.  He knows her location because they are brother and sister.  Years ago, Hattie cut off all communication with her brother and still refuses to talk.  While she escapes Shaw’s grasp, Hobbs finds her and brings her back to CIA headquarters.  During her interrogation, Shaw enters and tells everyone their familial bond.  He wants to take Hattie with him to create a plan to defeat the virus and Brixton.  Shaw wants her to create is own plan for Hattie, the virus, and Brixton.  While Hobbs and Shaw argue, Hattie cuts them off.  Hattie unveils her secret.  The virus is inside her. It’s contained inside plastic that will dissolve in less than 72 hours.  If they are not taken out by then, the virus will melt her insides and spread throughout the world in epidemic portions.  Hobbs wants to help save the world … again.  Nevertheless, he will have to heal his family’s past to do it.

Like all Fast and Furious movies, this movie is centered around family (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer).  Hobbs re-connecting with his family in Samoa and Shaw mending his sibling bond with his sister.  While the two men have similar paths, they couldn’t be more different.  These differences are reflected in the opening scene.  Out of the 3 guest appearances, 2 are cameos and the other is a total shock for the audience (this review won’t give it away).  The final battle mixes new school hacking with old school Samoan war style.  While this movie is funny, the laughs are more of a light chuckle as Hobbs and Shaw bicker like brothers.  The action is fun but nothing new.  The characters are comfortable and familiar on-screen.  This spin-off is not a must-see in order to enjoy the future of The Fast and The Furious releases.  But it helps to see the last four F&F movies before seeing this spinoff.  It will help you understand the relationship between the two main characters.  And if you are watching this movie for Roman Reigns, prepare to see but not hear him.  This movie is best in IMAX but at the matinee price.  And stay past the end credits.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

Who wants a file? I need a nice piece of C-4 – Queenie

He knows nothing John Snow – Hobbs

Are you new? – Hattie

I’m the future of mankind – Brixton

I’m just sitting in my lair – Dinkley

B positive. Like my outlook on life – Locke

Mick Jagger? – Shaw


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