#TheIntruder and #UglyDolls – Movie Reviews

Table of Reviews

The Intruder – Review

The Intruder – Budget of $5 – 8 million – 1 hour and 42 minutes

The Intruder

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Scott just landed the largest contract for his advertising firm.  Annie is a freelance writer and dreams of starting a family with Scott.  With their success, Scott announces that he is ready to get the house of Annie’s dreams.  She wants a house in Napa Valley with a yard their future kids can play in and have fresh air.  With no success, the look at another home.  As they walk around the property, Charlie shoots a deer behind them.  This freaks out Annie and Scott.  Charlie quickly explains that its open season on deer because they ruin people’s gardens.  Then, he offers to show them the house.  Annie falls in love instantly but Scott tries to contain her hopes.  Charlie will let the house go for $3.5 million, Scott walks away.  At the last minute, Charlie changes his offer to 3.2 and gives them all the furniture, his tapestry, and everything in the shed.  Within a week, Scott and Annie move in and wave Charlie goodbye.  Charlie is headed to Florida to live with his daughter after his wife died of cancer.  Or at least that’s what he told them.  As the days go by, Charlie visits more and more.  While Scott is bothered, Annie thinks Charlie is a sad, sweet man.  She is 100% wrong.  Charlie has lied about his past, his present, and his fantasies of the future.

You will say “This Dumb B****” about 20 times during this movie.  No matter how inappropriate, disrespectful, or weird Charlie gets, Annie excuses it away.  She will stand up to her husband when she thinks he is flirting or cheating, she can’t say no to Charlie.  Their friend Mikey is the complete opposite.  He sees Charlie for who he is after meeting him once.  This movie will make you jump a few times and has one surprise but it’s just not enough to see it in the theater.  This movie should have been on Lifetime, not the movies.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

Foxglove? That’s poisonous, isn’t it? – Annie

We’re going be laughing about this soon – Charlie

So, is there a reason you are trying to kill me – Scott

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UglyDolls – Review

UglyDolls – Budget of $45 million – 1 hour and 31 minutes


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Moxy always dreamt of a world she has never seen. A world where children love toys. As much as she loves Uglyville, Moxy feels like she was meant for more. Mayor Ox wants Moxy to stop fantasizing about another world and appreciate her town. So he tells her and the other citizens, the other world is a myth. To keep Moxy on the straight and narrow, Mayor Ox asks Lucky to talk to her. Lucky is the wisest person in Uglyville. In their meeting, he grabs a fortune cookie and reads it. Then, he indirectly tells her to read her tea leaves. Every piece of advice Lucky gives Moxy, she interprets as another excuse to leave. Moxy decided to go to the big flower. Every toy that drops in Uglyville falls out of the flower on the side of the cliff. Moxy thinks it will lead to her dream world. She convinces her friends (Lucky, Wage, Ugly Dog, Babo) to join her. Inside the flower, they find a large pipe that leads to the Institute of Perfection. There, perfect dolls are trained and tested before being matched with their human. The moment Moxy and her Ugly Gang are spotted, the dolls of Perfection are horrified. They call their leader Lou to evaluate them. Lou lets them know they are too ugly to be in the real world but he will give them a chance to train. If they win the gauntlet, they will be matched with a child. However, Lou will do any and everything to make sure they fail. Moxy’s beliefs will be tested and she will learn that flaws are beautiful. But it will take an imperfect, perfect friend to help the UglyDolls pass the gauntlet.

This movie gives great advice to kids but it’s advice they have heard from other movies.  The songs catch your ear at the time but they don’t stay with you after.  It will be difficult to remember 1 song that you heard after the movie is over.  The animation covers a rainbow of colors for both Uglyville and the Institute of Perfection.  This shows that everyone is happy in their worlds.  However, when the UglyDolls second guess their beauty, their world becomes a multitude of grays.  When the UglyDolls learn their worth, it’s not at the expense of the Perfect Dolls, it’s in tandem with them.  So, everyone wins when they support each other.  That is the true lesson to take from this movie.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars

I just don’t want to see her get crushed when her impossible dream doesn’t come true – Mayor Ox

Find your own truth – Lucky

I see leaves. Leaves. I need to leave – Moxy

I have a reputation to maintain – Lou

But its the Institute of Perfection and perfect dolls have perfect eyesight – Mandy

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