#SleeplessMovie – Review

Sleepless – Budget of $30 million – 1 hour and 35 minute(s)

Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target, and Walmart (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)
Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target, and Walmart (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)

Vincent and Sean believe they have successfully stolen 25 kilos of cocaine and can coverup their crime. They can cover it up because they are police detectives. Once they arrive on the scene … again … they are intercepted by Jennifer and Doug, Internal Affairs Bureau Officers. Jennifer’s team discover the spent rounds are government issued, so they know police officers are behind the robbery. Jennifer has been looking into Vincent and Sean for a while; but don’t have the evidence she needs. Vincent leaves knowing that Jennifer will be a problem, but does not know the extent of her knowledge of their crimes. Vincent leaves the crime scene to pick up his son, Thomas, and heads to Thomas’s basketball game. On their way, Thomas is kidnapped and Vincent is stabbed. Directly after the kidnapping Vincent gets a call from Stanley. Stanley tells Vincent that he made a mistake. Stanley was just a middle man and the drugs belong to the Novaks, the biggest and most ruthless drug lords in the business. If Vincent doesn’t return the stolen drugs within 4 hours, his son will die.

“When bad decision go horribly wrong” should be the title of this movie. There are only a few moments of tension but its the same moment over and over again. You feel like your are having deja vu. Jamie Foxx doesn’t appear to be fully committed to the role because his “threatening” scenes are often comical. In this remake of the French movie Sleepless Night, it’s Michelle Monaghan and Scoot McNairy that are fun to watch (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer). By being polar opposites, but completely merciless, they carry the film. There are some decent action sequences but nothing new or spectacular. Then, they try suspense by giving everyone an angle, but you can figure out the “bad guy”, “who is who”, and “the real end game” halfway through the movie. If you really want to see an action movie and have 1.5 hours to spare, see this one matinee. Otherwise, wait for Redbox.

I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars

Is there something you want to tell me – Rob Novak

Dad, what’s going on – Thomas

Find him – Dena

Thank you. I feel so much better now – Jennifer

You want Cagney and Lacey to have it or do you want it to get solved – Vincent

Ladies and gentlemen, Nevada’s finest – Doug

Yes I know – Stanley

I’ll fix it man. Calm down – Sean

Click on a vendor to purchase: Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Target, and Walmart (FTC Affiliate Disclaimer)


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