#CrawlMovie – Movie Review

Crawl – Budget of $13.5 million – 1 hour and 27 minutes


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Hailey changes after swim practice and receives a call from her sister Beth.  Hurricane Wendy has changed course and headed straight for Florida.  When it makes land, it will be a category 5 hurricane.  Their hometown is being evacuated.  Beth has tried to call their father, Dave, but he hasn’t been answering the phone.  Against Beth’s wishes, Hailey drives into town to find their father.  She arrives at his apartment to find his dog, unpaid bills, boxes, and alcohol.  She worries her dad is at their old lakehouse to board up the windows.  She grabs the dog and arrives at a checkpoint. Officer Wade tells her to turn around.  After pleading to pass, Hailey agrees to leave but makes quick b-line to the lakehouse.  Once inside, she finds his truck, his phone, and his tools.  Sugar, her father’s dog, runs toward the crawl space.  She can hear something below.  She goes into the crawlspace, leaving Sugar upstairs.  After a few feet, she finds her dad unconscious with a large wound on his shoulder.  When she tries to get him back upstairs, Hailey finds issue #1.  There is an alligator in the crawlspace blocking her exit.  Dave wakes up and tells Hailey their current location is the only safe area in the crawlspace.  The alligators are too big to fit through the pipes.  The alligator got in through the open storm drain.  Hailey decides to make an attempt to get her phone.  When she does, she finds issue #2.  There is another alligator in the crawl space.  When she makes it back to her dad, sans phone, her father tells her issue #3.  The water is coming in too fast.  In an hour, the crawlspace will be flooded and they will drown.  She sees looters across the street and signals for help and discovers problem #4.  The hurricane’s rising floodwaters swept alligators into her front yard.  Now, if she makes it past the 2 inside and several more outside before they drown.  If you are wondering, how can this get any worst?  Just rest assured, it does.

This movie is a mix between Deep Blue Sea, 47 Meters Down, The Shallows, and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). While others may laugh at the jump scares, some will be squeamish at the kill scenes.  As alligators rip people apart and death roll, you will tense in your seat.  As Hailey and Dave work out their issues, your eyes will roll.  Your life is in danger and you want to discuss your parent’s divorce.  This is not the time for that!!! Unlike most thrillers, they try to make good decisions but are stopped with impending dread every step of the way.  The CGI alligators are of good quality and the kill scenes provide plenty of blood, limbs, and screams.  This is a good matinee movie if you like a jump scare or a good laugh at crazy situations.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars

You’re just like mom. Empathic from a distance – Hailey

What are you? – Dave


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